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236:Laughing Out Loud With Brad Loekle

This is a special moment for me and Autism Rocks And Rolls because one of my teen heroes is here. The hero I’m referring to is an LGBTQ comedian from America named Brad Loekle. Brad rose to fame as a result of his participation in the humorous reality TV series TruTV Presents World’s Dumbest. Viewers of NBC may be familiar with him from Season 9 of Last Comic Standing, where he advanced to the semifinals. Brad has additionally appeared on a number of programs on E!, VH1, MTV, Logo, and various other networks. Radio listeners have heard several of Brad’s appearances on The Frank DeCaro Show and his work as a guest co-host on SiriusXM’s Morning Jolt with Larry Flick. In front of tens of thousands of viewers in more than 30 countries around the world, Brad has performed on stage alongside Patti Lupone, Sutton Foster, Vanessa Williams, Kathy Griffin, Lea DeLaria, and Leslie Jordan since 2010. I have him on more than just for that reason because he is one of my heroes and also a good person who accepts others. Brad Loekle, welcome to Autism Rocks And Rolls! 

234:Yes, I’ve Lost My Mind By Victoria

Today we have a well-known pro wrestling legend with us. Some of you might know her better as Victoria from WWE or Tara from TNA. She was a bodybuilder and fitness fanatic who had previously captured the women’s championship in both organizations, and she dominated pro wrestling as a result. With the help of WWE legend Chyna, she was able to become a two-time WWE women’s champion, a five-time TNA women’s knockout champion, and even a part of Vince’s Devils. She is on my show for a couple of reasons, to be honest. The first reason is because, at one point in her career, while engaged in a rivalry with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, she served as an advocate for mental health by taking on the role of a maniacal, cruel villain. Second, she is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet when she is not in the ring. As I believe, “I think she has this aura about her where you always leave feeling better about yourself after speaking to her.” So let’s welcome to the program a former bodybuilder, business owner, cheerleader, and WWE legend.

234:In The Deep Blue Sea With Louis Marinucci

Louis Marinucci is now my most intriguing visitor; he is a man who, to use a metaphor, “lives under the sea.” Mr. Marinucci, who is autistic, takes part in aquatic therapy because he enjoys scuba diving and investigating the underwater world. Louis is in the media because, like me, he broadcasts and uploads videos to YouTube. He is also a spokesperson for Diveheart, an organization that teaches kids with disabilities how to take part in diving therapy and other water activities. Since Louis is a merman right now, we are at last making history. I have never before had a merman as a guest on Autism Rocks and Rolls. So let’s welcome Louis Marinucci, a kind yet fascinating individual.


233:I’ve Got A Plan

Please listen as I describe the idea of planning. Autism spectrum individuals find this challenging because we view it as a strategy where we must consider every element of the time period we are living in. Additionally, I offer advice on how to plan a party or other event appropriately. When it comes to throwing a party, I discuss the steps, but there is more because I address the tendencies and bad habits that a host who is on the spectrum could have. Then I go on to describe how people on the spectrum might either have a schedule, a loose structure, or no structure at all.


232:Defeating Stigmas With Leah Walden, Leslie Lynch And Lori Frederick

This episode highlights several autism clinics in Bloomington, Indiana, as well as one in Oklahoma. The first person on the list is a social worker from Stonebelt named Leah Walden. The non-profit group Stonebelt, which was established in 1958, supports my desire to give voice to individuals like me. Their mission statement states that they “believe in the individuality, value, and right to self-determination of every individual.” Our goal is to educate, empower, and support people with developmental disabilities and their families so they can participate fully in community life. Also included is Leslie Lynch from Unlocking the Spectrum. Unlocking The Spectrum was established with the belief that all autistic children should receive the best Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. To ensure that your child reaches their best potential, they take great care. Lori Frederick from the Griffin Promise Autism Clinic is our closing guest. When she extended me the chance to speak at her assembly, that’s when I first learned about them. The Griffin Promise Autism Clinic in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is run by Lori Frederick. Griffin, who has autism, is also her kiddo. Lori has a doctorate in organizational psychology and is a board- certified expert in cognitive and autistic issues. Lori is extremely passionate about leading caregivers through their expeditions with autism and catching on brand-new, gashing- edge approaches to compound our neurodiversity and professional neighborhoods. Give these people a hearty greeting to Autism Rocks and Rolls, if you could each help me.

231:May I Be Excused?

This episode’s theme will be good table etiquette. I discuss the importance of table etiquette to one’s character during the episode. Also, because autism is looked at as a neurological disorder, I bring up the concern of how table manners may be impacted. Also, I discuss the red zone and why it is inappropriate to utilize it, as well as the green and yellow zones and why they are acceptable. Even when a child on the autism spectrum is non-speaking, I discuss how it is still possible to enjoy a good family supper. I conclude by expressing my views on which table manners are important and unnecessary.



230:But I Care

I examine why it can often be challenging to relate with someone who has autism in this episode. I also discuss how we use “tough love” to show empathy. This episode goes so far as to explain why it is tough for us and why it is frightening to accomplish. In order to make up for my lack of empathy, I’ll also describe how I show true compassion. Even further, I use an example of how a relationship might succeed in the presence of compassion but not empathy.

229:Broken Is Beautiful Featuring Amanda Mammana

Since I’m accompanied by semi-finalist from the prior season of America’s Got Talent, everyone will appreciate this episode. When she was ten years old, she started having issues with her speech. She was an outgoing youngster who subsequently developed into a very timid and insecure adult. Amanda picked up the guitar and started to play her way out. Soon after, she started singing. In the seventh grade, she then joined the worship band at her school. A year later, she joined the worship band at her church. Amanda experienced confusion and self-doubt as she grew older. Because she was embarrassed by the way she spoke, Amanda claimed that she felt her voice didn’t matter. As a result, she had a hectic and miserable summer. The difficulties Amanda experienced inspired her to write songs that examine the nature of humanity. She is right in saying that everyone faces challenges in life. So now we know why Simon Cowell called Amanda Mammana “wonderful,” let’s all welcome her to Autism Rocks And Rolls.


228:You Are You With Uncle Mike

Join me as I interview my amazing uncle, Mike Crull. Mike is a great guy who is a devoted husband, a proud father of three kids, and a brand-new grandpa to a young child. Mike, though, has supported me from the beginning. He is the one who has your back and is continually interested in what others are doing, despite his tendency to be quiet and reserved. More is spoken regarding Uncle Mike’s tolerance of others, especially his propensity to categorize people based on their characteristics.

227:Effective Communication

In this episode, I discuss the silent aspects of communication and the reasons why people with autism find them challenging. I also talk about the idea of “reading the room” and why some people with autism aren’t able to do it cognitively, but I also talk to people who can (mostly high functioning). I do, however, offer recommendations and fixes. Additionally, when nonverbal clues like eye contact and body language are employed in place of spoken communication, I experience misunderstandings between two persons. So together let’s hear me describe non-speaking communication and how those on the spectrum grasp true communication.




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