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Brad McLeod talks felony and his following.

On Episode 4 of Join the Nation Recovery Radio, our host Stewart Michaelson and his guest Brad McLeod talk about his youth as a petty felon in North Carolina. Brad talks about how he made a split decision to leave the State and move in with his grandparents in Canada to help him change his people, place and things; a common thread in striving for recovery. Brad was addicted to opiates and knew he needed to take charge of his life before it spiralled out of control.

We talk about his time working in the treatment space but lacking fulfilment because of the stifling bureaucratic system.

Finally, we get into his entrepreneurial spirit and how he called his future wife one Sunday from work and confessed ‘I need to quit my job’.

Today, he’s married, he’s a father, he’s working his ass off to pay the mortgage. More, importantly, Brad McLeod is happy and sober.

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