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Anxiety and Depression | Funky Brain Podcast with Dennis Berry

Anxiety and depression are real and are plaguing the world nowadays. It is important to be aware of it, and then not only just recognize if you are down or depressed or whatever, but to find the root cause of it all. Don’t just wish it away, or take a pill, or eat that cake. Really find out why you are feeling that way. Once you do, then you can do something about it. You can remove that “problem.” Or you can at least take steps to change it.

There is a staggering statistic that states that only 10-20% of us actually like what we do for work on a daily basis. That is awful. Another 65-70% or so are indifferent to it, meaning they don’t really care either way. That means they are just going to work to make money, but don’t like or dislike their jobs, they just do it because they have to make money. Then that leaves about 15% or so who really hate what they do. They lay in bed dreading waking up and getting out of bed to go to that job to make money to try to get ahead, which they rarely do.

Work is only part of the equation. Broken relationships, health problems, feelings of inadequacy, etc. These are all area of our lives we should examine. Feng Shui is a popular term originating in China. It is usually referred to in the sense of a physical environment which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Basically it talks about the flow of energy. If your furniture is in the right place in your house, it is easier to move around the house. The energy flows. There is a lot more to it, I am just using it to make a point.

And the point is, that you can apply this principle in every area of your life. If your relationship isn’t flowing, try to find out why. Make some changes to make it more comfortable. It will improve you overall outlook on life. And of course, it is the same with your job. If you are unhappy, then either change your outlook on it. Find a way to enjoy it more. OR, find a new job. It is unlikely you are going to retire there with a pension. Find what truly makes you happy and find a way to do that. Go after your own goals and dreams. Make a little start. You’ll find yourself feeling lighter and happier

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The Funky Brain Podcast with Dennis Berry

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What are your goals and dreams? | Funky Brain Podcast with Dennis Berry

We all have goals and dreams. What are yours? The first thing you have to do in order to achieve your goals and/or dreams is define them. Say what they are. Be specific. Once you do that, then you can go to work to achieve them. You can put plans in place, which you can chip away at to get you there.

If you want to start a business, make a little business plan. Don’t over think it. Just make a start. You can Google “simple business plan template” and find a free one and fill it out. Just the basics. It will give you ideas. Then create a Facebook Business Page. It is simple. You can get 500 business cards on Vistaprint for like $10. Now you have a business. Tell people what you do and go do it.

If you want to write a book, just start writing an outline. Then write more. Send me an email, I will give you some direction.

If you want to lose weight, stop eating crappy food and start going for walks. Drink as much water as you can. And you will now lose some weight pretty quickly. 

There is of course more that goes into all of this, but I am just trying to get you to understand that you have to just first make a start. Define your goals and dreams. Draw up a plan to get there. Start doing the plan.

Funky Brain Podcast with Dennis Berry

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Intro to Dennis Berry and Funky Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Life

I wanted to introduce myself and the Funky Brain Podcast to the world. It is pretty self explanatory if you listen, but I am sharing my wild crazy experiences with you. If my failures and successes in life can help somebody not make as many mistakes as I have, find ways to cope with life better, and simply have a better day, that is my goal. 

I have been sober since 2003. About a year later, I realized that being sober isn’t about “not drinking” but about growing up, living life on life’s terms, and being able to look the world in the eye. I took a lot of different paths; some great, some devastating, but all contributed to my growth and to the reasonably happy guy I am today. And I like that guy(me). He’s pretty cool.

I started writing Funky Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Life in 2017. My goal was, as I mentioned, simply to get some crazy thoughts out of my head and maybe help some people along the way. About 50 pages into my writing, I had a couple people read it and say, “Wow, this is pretty good stuff.” So, I figured I’d follow through. 

It starts with The H.O.W. Approach. People ask all the time, “How do I become successful? How do I become happy? How do I have good relationships? How do I become healthy? How do I make money?”

The answer is in the H.O.W. Approach. It is an acronym for Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness. I need to first be HONEST and identify that things aren’t going as good as they should, OR something is simply fucked up. Next, I need to be OPEN-MINDED to the fact that maybe there are better ways of doing things to get me better results. Finally, I need to be WILLING to do something new and/or different to get me where I want to go.

Once I apply these principles in my life, I can take steps towards accomplishing my goals. As long as I continue to hold on to my old ideas, I will continue to be stuck.

Next, I dive into The Program. I created a little program to help you identify the source of your pain, make changes, clean up the past, and get you the results you want in life. 

  1. Admission – Admit there is a problem or issue that must be dealt with.
  2. Meditation – Sitting in silence, or guided meditation practice, to slow your brain down.
  3. Spirituality – Become willing to connect with God, or with whatever your concept of that might look like.
  4. Inventory – Take an honest appraisal of your life and identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Clear up the past – Make apologies, amends, and reparations and put the past behind you.
  6. Maintenance – A daily dedication to monitor where things stand and stay on track to serenity (daily reflection, helping others, etc.).

Read the full version of the steps in Funky Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Life

Anyway, I hope you find some nuggets of information. Helping others is my reason for living now. I loved making this first episode. There are video versions on YouTube as well “Funky Brain Podcast”

You can see them on my main website as well:

And a summary of my book at


Dennis Berry a.k.a. Funky Brain

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