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What is Self-Love and How to Find It

It was a sad realization that convinced me that a fair number of people have no idea what self love is and and even less of an understanding of how to practice it. We have been, from our earliest part of life, fully indoctrinated by actions, words and subtle inferences. Our parents, teachers, siblings, extended family, religious people, friends and more have impressed all of their beliefs, attitudes, fears, insecurities onto you. You learn a great deal about yourself early on and I can step out on a limb and say that, unless you’re a narcissist, you probably don’t think too much of yourself. We must redefine self love. We tend to go with a very 3rd dimension definition that says we must pamper ourselves and become fully involved with trying to convince our ego that material things and activities are the remedy for poor self image. It has been my experience that if I stared slowly by finding things about myself that I approve of while stating the intention that I will realize and be enamored of my truest self, the one hiding under tons of wrong perspectives, self loathing and feeling as though I was so flawed and unworthy of any good thing that I could dig my way out of what seemed a never ending nightmare. It is a journey for sure and takes dedication to the endeavor of self reflection in order to change all of those beliefs that keep us from realizing who we really are and why we’re here. It is more important than ever that we learn the skills that direct us to places of discovery within ourselves because that’s where our answers are, that’s where we learn how powerful and eternal we are. Join Kristin and I as we share what we know about this subject! Blessings!

Martha Juchnowski


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