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Podcast Tuesday! Today our guest is Sabine Bulhmann, one of my favorite people! She has a private practice for life coaching and meditation, based in Toronto. She’s a certified success coach, having trained with Jack Canfield plus studied life coaching at the Institute of Applied Psychology at the University of Zurich. She specializes in Transactional Analysis, an approach that combines psychology and psychotherapy; is certified in Applied Mindfulness Meditation via the University of Toronto; and is a certified yoga teacher. She works with individuals and corporates. Originally from Switzerland, her back ground is 10 years as a German and French high school teacher and also, vice principal and coach to evaluate students at the Teachers College of Zurich for state certification.

We are going to share her wisdom on the premise of “you are not your thoughts”. Let’s focus on what we do want, what we do want to feel!

Join your cohosts Evelyn M. Ryan and Kristin Sunanta Walker with two special guests as they discuss power imbalances – at work, at home, in relationships, in the world.

Evelyn holds advanced degrees in science and management as well as multiple professional certifications in life and health coaching, organizational excellence, and process improvement. She is a recognized expert and published author in quality management and has worked nationally and internationally for several world-class research institutions and agencies supporting high risk operations and national and international security.

Purchase Evelyn’s groundbreaking book, Take Your Power Back: Healing Lessons, Tips and Tools for Abuse Survivors.

When you come to a breaking point in your life, continuously being beaten down time after time, struggle after struggle, never seeming to gain your footing for any length of time, one of the things you might find yourself doing is praying for help and for wisdom. You reach out for help to God, the great spirit, the universe, or the higher power you connect with. 

Healing from physical wounds is one thing, but healing emotional wounds is something entirely different. Not to minimize the pain of physical trauma at all, that’s difficult enough as it is and can leave lasting traumatic, emotional wounds that go far deeper than the physical ones that can heal in time. When you’re talking about the deep, deep wounds of emotional trauma that leaves scars only you can see; you need more than the body’s ability to regenerate over time on its own. 

It requires a commitment the likes of which you may have never experienced before in your life. Unpacking those old wounds that you’ve tried so hard to bury in the bottom of your mind, for years, even decades, is not something to be taken lightly. However, the rewards that can come from reliving those memories, processing and learning from them, and forging your personal healing path, are truly life changing. 

Healing unresolved trauma takes a combined effort of mind, body, and spirit; which is exactly the message my guest on the podcast today is sharing with the world.  Alexis Acker-Halbur is the founder and creator of the Never Give Up Institute, and the author of “Never Give Up: Break the Connection Between Stress and Illness”. 

Alex offers anyone who has suffered trauma or loss not just one way forward, but many. A survivor herself—of an astonishing number of traumas including, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, sexual exploitation by a therapist, rape, and cancer—she describes the connection between mind, body, and spirit and shows how the stress and anger she has experienced connect to her life-threatening illnesses.

I was in a hospital bed, diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, and fighting for my life—not once but twice. I suddenly saw the connection of how stress and trauma made me so sick. I knew at that moment I needed to survive and find ways to help me thrive.

I founded the Never Give Up Institute to help you understand how unresolved stress and trauma can cause illness, increase financial difficulty, and keep you from living a meaningful life.

As a survivor myself, and someone who works with trauma survivors, the message that Alex shares today on this episode of the podcast, and what she teaches in her book and online program, “T.R.U.T.H.“, is one that resonates so much with me. I’m so honored to share our conversation with you. During our chat, Alex and I cover the following topics:

  • Some of her story of being a survivor, which includes childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, rape, sexual exploitation, failed relationships and more, in addition to dealing with colon cancer, breast cancer, and auto accident, type 1 diabetes, and other medical issues. 
  • The experience of going for a colonoscopy and hours later finding herself being prepped for surgery for colon cancer. She tells of laying in the hospital and praying for answers and help. 
    • Her prayers were answered in the form of being presented with a list of every trauma she’s ever faced, every disease or physical challenge, and the matching correlation to a past that involved a multitude of unresolved trauma. 
    • What she did with this information, and how it took it happening twice for her true healing to finally take shape. 
  • How the body copes with unres

When negatives can seem to easily outweigh the positives in today’s world happenings it’s easy for adults and kids to become desensitized. Placing a face on a refugee, a name to someone who lost everything in a fire or a zip code to a child with a brother battling the demons of addiction… it makes it real.

I had the privilege to spend the day with Stanna Wieckyr, volunteer coordinator for Kofinou We Care ( based at the Kofinou Refugee Center for Asylum Seekers in Cyprus. She lives to serve those who come seeking a new start with opportunities that did not exist in their homeland due to war, political corruption, religious persecution, etc.

