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Episode 11 – Meet Carolyn Reinach Wolf, Family-Focused Mental Health Attorney and Advocate

Today we celebrate Carolyn Reinach Wolf, an executive partner in the law firm of Abrams Fensterman, and director of the firm’s mental health law practice. Profiled by the NY Times and a regular contributor to Psychology Today, Carolyn shares her passion and dedication to helping the mentally ill and their loved ones. You may email inquiries directly to Ms. Reinach Wolf at the following email:

Episode 10 -The Waiting Room of Winter – Bipolar BLAHS and How to Move Forward

The Holidays have snapped, crackled and popped… the New Year (HALLELUJAH) is upon us… and we feel, well, uninspired. Call it creepy covid overload, call it WTF is going on with our world, call it whatever you wish! The bottom line is this; the unknown, braided with lack of sunlight and chemical imbalance is a recipe for emotional shutdown, whether mentally ill or not! Today, join me in the 2020 waiting room (a nod to Fugazi). We WILL get through this! – A. Grieme

Episode 9 – What if the WHAT-IFS never happen? This is your beginning!

Examine the what-ifs and acknowledge them. Then, Move FORWARD! Focusing on the worry aspect of anything is truly counterproductive! The bottom line is this: The what-ifs only matter when you don’t try. Give it your ALL. You must experience the discomfort and move through the challenge.
Please check out my DECEMBER PROMOTION! Signed copy and two FREE gifts… from ME!—ride-out-life-with-bipolar-disorder—your-lifeboat-in-8-steps-

Episode 8 – T is for Trust the Process, TRUST YOURSELF!

Featured on today’s episode… “In order to trust yourself, you must trust the process. In order to trust anything, you must approach it with clarity. It is essential that we are present when dealing with our friends and loved ones. If we react to them from a place of non-love, the outcome can be detrimental. We can trust our heart space, because only truth and love reside there.” – A. Grieme

Episode 7 – S is for STEP UP to YOUR Family Challenges

Todays episode will explore the 7th step in the HOLDFAST METHOD!

“Let everything happen to you – Beaty and Terror – Just Keep Going – No Feeling is Final” – Rainer Maria Rilke

“To avoid avoidance behaviors and step up to the challenges of life, you must practice. Move your thinking and decision making from your headspace to your heart space; that is where truth resides, and that is where your strength to step up will come from.” A. Griemea.grieme


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