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Psychic Detectives Interfacing with Law Enforcement: Karen Romine

Ever wonder how – or if – psychic detectives really work with law enforcement on missing persons and unsolved homicide cases? If so, how effective are they? What is their method? Equally important – how do you spot a charlatan? Listen as Karen Romine explains the ways she helps law enforcement. Karen is a certified international psychic, medium and energy healer based in Iowa. She blends these skills to help law enforcement when asked.

Social Media is Getting Away with Murder: Tonya Baines-Godwin's Unending Grief

Many homicide survivors have had exposure (and sometimes over-exposure) to print, broadcast and social media posts about the homicide in their families. But imagine the live streamed broadcast of your loved one’s last moments on social media platforms… Not only was the crime shown, but it’s also been shared and viewed millions of times. It’s a special kind of eternal torment for loved ones and it lacks a clear solution. Here is the story of the random murder of Robert Godwin of Ohio as told by his daughter, Tonya Baines-Godwin.

Post Traumatic Growth: Agape Garcia

Agape Garcia’s life (and that of her 8-year-old and unborn baby) pivoted without warning. Hundreds of miles from home, they unpacked to start a new life chapter. Without warning the father of her yet-to-be-born son viciously tried to kill her. She had no resources, no support, yet reestablished herself, raised her children alone and now (years later) finally feels free enough to talk about her personal experience of domestic terrorism at the hands of someone she once loved and trusted. Agape will also describe her path to post-traumatic growth in the hopes others can do the same.

Pregnancy and Homicide: The Murder of Lauren Barnes

Lisbeth McCarty, aunt of murder victim Lauren Barnes, tells a cautionary tale. Youth, pregnancy, paternal rejection of pregnancy and the realization of responsibilities that lie ahead can boil into a toxic mix. Baby Avery’s father would rather have risked life in prison than life co-parenting her. He dug her grave along with ther mother who carried her and carried through with his lethal trap. Sadly, this is not a unique story. Homicide is the leading cause of death of unborn children.


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