It’s amazing how we can change lives and impact hearts by being kind, casting compassion on others by allowing them to simply feel human..this episode is not one to be missed.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center (

Please visit their site for more information about their dynamic and life altering programs.

Featuring Dr. John Huber and Kristin Walker

Can Black Friday & The Holiday Season Be Harmful To Your Mental Health? 

If you listen to the media, the holidays are a set-up for stress, depression and even suicide. But is it true? Could the “most wonderful time of the year” be damaging to your mental health?

A recent study found that the chaos of major sales events may cause anxiety, loss of reality and other mental health issues among shoppers. Retailers bank on these heightened emotions to make the sale. Unsurprisingly, many shoppers feel “spending guilt” after loading up on holiday gifts they can’t afford, which in turn can lead to financial and relationship problems.


Sample Questions

What is the psychology behind the crowds who get out of control during Black Friday?

What are some of the ways that the holiday season can be harmful and helpful to your mental health?



Johnny Crowder joins hosts Dave Ballenberger and Kristin Walker, to talk about his SMS platform which is shaking how we look at effective treatments in mental health. Johnny is a musician, singer, artist, and tech entrepreneur who has fronted several heavy metal bands. He founded CopeNotes as a tool to help those struggling with their mental health. A daily reminder that helps you strengthen and renew neural pathways.

SAVE YOUR SANITY: HELP FOR HANDLING HIJACKALS®with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor3 ASSERTIVE THINGS TO DO WHEN YOUR PARTNER REFUSES TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY It’s so infuriating, right? A difficult partner, or parent, refuses to take responsibility for anything that isn’t praise-worthy. S/he will step right in if they can take credit for something good, though. But, when something goes sideways, it’s all you, all your fault , right? You don’t mean to, but you may well be enabling that difficult person, that #Hijackal. Enabling is something you can stop doing! That’s the good news. You deserve better than a relationship that keeps you down, and supposedly responsibility for all sorts of things that you didn’t do, think, or say! Today’s episode will give you insights into:why Hijackals® have to make everything your faultwhat you can do within yourself to stop enabling poor behaviorwhat to say when a Hijackal makes things your fault, especially things that aren’t at all.eight questions to ask yourself about the patterns in your abusive relationshipwhy it is essential to get help as soon as you canI hope this help you see that more clearly. If you need help with this, I’m here for you.Let’s talk soon. I can help. Schedule an initial hour consultation HERE for only $97.I hope this empowers you to make positive changes NOW.Talk soon.RhobertaRhoberta Shaler, PhD,The Relationship Help DoctorForRelationshipHelp.comP.S. Subscribe to my newsletter, Tips for Relationships, HERE.WANT THE PRIVACY AND SAFETY OF MY GROUP AWAY FROM FACEBOOK? You can have that: access to a Emotional Savvy Circlemy 21 Steps to Empowered Emotional Savvy programmonthly “Ask Me Anything” calls You can get most of this for the price of one latte a month! CONNECT WITH DR. RHOBERTA SHALER:Website: ForRelationshipHelp.comFacebook: RelationshipHelpDoctorTwitter: can also listen to the last 32 episodes of Save Your Sanity on Mental Health News Radio Network. That’s a great place to get in-depth insights for shoring up mental and emotional health of all kinds.#Hijackals #toxicpeople #mentalhealthmatters #MHNRNetwork #RhobertaShaler #narcissists #borderlines #antisocial #difficultpeople #emotionalabuse #verbalabuse #stoptoleratingabuse #toxicrelationships #manipulation #walkingoneggshells #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #abuse #narcissisticabuse #boundaries #personalitydisorder #difficultpeople #stopenabling #difficultpeople #enablingabuse #takesnoresponsibility

The first episode in our new series on Mental Health News Radio has our cohosts, Dave Ballenberger and Kristin Walker, exploring the topics, guests, and ideas for this show. Why is a show on the business side of Mental Healthcare important?

There is not a podcast in the world that comes close to these topics and just like any sector of healthcare – mental healthcare is a booming business. It is also unique in that discussions of profit, using the word “sales”, and the downsides of this industry are rarely, if ever, spoken about.

Kristin Walker is the founder of MHNR Network and has spent the last several years working directly in the business side of mental health.

Dave Ballenberger, MSW has spent his entire career in the mental health field from working as a clinician to running a successful technology company.

Tune in each week to discover the “under the hood and behind the scenes” of their most favorite part of the healthcare industry.


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