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227:Effective Communication

In this episode, I discuss the silent aspects of communication and the reasons why people with autism find them challenging. I also talk about the idea of “reading the room” and why some people with autism aren’t able to do it cognitively, but I also talk to people who can (mostly high functioning). I do, however, offer recommendations and fixes. Additionally, when nonverbal clues like eye contact and body language are employed in place of spoken communication, I experience misunderstandings between two persons. So together let’s hear me describe non-speaking communication and how those on the spectrum grasp true communication.



226:Following Faith With Ben Waites

Ben Waites, a competitor from America’s Got Talent Season 17 (2022), is our guest today. Ben was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which required him to use a wheelchair. Despite this, he has never encountered a challenge he couldn’t overcome. Jim Waites, Ben’s grandfather, led him to faith at a young age, introduced him to the sounds of Southern gospel. Since then, Ben’s music has been described as “blues meets jazz meets southern gospel.” His sincere delivery and powerful vocals enthrall audiences around. Fans often describe Ben’s music as “anointed worship” that “draws the Holy Spirit.” So let’s give Ben Waites a hearty welcome to Autism Rocks and Rolls.


225:Giving The Beat To Rich Beddoe

This episode is absolutely fantastic since Rich Beddoe is in it. Beddoe is presently performing with the band No Resolve after formerly playing drums for the bands Finger Eleven and Saint Asonia. Rich visits my program to talk about his struggles with alcoholism and bipolar disorder. According to Mr. Beddoe, the man allegedly said, “I have been an alcoholic my entire life.” His roles as a husband and friend are the most significant. He has numerous of his own kids as well. Did I mention that he is the stepfather of an autistic stepson? So let’s welcome drummer Rich Beddoe to Autism Rocks And Rolls. 

224:At The Arcade

In this episode, I talk about the arcade and why it’s a fantastic location to “test the waters out.” Additionally, I attempt to communicate with the parents, informing them when to let the child be free and when they should intercede. I also mention the incentives in the arcade that capture autistic people’s attention. Not only that, but I also make connections between autism and a few vintage and modern arcade games. This is the one that thinks outside the box. So listen to it to discover my own insight on Autism Rocks and Rolls



223:Rock The Appetite With Tommy Stevens

“When I arrived in Hell’s Kitchen, my goal was to create some passion and some art.” The whole time I was here, I tried to stay true to myself. This is what the amazing executive chef, Tommy Stevens, said. This is relevant because today I interview former Hell’s Kitchen competitor and Cutthroat Kitchen champion Tommy Stevens. Mr. Stevens was not only born in Connecticut, but he was also born into the cooking business. In his mid-20s, he started to investigate it more, delving into food and culinary studies. He was appointed executive chef of Iron and Wine in Patterson, New York, in 2017. He appears on my show because, despite going through some difficult circumstances in Hell’s Kitchen, he remained true to himself and had a positive attitude. Tommy also adheres to the notion of kindness, with which ARAR not only concurs but actively promotes. So the way I see it, we are both rock stars, and I only see it as fair that we hear what the rock star host Sam Mitchell and the rock star guest Tommy Stevens have to say.

222:Accept Them For Who They Are By Grandma Alice

Come along as we chat with the wonderful Grandma Alice. I now better understand who I am thanks to this woman. She has accepted my autism and given me what I wanted—to be treated equally with everyone else. Grandma Alice has studied autism and is also quite knowledgeable about it. This grandma is also highly “gifting,” as she enjoys giving gifts to people in need, whether they are members of her family or the community at large, even though she is not required to. On Autism Rocks And Rolls, let’s listen to Grandma Alice’s stories as a group.

221:Celebrating The Spectrum With Adam Wheeler

This episode is a celebration and those who accept the autism spectrum are invited. At this party we have a special guest his name is Adam Wheeler. Adam Wheeler has resided in Bloomington his entire life and is a B.S. in Recreational Therapy and M.A. in Speech and Language Sciences graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington. Currently, he works as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) at Clear Creek Elementary School and works as the foundation’s treasurer (MCAF). Adam developed an early and natural awareness of autism as a result of growing up in a family that was neurodiverse in every way. After years of misconceptions and incorrect diagnoses, his late father, Philip, received an adult autism diagnosis. Adam’s comprehension and awareness of autistic persons and their needs were greatly influenced by Phil’s experience and advice. Since Adam’s older brother has autism as well, they have had to develop special routines and methods of communication. Adam even frequently plans playgroups for the families he served, a talent he has continued to hone. An adult just serves as a connection point, skill model, and mediator to foster empathy and understanding in these entirely kid-led gatherings. Even while some other STEM activities and board games are employed, current groups tend to focus on LEGO activities . Adam established his own LLC, Celebrating the Spectrum, to further his goal of providing satisfying, effective, and profoundly respectful care for people with autism throughout their lives. 

