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How a child can change a community, without ever talking.

During his abbreviated 22-year life, Graham Gardner was unable to speak or to walk on his own. Yet he forged meaningful relationships wherever he went. His cerebral palsy forced him to rely on other people — sometimes complete strangers — for absolutely everything. Yet he accepted his reality, lived in the present moment, reveled in relationships, and exuded radiance around him. Graham personified joy and he lived love. 


My interview with his father, Dr. Steven Gardner.


This powerful episode will move you and have you question the idea of “Quality of Life”.


Graham’s father, Dr. Steven Gardner, is an internist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and past Medical Director of the Massachusetts Special Olympics. He is a past winner of the Harvard Medical School Humanism in Medicine Award. Steven is a prominent photographer whose images focus on the resilience of people facing adversity and the compassion of caregivers. His work has been exhibited in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard, where he is a volunteer physician at Camp Jabberwocky, the location and inspiration for many of the stories in his book, Jabberwocky: Lessons of Love from a Boy Who Never Spoke (Made for Success Publishing, April 27, 2021). Learn more at

rRest…the ART of Self-Care

rRest is a system of self-care designed by Dr. Sholes

As a UCSF-trained neuroscientist, medical hypnotherapist, and mom, Dr. Cindy Sholes brings a unique skill-set and approach to personal growth and transformation. During her 17 year mission to transform mental wellness, she has worked with thousands of parents and teens helping them find advantages in their adversity so they can see themselves as positive creators of their life.   She is the creator of rREST, rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique, which is the cornerstone of her work. rREST quickly and permanently removes patterns of stress that cause triggers. She believes when you optimize brain function your authentic self will be freed and empowered to lead a purposeful life.

Charity Joy is a certified personal trainer and rREST coach.  Her passion for health and fitness has evolved into helping women step into their full power in all areas of life. She teaches her clients how to up-level their self care in fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness.

Her new business Cycle Breakers works on breaking generational cycles of trauma as this has been a huge part of her personal transformation journey (schedule a consult call and unlock an exclusive offer)

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Link to learn about rREST


Online Behavior. WHY we can't stop. What parents Can do.

WHY IS TECH SO ADDICTIVE? Did they do this on purpose? Do they know what’s happening to our children? Do they care?


Who are  “They”?


Catherine Knibbs is an Interpersonal Neurobiological practitioner using theoretical integration of Neuroscience and Attachment and synthesizing this with Transactional Analysis and Functional Medicine approaches with Technology. She is one of a kind in this field!

Online Harms & Cybertrauma Advisor, Consultant, Author, and Gaming/TechTherapist. Clinical & Ph.D. Researcher. Epigenetic Child/Adult Psychotherapist. Podcaster, Vlogger, Blogger. Polymath.


The Polyvagal Motorway of wellness with brain and body visuals:


Expert in helping you understand human behaviors in a world of technology. Using technology to help you understand yourself.

Gen-X Parents

Stigmas and stereotypes are surrounding every generation. We can look back and notice the differences in Boomers’ social culture, vs. Millennials, vs. Generation-I. But, what about parenting? 

Today I am joined by Dr. Louise Stranger to discuss who Generation-X are as parents and how we have raised Millenials.


Perfectionists are extraordinary people.

Their vision, determination, and commitment to only the very best has allowed seemingly unreachable ambitions to be realized and ground-breaking techniques to be discovered. Without them, the world as we know it would be virtually unrecognizable.

But their dedication comes at a price.

The pursuit of perfection is often so intense that mental and physical health is frequently compromised, with the continual feelings of never being good enough sending many perfectionists on the road to depression and burnout.

Julian Reeve, a former music director of the Broadway musical Hamilton, turned perfectionism contributor, speaker, and author of Captain Perfection & the Secret of Self-Compassion: A Self-Help Book for the Young Perfectionist. Visit AND for more information on self-compassion and other perfectionism solutions.

Tehya's Story

“When you are Happy, you enjoy the music. When you are Sad, you understand the lyrics.” This quote about Bipolar begins to express the rollercoaster life of someone who lives with it. The extremes and the relief of the middle. Waiting for the other shoe to drop and the repair process in the aftermath. Bipolar is the healing or the curse of dancing…depending on the person’s current state.


This is Tehya’s life. Early diagnosis. Early Medication. Early trauma. a lifetime of recovery work, including her current path towards a Ph.D. in Neuro Science.

Join me for this incredible story. Tehya is transparent and willing to use her story to teach parents.


A Family is Only as Sick as It's Secrets

John Ingham tells his harsh truth story of growing up as an addict in a family of addicts.

Be Advised: Explicit Language.

“My gateway was my family.” Transparency and Truth, John paints the picture of recovery that feels familiar to a lot of us and relieves the pressure of feeling like you are alone in your struggle. Starting at 8 years old and now supporting teens in recovery getting into college. An inspiring story of family love, drug use, and moving on.

Killing the Dragon

Smoking Cigarettes has been deemed just as addictive as using Heroin; my guest today refutes this claim. John De Miranda has been substance-free for over 40 years and has dedicated his life to researching and understanding the Nicotine Industry.

Today, he wants to call parents and our culture out on how we educate our youth around the subject of substance use and distinguish myth from fact when it comes to addiction and experimentation.


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