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Brock Bevell: Former Undercover Cop: Identity Loss, Addiction and Recovery.


Positive Connections Radio:
E-54: Brock Bevell: Former Undercover Cop.
Identity Loss, Addiction and Recovery.
Brock Bevell became a police officer and like all First Responders survived through countless critical incidents and emotional stress and events that change his life.
His last critical incident involved being run over by a suspect in a truck trying to escape arrest. Brock suffered career ending injuries and was medically retired as a police officer. Brock lost his identity as a police officer and got addicted to opiates for several years after being first prescribed them for his injuries.
Brock found himself living the horrid life of an addict and realized that he had crossed the line and became the person he had arrested and confronted numerous times during his career as a police officer.
With his life spinning out of control brought on by addiction, the loss of friends and loved ones and the constant struggle with addiction and suffering he looked at his life and in a moment of clarity decided he had to change.
For the next seven days, Brock detoxed from opioids on his bathroom floor and pulled himself up from the hellish realm of dependence to start a new life in recovery. After 11 years of sobriety Brock now gives back and helps others who are suffering. He tells his story to give hope to those who feel like life is hopeless.
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