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Sorry that I’m not sorry. How many times do you apologize a day? Better yet, how many times do you apologize when it’s not even your fault? 

If your like me, then probably a lot more than you would care to even think about.

We say sorry so much that I think it becomes engraved in our brain.  It doesn’t help us move forward in life. 

So, sorry that i’m not sorry, but really i’m not.

Yes, it is possible!  

In today’s episode, I talk about what I’ve done to keep my career going, even when things are really rough.

I have always wanted to work, change the world, but having a mental health illnesses puts a wrench in that plan for sure.  

I work with the public, so a lot of emotions ALL the Time!  It is exhausting and overwhelming.  What was I going to do?

I looked up jobs, but was not happy with the results.  So, I created a list of “jobs” and things to do to help you work and recover. 

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Americans with Disabilities Act

Parenting with a Mental illness can cause significant hardships for adults and children alike.  

Parenting is hard, add a mental health issue, and you have just added a layer of hardness.

This episode is all about hose hardships faced by parents trying to change the cycle, trying to make it day by day.

I will give you some of my parenting tips, and fee free to email me at with your tips too!!

Remember, parenting is hard! Don’t give up on yourself!

Putting yourself back together is hard.  It’s painful almost, but something that has to be done.  

It’s like a puzzle, where you get to pick your own pieces and throw out the ones you don’t like.  

I suggest finding your strengths, you have to start somewhere? Why not build yourself up?

Next, I asked others what they thought of me- you should ask a professional before doing this. 

I looked at who I was (Perfectionism has been a coping mechanism for me).  I liked the confidence I use to have, so I kept that in my puzzle.

Accepting that the “old you” isn’t really you anymore is hard but key.

Forgive yourself and others( again with the help of a licensed medical professional, which I am not).

“Some people are afraid to face their past and demons, because it is hard!  You might lose everything…….But I already have, I lost myself.  And that’s all I have in the end!”

Dissociation, denationalization, and challenging beliefs are common among people who have mental health illnesses.  This can lead to a serious crisis of identity.  It will leave you wondering: “Who am i?” Most of the time, deep  down buried underneath all the trauma and depression, we know who we are.  It is just very hard to find.  I will walk you through some of the steps I took to re-discover who i was and who i am now. 

1. I took the VIA institute Strength test.

2. I took Oprah’s Character Test. 

3.  I reveal a surprise about my cover art. 

***Trigger warning*** some dark subjects are going to be talked about today including self harm, and suicide. Reality is most of us have really dark days, it makes it really hard to function. I am one of those. You may feel alone or helpless, but just know you at least have me in your corner. Always feel free to email me at

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