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Priorities! On Staying Sane

What are your priorities? As many of us are coming off the Thanksgiving holiday and going into December I am finding a “less is more” approach to finishing 2022 strong and with intention. How are you taking care of yourself? Who is in your trusted inner circle? How are you showing up for yourself and […] Continue reading…

Ep 428 – GeorgetteBennettJerryWhite

 In this episode I speak with Georgette Bennett and Jerry White, co-authors of, “Religicide: Confronting the Roots of Anti-Religious Violence.” Georgette founded the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding to combat religious prejudice, Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees and co-founded Global Covenant Partners. Jerry leads the United Religions Initiative ( – the world’s largest grassroots interfaith network promoting peace and shared the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Their through lines have been two lifetimes of bringing peace to the world.

One Hack to Beat Narcissists That Will Blow Your Mind with Rebecca Zung on Negotiate Your Best life #352

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, then you know how frustrating and infuriating they can be. But what if you were told that there was one hack that could help you deal with them effectively? In this episode, Rebecca Zung, narcissist negotiation expert and top attorney, shares the one hack to beat narcissists that will blow your mind!
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Soberlink is a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, Soberlink automatically documents proof of sobriety in real-time, which gives clients a sense of accomplishment while rebuilding trust with others.
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Jeanetta Bryant

Join Dr. Stephanie Holmes as she talks to Jeanetta Bryant.

Jeanetta Bryant is the Founder and Executive Director of Abilities Workshop, Inc. She is dedicated to helping special needs families find answers and children impacted by a special needs diagnosis be their best. Jeanetta is an author, developer, and advocate. As a mom of two children, one with ASD, she finds no greater joy than watching them develop and achieve their dreams. Her interests include family time at home or at a theme park, college football, and making memories.


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Kids: An Embarrassment of Riches

Hey, it’s Amy Newmark with your Chicken Soup for the Soul, and today I’m going to share a couple of stories with you from our newest book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Wonderful, Wacky Family. These hilarious stories about other people’s relatives will make you laugh out loud. And I’m sure you think your own family has its own share of wacky, but wonderful, relatives. So today’s stories are about kids, and some very funny embarrassing moments.

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98. Shira Charpentier (she/her) and Tasha Golding (she/her) discuss different approaches to recovery

Hi Navigators! Catherine and Francis welcome Shira Charpentier and Tasha Golding to the podcast for a meaningful discussion about their lived experience, recovery, treatment, and the different paths that lead us to healing. Shira began her nonprofit, Beyond Rules Recovery, in 2019 as a way to support others who experience eating disorders and are looking for their own healing; and Tasha joined Shira in 2021 after her own recovery. Together they share the same desire to change the outcome of future generations and empower individuals worldwide, and focus on educating individuals about eating disorders and recovery. It was truly a wonderful, insightful conversation, and we hope those who listen are able to connect and take away pieces they can use moving forward in their own experiences. Enjoy!

My Disease Wants Me DEAD: Firefighter Keith Vitale

Positive Connections Radio:
Firefighter Keith Vitale

Do you want to know what life looks like in active recovery? Listen to my friend Keith Vitale and you will be on your way. Keith shares his experience, strength and hope about what life was like in the disease of alcoholism and how it changed because he decided to get honest with himself and others. He now lives a life free from addiction and mental anguish.

Recovery’s not a quick fix, if you go into it half assed, you’ll not have a good run at it and likely will continue to live your life in distress, torment, loss and heartache. It’s a marathon not a sprint. One day at a time, all we have is now. Depression lives in the past and anxiety lives in the future, stay present. Taking direction from others is difficult if you think your way is the only way you want to go. It takes courage to drop your fists and admit your ass was kicked, surrender. Surrender doesn’t mean defeat; it means moving over to the winning side. If you want to keep fighting and somehow, you’ll win, that’s your choice. But do you really have a choice to stop on your own and live your life as if this is just a phase or something you want to forget? I tried that and the hand of God just struck me down. I needed to be beaten, broken and scarred before I decided to surrender and stop fighting. I really only had a few other options, one actually, death. Thankfully I found a way out and vowed to share how I did it with others. These may be harsh words to hear if you’re suffering and just angry at the world. If it stings, then you’re in the right place. Remember, untreated mental health issues want to KILL YOU!!! This is not a game, this is not a trick or promotional fantasy, this is life, and this world NEEDS YOU in it. You’re not alone, and you’re worth it no matter what your rabbit mind tells you. Don’t believe the lies. Come all the way in and sit all the way down, with both sides of your ass.

Keri Gans — The Dietician Who Loves French Fries and Martinis

Keri Gans is the author of “The Small Change Diet”, and a blogger for US News & World Report. “The Keri Report”, her own bi-monthly podcast and newsletter, helps to convey her no-nonsense, sometimes controversial, and fun approach to living a healthy lifestyle. Today we’re going to get her true confessions–including that she doesn’t like kale or sweet potato–and hear about what actually works for long term health. She gives us some simple, easy to follow guidelines to follow for optimal health as we age. Find out more here:

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