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218:Dare To Discipline

In this episode, I discuss the hard work of punishing someone on the autism spectrum or anyone with a condition. It is hard to do, but it has to be done because no one is excused from consequences. Although someone might be lost, do not worry because I want to help by stating the types of methods and tricks everyone can use. I also share the steps of discipling someone with a condition while sharing my personal discipline beliefs. For example, while I do believe that working does build character, I do not believe in spanking. I am leaving this as a cliffhanger because if you want to learn why I have this old school belief but also this modern parenting belief, you will have to check out this episode of Autism Rocks and Rolls.

217:Employing And Coaching The Critters

In this episode, we have three people together, each  of whom has a business in the autism field. First, Isabella Johnston. Isabella is a serial entrepreneur specializing in diversity, equality and inclusion, multidimensional learning, peer and reverse mentoring, and organizational improvement. She leads Employers 4 Change. Employers 4 Change is software that provides recruitment DEI skills  and cognitive skills development to employers and their interns. Next is Frank Mallatt. His non-profit organization is called his Critters 4 Service. With the help of donations and volunteers, Critters 4 Service provides  assistance dogs for autism, special needs, and veterans. Finally, we have Rob Hoades. Rob Hodes grew up in Long Island, New York and had undiagnosed autism. His organization is called his Autism Gifts. The goal of Autism Gifts is to help people on the autism spectrum take strategic actions to achieve their goals and dreams, use their unique gifts, and authentically share their stories of life and society. It is to inspire people to avoid being labeled negatively. Let’s all hear together and hear what they are all doing together for their own autism community.

216:Lifting Autism With Jeff Snyder, Ron Sandison, Phillip Sage and T-Ice

Join me as we talk to not one, not two, not three, but four people who I met at The 1 in 44 Tour and a local pro wrestling show that I commented on. First we have Jeff Snyder Mr. Snyder was born on March 27, 1989, in Rhode Island, but has lived most of his life in Massachusetts. In 1990, Jeff was diagnosed with autism and has since achieved numerous successes in independent living as well as speaking engagements and panels. Second, we have Ron Sandison. Ron is an autism advocate who is a professor of theology and is the proud author of A Parents’ Guide To Autism: Practical Advice And Biblical Wisdom. Third, we have Sage Phillips. Known as “The Ring Wizard,” Mr. Phillips has used professional wrestling in his life to help him battle his biggest fight, and it is not in the ring but out of the ring because he is talking about his autism. However, he has used pro wrestling as a guide and an outlet. Finally, we have TY-Ice (Tyce Nicholas). Born in Rushville, Indiana and weighing in at 246 lbs., he was diagnosed with autism at 3 and has loved wrestling since 10. He also uses professional wrestling to help him with his battles in and out of the ring. Check out these amazing people on this episode of Autism Rocks and Rolls.

215:An Autistic Redemption

Join me as I discuss the elements of autism and mental health in the video games Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Redemption. This is not for the faint of heart because, like John Marston and Arthur Morgan, we need to be ready to be brave and have the courage to hear about the black and white thinking and the amazing employability skills for those on the autism spectrum. While you may have to hear our host talk about “not having any light at the end of the tunnel,” We will hear about those with a condition turning a 180 to make the world a better place and how our talents can take us places. So let’s saddle our horses like the characters in the video game would and let’s ride not into the sunset but into the episode.


214:Remaining Victorious With Maia Zakay

In this episode, we talk to the stunning and amazing 20-year old musician Maia Zakay. After finding her on Facebook and learning about her work, I knew she had to be on. Maia is an R&B pop singer who also happens to be a mental health advocate. As she has stated, “My purpose is to help my listeners feel less alone in the difficult times we go through in life.” She is also a model and a future movie actress who will act in action and romance-comedy movies. This episode is also history because Maia Zakay was my first-ever live performer on Autism Rocks and Rolls. That is not all, because last year she won the 2021 Hollywood Music In Media with her hit single “Keep Me Waiting.” So please help me welcome the accomplished protégé, Maia Zakay.

113: Unique, Different, And Cool By Jacob Velazquez

Just because you have a diagnosis doesn’t mean you aren’t smart, talented, and capable of great things; it does mean you are unique, different, and cool! Those are the words of the amazing Jacob Velazquez, who I talked to today. This amazing 14-year old lives with PDDNOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Specified), which is a form of autism, but it does not bring him down because he performed on the 15th (2020) Season of America’s Got Talent. While on the show, Simon Cowell stated, “You just have this amazing aura about you.” I think that you’re going to inspire lots of people. Even though he had to withdraw from the show, Simon’s prediction was correct because he has appeared on shows such as Good Morning America, The View, and The Steve Harvey Show, and has been on the front of the Sun Sentinel newspaper. That is not all because the one and only pop star, Taylor Swift, endorsed his music by stating that the music he played was “beautiful.” Let’s welcome not only my youngest guest but his wisdom, which will be music to your ears.

212:Flying Off The Handle

In this episode I talk about why those on the spectrum have a shorter temper than others. It might be worse than ordinary anger issues because I might as well mention the violent and destructive outbursts that autistic people can possibly have. While it is hard to manage, from personal experience, I will say it is manageable and that is what I also talk about. Finally, I even go further in depth and talk about what we are thinking during our anger fits.

211:Learning To Learn With Daniel Puder

In this episode, I talked to retired MMA fighter and pro wrestler Daniel Puder. Daniel has a record of 8 wins to 0 losses. Although he shares his accomplishments with us on Autism Rocks And Rolls, he shares how he got there because throughout his life he got bullied. As he said himself, “I was the kid that would get picked last to join a team and was picked on and bullied daily by other kids in my class because I had a learning disorder.” I couldn’t read very well and had to go to different rooms to take my tests. The good news is he got through it because he runs many charter schools and, like me, he has a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, MLMP (My Life My Power), that is helping so many others out there.

210:Pitching The Episode With Forbes Riley

How do you sell yourself as a person or as a businessman or woman? That question will be answered because I interviewed Forbes Riley, AKA The Pitching Queen. I met her virtually at a virtual summit and in person at a podcast convention in Orlando, Florida. The reason why I had to have her on the show is that she is a motivational speaker and I was moved by not only her business tips but I was also moved by her life. The woman you will hear is not the same in 1968. As she said, “I was a shy and awkward kid with a tongue twister who had a tough time fitting in.” Let’s all hear how she went from a shy kid to a queen.

209:Exhausting The Burnout

In this episode, I talk about the feeling of not just burnout when you get exhausted with a hobby but autistic burnout. The basic definition is that those who have autism are burnt out as they feel like they are missing out on basic life skills such as cooking and driving. However, I am here to spread some courage and inspiration because while they might miss those chances, aspies can show vindication by having advanced skills that do not come easily to others. Take a listen to a truthful and appealing Autism Rocks and Rolls episode.



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