220:You Got To Have A Tribe

In this episode we have many elderly tribes or parents on Autism Rocks And Rolls. All these parents either have a child who is on the spectrum or has a child with a physical defect. However these parents tell how their child has overcame their issues and how they are being successful today. Who does the list entail? I will be telling you all with bullet points. 

  • Samuel Hutchins-Samuel Hutchins is the founder and the president of The Hope For Xavier Foundation Inc. The goal for this foundation is to promote empowerment and awareness for his non verbal son who is on the autism spectrum. He is also the founder of Dream Out Loud 2000. Established in 2008 the goal of this non-profit is to empower the value of higher education to youth at an early age. 

  • Alexis McClure-Alexis works at Paragon Wellness Solutions and is the proud mother to a girl who is on the autism spectrum but is also non-verbal but no matter what stands in her way she always does what is best for her daughter.
  • Kurtis Moffitt-Kurtis is a husband and father also as he says “a weird guy.” Kurtis was a pastor until he became a teacher. Teaching 4 years in Texas and then moving to Indiana to be part of my community. He is not only an 8th grade science teacher but has 4 kids and one of his 4 kids is on the autism spectrum. 

  •  AJ Ali, who is a 42-year-old mother and has a daughter on the autism spectrum. At age 2 and a half, her daughter was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, but since being diagnosed, she has overcome bullying and, as AJ said, “the middle school years.”
  • Sherry Hatfield-While she has no relation to autism she does have an amazing story. She and her husband have two biological children and adopted three children. The two children she adopted were special needs. Michelle had open heart surgery in China but is now a Corporal in The United States Marine. The other child Mason came to her with two clubbed feet and with a condition called Arthrogryposis. Mason had many years of physical and occupational therapy. Doctors said he would be in a wheelchair but today he is only not in a wheelchair but graduated as valedictorian and goes to Indiana University.

  •  Mindy Marie Bartlett-She is a wonderful wife and mother to 4 kids. Her second oldest son Xander is 19 and has autism. Her and her family have had to fight for his educational rights for 9 years and each time they have won with the help of a great team.

  •  Amanda Hammer-Another member of my community. She also is a lovely mother to a daughter and a son who is on the autism spectrum. Her son has had to overcome many obstacles but they have all done it together as a family.

  •  Martin Salama-Martin is known as the Architect of The Warriors L.I.F.E Code. He specializes in people who are frustrated in their quick shift mindset to uncover their greatness. Even though he is an amazing entrepreneur he has a child who has been diagnosed with autism. Despite all of his success he still is a great father who always stays humble. 

  • Marcia Nathai Balikisoon-Located in the Caribbean’s. She is a mother to a brain-injured bedridden girl who has been her best teacher in the last decade. She also runs a podcast called The Special Needs Parent Podcast to help other parents thrive despite challenges by sharing what experiences they have gone through as a mother or a father with special needs.

219:On The Silver Screen With Tamika Lamison

“I want to help these children create a legacy.” That is what the stunning and sweet Tamika Lamison said, and she is because, in 2006, she created The Make A Film Foundation. The Make A Film Foundation helps children with life-threatening conditions and illnesses create movies by connecting famous actors such as JK Simmons and Johnny Depp with producers and directors. Tamika started this because of her inspiration from the Make A Wish Foundation, and since she started, she has also grown because Tamika is a postgraduate from Howard University and is the executive director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commercial Director’s Diversity Program, which allows children with severe conditions to make commercials. She is also the senior vice president of development and production at PhilmCo. The cool part is that it all began with her roots in theater and her first script, called “The Jar by the Door.” Let’s all hear from this amazing woman and what she has to say.


218:Dare To Discipline

In this episode, I discuss the hard work of punishing someone on the autism spectrum or anyone with a condition. It is hard to do, but it has to be done because no one is excused from consequences. Although someone might be lost, do not worry because I want to help by stating the types of methods and tricks everyone can use. I also share the steps of discipling someone with a condition while sharing my personal discipline beliefs. For example, while I do believe that working does build character, I do not believe in spanking. I am leaving this as a cliffhanger because if you want to learn why I have this old school belief but also this modern parenting belief, you will have to check out this episode of Autism Rocks and Rolls.


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