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Murder of Mom During Adolescence: Rebecca Benny

Adolescence is tough. Adolescence is even tougher as a biracial teen. And, if that isn’t difficult enough imagine being told your mom has been murdered and that it was premeditated. How do you find your footing? Reestablish control? Interface with peers? Listen in as we hear Rebecca Benny describe these difficult hurdles and how she negotiated them.`

You Can Fight City Hall! Kalvon Hawkins and the Unsolved Murder of his Daughter

When Kalvon Hawkins was informed his daughter had been murdered at a birthday party he couldn’t imagine life getting worse, but this was a prelude to more suffering. The police brushed him off. Witnesses wouldn’t come forward. Rumors circulated. His business suffered. Over the years, he succumbed to depression and isolation. Then, one drizzly, cold day he took matters into his own hands and opened his first Facebook Live post pleading for support outside the Michigan City, Indiana P.D. His call was answered and refueled him. He was stalked by the police. His family was collapsing and when the perpetrator was finally caught he was offered a sweet plea deal. Kalvon wasn’t having it. Listen to the narrative of his tenacity to finally extract justice from the criminal justice system.

“I Got Your Back” – Victim Rights Law with Rachel Robinson, Esq.

Crime victims, homicide survivors included, find the court process to be confusing, foreign, and occasionally hostile. Former Denver Prosecutor Rachel Robinson of Colorado has made it her mission to give a voice to those who don’t have one. She has dedicated her private practice to ensuring that crime victims’ rights are honored. She has tailored her services to fill the gaps in the criminal justice system for those of us who have been sidelined and silenced.

A Voice for the Voiceless: Patricia Wenskunas

The attempted murder of herself and her young son was not enough to deter Patricia Wenskunas from her life mission. She has excelled in her tireless effort to advocate for crime victims in a number of ways – not the least of which is her foundation “Crime Survivors Resource Center” in Irvine, California. Please tune in and feel uplifted by her passion, clarity, and hope. She is more than a survivor – she is an inspiration.

Deadly Mistaken Identity: The Homicide of Russell, as told by his wife, Jessica Lewis

Shortly into a happy marriage, in the midst of a new job with a bright future, living on a peaceful, remote ranch, the unthinkable happens. Jessica Lewis recounts the awful night she learns of the shooting death of her beloved Russell by a man on a crime spree aiming for someone else. Alone and terrified, surrounded by a mountainous, stormy landscape, she is summoned to the police station to confirm the ugly truth. She painstakingly shares her tragedy on the second anniversary of Russell’s death. Many important lessons spring from her narrative. Please join us, won’t you?

Psychic Detectives Interfacing with Law Enforcement: Karen Romine

Ever wonder how – or if – psychic detectives really work with law enforcement on missing persons and unsolved homicide cases? If so, how effective are they? What is their method? Equally important – how do you spot a charlatan? Listen as Karen Romine explains the ways she helps law enforcement. Karen is a certified international psychic, medium and energy healer based in Iowa. She blends these skills to help law enforcement when asked.

Social Media is Getting Away with Murder: Tonya Baines-Godwin's Unending Grief

Many homicide survivors have had exposure (and sometimes over-exposure) to print, broadcast and social media posts about the homicide in their families. But imagine the live streamed broadcast of your loved one’s last moments on social media platforms… Not only was the crime shown, but it’s also been shared and viewed millions of times. It’s a special kind of eternal torment for loved ones and it lacks a clear solution. Here is the story of the random murder of Robert Godwin of Ohio as told by his daughter, Tonya Baines-Godwin.


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