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Delving into the nuances of reality therapy, what it is, and who it can help with Robert “Bob” Wubbolding, EdD, Director, Director of Training at Wubbolding Workshops Center for Reality Therapy and host, Aaron Huey. Bob and Aaron Huey sit down for quick talk at The Winter Symposium in Colorado Springs, Co.

Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD, internationally known teacher, author and practitioner of Reality Therapy has taught Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in the United States, Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. He is a Psychologist, Professional Clinical Counselor, Board Certified Coach, and member of the American Psychological Association, the Ohio Psychological Association, the Cincinnati Academy for Professional Psychology, as well as the American Counseling Association, and the Ohio Counseling Association, Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association. His professional goal has been to make Reality Therapy respectable, respected, practical, cross-cultural, and universally applicable. To achieve this goal, he has sought to strengthen the delivery system, publish, articles and 14 books, 31 chapters in textbooks including entries in counselling and psychology encyclopedias, and has taught Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in many countries, and developed a teaching tool for Reality Therapy, called the WDEP system. This expression of Reality Therapy facilitates both learning and practicing the skills individually, in groups, on an organizational basis by people around the world working in agencies, schools, and businesses.

Best Selling Author Ryan Roy tells his story of abandonment by his father and his conscious decision to navigate fatherhood from a place of connection, support and “pouring in” to his boys.

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Ryan Roy is a Husband, and father to 2 young boys, ages 1 and 7. He is the Owner of Justify or Just Do It Coaching – Serving clients all over the world. He recently became an Amazon Best Selling Author of the book “Be The Dad You Wish You Had”. He just launched his Daily Podcast -” I don’t know JACK About parenting.” – That can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts And Anchor.

He is offering a FREE copy of the book to our listeners at

Join Aaron Huey and Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider as they talk about ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities and how do you discover if your child is dealing with these at school. Once you do, what next?

Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider, co-author of Confidence and Joy, takes parents through the step by step process of discovery, advocacy, planning and self-care when you find your child has difficulty keeping up in the classroom.

Twitter: @swimmerdeb
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Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider is CEO of TouchTime International and author of the best-selling 7 Strategies for Raising Calm, Inspired, & Successful Children. Drs. Swain and Schneider’s new book, Confidence & Joy: Success Strategies for Kids with Learning Differences (Crescendo Publishing, Nov. 1, 2018), provides parents and educators with tools to help children with learning differences realize lifelong success.

Can men teach each other and boys about women without being taught by women? Aaron interviews Gabrielle about her life, path and experience with her daughter.

Boysen Hodgson and Brian Katz both work with men and boys mentoring and teaching in their communities, but do men know WHAT to say to each other about consent and assaults on women, without actually talking to a woman and hear what she wants said?

Join Jeanie Cisco Meth and host Aaron Huey as they talk about bullying in today’s culture.

When Jeanie was a young girl, everyone knew she was different. When she got into school, the labeling began. She had so many learning disabilities and physical differences she stood out. She had dyslexia, she couldn’t talk very well, she was legally blind, by the eighth grade she was six feet tall, she was a cancer survivor, and the list goes on. She was told she would never amount to much. She remembers sitting in the classroom with her parents and her teachers listening to the discussion about her dismal future. Jeanie and her parents had different ideas. Delbert and Martha, Jeanie’s parents, did not spend so much time, money, emotional stress battling childhood cancer with her just to give up now. They knew she would find a way.

When Jeanie got into high school she decided she was not going to let someone else tell her how her future would go. She sought out the tools that helped her graduate high school then she went on to college. She was the first in her family to graduate from a four-year university.

Jeanie used her learning patterns to help others become successful as well. She went on to become a high school teacher and helped many students find their true path in life. When a fellow teacher asked her to teach what she had learned about helping students, Jeanie designed courses to do just that. Jeanie then decided to take what she is teaching and make it available to a larger audience. One of her main courses is called Bully Proofing You: Taming the Bully Between Your Ears.

She has found success or a lesson in everything she has ever tried to do and accomplish. She loves teaching people who want to improve and make a difference in and with their lives. Jeanie is the majority owner in two very successful businesses and teaches people from all walks of life how to create the life they desire. Her passion and enthusiasm will have you filled with excitement while you learn how to create your own incredible life.

Recovered addicts can make the BEST mentors for the youth who struggle with drugs. Why?

Aaron and Nate discuss how parents can find help to get their kids from addiction to mentorship.

Nate Wilson is from Woodland Park, Colorado about 30 mins west of Colorado Springs. Nate is a personal trainer and health coach and soon to be author. Nate has been clean off of meth and heroin for 9 years now and quit drinking for about 2 1/2 years now.

He blogs on his Facebook page:

Host of Beyond Risk and Back podcast and founder of Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center, Aaron Huey, speaks to parents at a middle school about how to help their kids with anxiety. It’s hard to teach a child anything without modeling it themselves. What kids learn from their parents is what they do and what they don’t do. You as a parent have to take a look at your own life. Working through your kid’s anxiety with them helps them process the feelings, develop endurance, and not feel so alone.

In Which Way?… Mother and daughter tell parallel stories about trauma and its impact on the generations that follow. Jann Simmons’ story is a heart-wrenching account of an orphaned child who suffered brutality at the hands of her mother, as well as many others. As an adult, Jann’s mind was closed to the horrors of her abuse, betrayal, and abandonment until the day they all came flooding back to her conscious mind. That awareness began a 40-year transformation from a passive victim to resilient warrior.

As a young teen, Shari struggled to make sense of her mother’s pain, but as a career mental-health therapist, she began to understand her mother’s journey and learn how trauma affects the brain. She offers strategies in this book for those suffering from past or present trauma or for those who love someone who is suffering. Both women tell their stories and drive home the fact that the choices we make can lead to self-hatred and resentment or to a life of courage, healing and beauty.

Which Way? is an unforgettable story of love and transformation that will resonate with mothers, daughters, trauma survivors, those who love them and those who’ve made a career out of helping them heal.

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