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Welcome to the ADHD Village!

In this episode of Beyond Risk and Back, I bring out one of my favorites! Lara Dawn is not just an expert in ADHD children and how to support them, she is a mom of ADHD children and has ADHD herself. She is also the founder of the ADHD village and spends her time gathering experts on ADHD from all over the globe to educate her village! She’s done it again with 35 more experts! This is a FREE summit coming up that you need to register for ASAP!


Time for you to join us!

Brains, Medications, Mental Health and…. how LOVE can change everything.

Dr. Heim will quickly become your favorite source for understanding the human condition. He has become mine.

Just listen and you WILL understand.

Dr. Heim is an award-winning Psychiatrist, Music Professor, and Churchill fellow. During his 18 years of continuing psychiatry practice, he has heard the stories of 1000s of people. Combining science, entertainment, and large doses of Australian humor, he speaks from a place of deep compassion and authority on 21st Century Mental Health issues that can affect us all.

Dr. Heim has spoken extensively in both public and corporate forums in the US and Australia and has a natural ability to explain complex mental health issues in lay language, giving practical takeaways that can be actioned straight away. He delivers CLE talks to law firms, talks on mental health to corporate firms and retirement companies. 

His writings and public lectures reference medicine and music and cover a range of topics – the mental health crisis, happiness, stress management, neuroplasticity, work/life balance, the pleasure myth – but primarily focus on how to get the right DOSE of brain chemicals to help overcome 21st Century mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, suicide, trauma, personality disorders, and addictions. Dr. Heim includes memorable experiences in his talks, such as music, to keep audiences engaged.
Dr. Heim is an associate senior lecturer at the University of Queensland in the School of Medicine and in music has lectured at Manhattan School of Music, The University of Newcastle, and the University of Wollongong.

He has a Ph.D. from the University of Sydney and has published research articles and music compositions. He is the 2014 recipient of the Newton-John award for innovation and creativity and the 2000 Blackwell Award for Critical Reasoning in Science. His music compositions are played on ABC Classic FM.

Dr. Heim currently lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia with his wife Dr. Caroline Heim and he gives virtual lectures all over the world from his professional studio.

Gamer Dad and his Gamer Kids.

Video Games are not what they used to be…but are they dangerous? What’s really happening when your child logs on to a game?


Jed Shaffer is a dad who uses video games as a connection with his kids and he gives us an insight to online language, sexism, racism, and the potentially violent behavior that takes place. Have you ever heard of “S.W.A.T-ing”?


Knowing that his own children are online, what are his strategies to keep the connection and experience healthy and fun?


Should kids be on screen? Ever?


The “Gamer Parent Strategy Guide” is his podcast and his Facebook page!

Understanding Anxiety- The Survivor Perspective.

What is the difference between willingness and capability when it comes to dealing with anxiety?


Since Covid began, adolescents 13-17 reporting anxiety symptoms have skyrocketed to 25%. The brain spin is crippling. 


Do you have knowledge of it or do you understand it?


Kyle Mitchell grew up with it. Survived it. Thrives with it. Kyle is a teen mental health advocate, podcast host, upcoming TEDx speaker, and, most importantly, severe social anxiety survivor and overcomer.


Kyle believes that we need to start a new conversation around mental health for teenagers.  Where breakthroughs are the new norm, and all challenges are opportunities.  There is a silent pandemic that continues to emerge across the planet.  According to the World Health Organization, over 300 million people are suffering from anxiety and the number is not showing signs of subsiding, especially after this past year.  With Kyle experiencing social anxiety much of his life, he is starting a new movement, his own bold mission, to help 1 million teens go from socially anxious to socially confident by 2022.

The Future of My Scars

When children self-harm, we often are afraid of what they will have to tell people about their scars when they get older. How will they explain it to a friend, future spouse, a boss? How could they do this to their bodies and their future?


WHY would a child ever do this?


“I am not my mental health trauma. I am me.”


I met with Amy Minh H?nh Corey on the birthday of her 8th year of sobriety from self-harm who can explain it to use from a young-persons point of view, and WHY she cut. 

Bullying, depression, suicide survivor… The words “fat” and “hate” are carved into her arm… but…now at only twenty-four years old, TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Keynote and Public Speaker, Singer, Songwriter and Goodwill Ambassador to Holt International and HCMC Peace and Development Foundation; Amy Minh Hanh Corey is building her creative empire through her understanding and honesty in mental health by sharing her mindset in music, songwriting, writing, public speaking, and ambassadorships on how she has not only overcome the worst anyone could imagine going through, but how because of those sufferings and her unbelievable experiences, she has trained her mind to turn every negative time into something positive and mastered how to not only survive in chaos but how to thrive in it as well. Her mindset has not only created her rapidly growing empire throughout multiple industries but is the drive-in her passion to understand the misunderstood and help heal whoever she can reach around the world, in everything she does.


You can reach Amy here:

I: amycorey

F: amycorey

Finding Light in the Darkness

Spirituality is EASY when things are going well.


So how do you find your spiritual side when your teen is running away, cutting, using, and suffering from mental health issues.


How do you find the Light in the Darkness?

How do you tend to your Faith when you are in Fight or Flight?


Stan Lewis the Host of the “Fearless Parenting” podcast brings us support when the price of our family struggling with addiction, mental health, and behavioral health issues begin to cost us… our faith.
“It’s never too late to lay a path that your child can return to.” -Stan Lewis
facebook- @fearlessparenting


Autism- The more we understand, the more we accept.


This week’s guest! Emily Ansell Elfer Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine brings us the expertise she has gained through her experience of putting together a monthly magazine for parents.


Emily Ansell Elfer, BA Hons, Dip is Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine, where she coordinates an extensive group of therapists, autism specialists, and writers to publish news and professional guidance for families affected by autism. An NCTJ-qualified journalist, Emily’s work is published in newspapers, magazines, and across multiple websites. She previously managed the content for the women’s careers website, Where Women Work, is a former Editor of a food magazine group, and a former Deputy Editor of Toy World Magazine.


Twitter: @autismparentmag
Insta: @autismparentingmagazine 


The more we understand, the more we accept.


Actually, your teen IS reading.

Dr. Brassel is known as the Jim Carrey of reading. Danny Brassell is America’s Leading Reading Ambassador…who grew up hating reading.

  • Do kids read more or less now?
  • How do you get teens who don’t read…to LOVE reading?
  • Does the internet count?

“Captain Underpants is the gateway drug to Shakespeare.”

Since 1996, Danny has taught at California State University. A tenured professor in the Teacher Education Department, he works with beginning teachers and administrators. He has taught courses in educational theory, reading, second language acquisition, and multiculturalism, and his popular live televised courses consistently earn raves from students and casual viewers alike for content presented in a “fun, meaningful and memorable” way. Danny helped coordinate alternative teaching credential programs that served over 4,000 teachers in 150 schools throughout 14 school districts serving over 400,000 students in the Los Angeles area. In addition, Danny taught international students English as a Second Language at the American Language Institute at the University of Southern California for a number of years, and he served as the founding director of Loyola Marymount University’s MA program partnership with Teach for America. Before teaching at the university level, Danny was a teacher and tutor to pre-K – grade 12 students.


Learn about him here:



or on Amazon…he’s authored 16 books.



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