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Getting Savvy About Court

About half of all homicide survivors will face the litigation process but are seldom prepared to do so. Most have never been part of a criminal trial and have a steep learning curve ahead. This episode prepares homicide survivors to understand basic terminology and procedures for the trial of the assailant. Real case material will be used to demonstrate important points.

Recollections from Karen Hewitt, a Patient of a MSK (Medical Serial Killer)

Karen Hewitt was a preteen in the U.K. when she was a patient of Harold Shipman, M.D. Her elderly grandmother was a patient of Shipman’s also and was scheduled to see him around the time his murderous behavior was exposed. Ms. Hewitt’s brush with the most prolific serial murderer in the U.K. has left her with PTSD, Agoraphobia and a burning desire to help others grow out of their shell and realize their potential. Listen in as we learn about the impact of this once-trusted physician who took the lives of more than 250 patients before capture and the impact it left on those who escaped his murderous hands.

Restorative Justice with Doug Noll, J.D.

How well is the correctional system “correcting”? What would a victim-centric rehabilitation system look like? How gratifying would it be to you if you were certain that the perpetrator of your loved one’s homicide faced you and demonstrated “they got it” – that they comprehended the depth of your loss, anger, fear, confusion and grief? Does restorative justice work? Would those who have been through it recommend it? Does it also help restore the damaged community in which the crime occurred? Listen and see what you think.

Helping Others Climb While We're Still On the Mountain Ourselves

Our shared experience as homicide survivors grows us into reluctant experts in coping with traumatic grief. Over time we can pivot our experience into helping others who will surely follow us. In so doing we help ourselves. We are our best hope for dealing with our traumatic losses. Several examples from previous guests are provided to illustrate how his has been accomplished and the importance of connection.


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