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Pinal County and Youturn Health's Reentry Partnership

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has served residents of Pinal County, Arizona since 1875. With 500 employees and 550 inmates, the Sheriff’s Office has a mission to preserve the peace, protect life and property, and promote public safety while upholding the constitution.
Youturn Health and Pinal County have a new partnership to provide employees of Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and their families as well as inmates of the Pinal County correctional system with education and peer coaching support. This podcast with Chief Hedrick and his co-workers is about this partnership and how its having a direct impact on prisoners’s lives.

“Our shared desire of restoring families to the very best version is and always will be what will sustain our partnership.”-Deputy Chief Hedrick

In over 25 years in law enforcement Deputy Chief Hedrick has served in various assignments ranging from FTO to Gangs to Ranger. Chief Hedrick has served the communities he has protected in various capacities such as a GED teacher, Coach, and Church Leader. Matt Hedrick has been married for 30 years to his wife Katy and they have three children.

PEACE with Michel Pascal

This spontaneous show was recorded on Thanksgiving morning moments after a group meditation led by Michel Pascal in NYC, At the time this episode is being shared Michel is in Dubai sharing his immersive film “Meditate Like a Dolphin” and will be with the United Nations in the upcoming days. The immersive meditative experience is […] Continue reading…

When You See A Narcissist Do This, Watch OUT! with Rebecca Zung on Negotiate Your Best Life #453

Have you ever encountered someone who is overly confident and seems to think highly of themselves? It could be a co-worker, neighbor, or even someone close to you. In this episode of Negotiate Your Best Life with Rebecca Zung, you’ll learn the signs of a narcissist and what actions to take if you find yourself in this situation. Be sure to tune in and join Rebecca as she provides simple yet effective tips on how to protect your wellbeing when dealing with narcissists. ____________________________________________________________________ Check out my FREE Live webinar, the 3 MUST HAVE Secrets to Communicating with Narcissists RIGHT HERE Learn more about the SLAY Your Negotiation with Narcissists program right here: Read the transcript of this episode right here. ____________________________________________________________________ For more information on REBECCA ZUNG, ESQ. visit her website and follow her on Instagram: @rebeccazung and YouTube!  GRAB YOUR FREE CRUSH MY NEGOTIATION PREP WORKSHEET RIGHT HERE!  SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL RIGHT HERE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Bestselling Novelist Brad Meltzer Discusses His Work, Book Banning, and Children's Books Among Other Things

Hey everyone, it’s Amy Newmark with your Chicken Soup for the Soul, and today we have a special guest, New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer. Brad Meltzer is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Lightning Rod,The Escape Artist, and eleven other bestselling thrillers. He also writes non-fiction books like The Nazi Conspiracy, about a secret plot to kill FDR, Stalin, and Winston Churchill at the height of WWII – and the Ordinary People Change the World kids book series.

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PMDD, Perimenopause, Menopause and Mental Health

Join Kristin and Lorilee Binstock as they talk about the “super fun” mental health journey through all things menstruation.

As a childhood sexual abuse survivor who received treatment for PTSD later in adulthood, Lorilee learned that sharing her story allowed and even encouraged others to share their stories, giving them the courage to pursue treatment. After receiving the help she needed, she shares what she learned to potentially help others. Podcasting was the vehicle she needed to take her mess and turn it into her message. The first time Lorilee ever heard the term “trauma survivor thriver” was in mental health treatment. Her therapist introduced herself as such. Lorilee learned it is, “a person who is thriving after surviving a trauma.” This is something she wanted to continue to strive for and made the podcast name choice an easy one. Lorilee is a broadcast journalism major from the University of Florida. After college she worked for CBS Radio News in New York before becoming a reporter, producer and morning show anchor in Virginia. After her mental health took a nosedive and she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, she took a job in PR. When working with a client who was a sexual abuse survivor, she realized what he was saying resonated with her and that instead of bipolar disorder, she was struggling with PTSD. From there she was eventually able to get the healing needed to propel her to find her purpose and share her story as a childhood sexual abuse survivor and thriver.

Ep 568 – Jim Tselikis

 In this episode I interview Jim Tselikis, co-founder of Cousins Maine Lobster a startup food truck business which has grown to over 50 units, including both gourmet food trucks and fast-casual restaurants whose wakeup call was coming up with the idea and keeping it secret with his co-founder cousin and former guest on this podcast until they could launch a single truck in Los Angeles. In this episode Jim offers a master class in both “family first” values and growing an entrepreneurial business from an idea and a passion.

Dr Mary Show speaks with Dr Christine Le

Dr Mary and Dr Christine Le discuss how to thrive in a neurodiverse world.

Don’t miss the last episode of 2023!

Dr Christine Le has a doctorate in psychology from NYU and is a co-founder of Vulcan Psychology Group. In her book, Autism Rules, she shares her more than 20 years of experience working with autistic people.

Autism Rules: How to Thrive in a Neurodiverse World

Join Dr Mary again in 2024.




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S8E6: Ryan Collyer | Before Operational Stress

A great chat with BOS Lead and Clinical Liason, Ryan Collyer. Enjoy and share! Find UpTalk wherever you get your podcasts. If you Listen on @applepodcasts please take a second to leave a review.  UpTalk Season 8 is presented by The Tema Foundation Sponsored by Before Operational Stress (BOS) Program CannaConnect Project Trauma Support In partnership with Valour Maritime Society

10 Ways You Can Unnoticeably Get Used to Being Emotionally Abused

Little by little, nasty, bitter, unfair things start becoming part of the day-to-day with a narcissist. Those Hijackals are relentless in wearing you down and getting their way, right?
You might pass it off as another “little thing to avoid” to reduce the abuse. WHAT? You’re doing things to reduce the abuse rather than set boundaries and making plans to leave? SEE HOW SNEAKY IT ALL IS? Don’t miss these ten main “features” of narcissistic emotional abuse!!


  • You can get used to being emotionally abused…and, that’s not good!
  • Failing to see abuse as abuse is dangerous.
  • Among the top ten forms of frequent emotional abuse
  • 10 ways you can get used to being emotionally abused without actually noticing

I’m here to help. Let’s talk soon.Rhoberta

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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind with Todd Goodwin M.S., BCH, FNGH

Todd Godwin is one of the few hypnotists (1 in 500) to earn the title of Board Certified Fellow by the National Guild of Hypnotists. He is also a certified Master Practitioner of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and a member of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine. Todd has studied human behavior since 1995. He earned a bachelor’s in behavioral science from Washington University and a master’s in nutrition from Simmons University. Since opening Goodwin Hypnosis (formerly the Miami Hypnosis Center) in 2007, Todd has helped thousands to resolve a range of personal challenges. Todd has been trained by several experts in human behavior, including Dr. John Demartini, developer of the transformational Demartini Method. As part of his rapid change work with clients, Todd also uses Integral Eye Movement Therapy, a fast, powerful, and versatile alternative to EMDR. Todd has given presentations to physicians and medical staff at Baptist Health and Jackson Health System, and to University of Miami medical students. He has held workshops at Canyon Ranch, the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association, and Miami-Dade County’s health and fire departments. Todd has also been interviewed and featured by various media outlets, including the Miami Herald, Telemundo, and local radio programs. Currently, Todd sees private clients primarily to resolve emotional trauma and its emotional and behavioral consequences. These include stress, anxiety, fears, panic, and unwanted behaviors. His strategy is to identify and resolve the underlying causes of these personal issues, instead of merely addressing symptoms. His mission is to help people “wake up” and understand the relationship between their mind, body, health, and life experiences, so they can think, feel, and do better.


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