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Singer and Songwriter Andrew Neil stopped by Hysteria Radio. We talked about his 3 year mandatory stay in a State Hospital that left him with nothing to do except write his way through it.

During this time, he wrote and recorded 70 songs in his hospital room. Although not perfect recordings (his bio’s words, not mine. I thought they were perfect considering the circumstances), they were effective in conveying his melancholy lyrics. Eleven of these songs were selected for inclusion on the Album “Code Purple – Andrew Neil”, which was released by Tree Heart Records on 10 October 2017. Last September Andrew released his latest full-length album, “Merry Go Round.”

Andrew Neil is wise beyond his years and his story intertwined with 3 of his original songs; Animals in Zoos, Merry Go Round, and Beautiful Mess, make for an episode you can’t miss.

Jeff Sparr recently called in to Hysteria Radio to talk with Joseph about how he found some much needed relief when he channeled his OCD into his artwork. After finding peace through painting he decided to start an organization ( to share the gift of creativity with hospitals and schools all over the country. Jeff and the 100+ Creators from PeaceLove work tirelessly to help students and patients turn their pain into art. Every Spring PeaceLove holds an all day storytellers conference in Providence, RI to share inspiring stories of people that used creativity to find a little hope and a little light in their lives. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.

Rachel Victoria stops by Hysteria Radio to talk about how she turned her darkest days into art. With creativity and support from family she now shares her voice and music to help others create a path out of their pain. Rachel even gifts us with a song to close out the show.

Listen in and then check out the rest of Rachel Victoria’s work at

We made it through 2018. On the outside it seems that we are in trying times politically, socially, environmentally, etc… However, there has been a noticeable increase in awareness of mental health organizations, advocates, and the need for improvement of the mental health systems. I am choosing to let go of everything that is out of my control in 2018 and focus on the good going into 2019. I created this episode to focus on some of my favorite moments from the first half of Season 2. I hope you enjoy this show and as always thank you for listening. Wishing you a peaceful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

On Today’s Show: Latonia Francois, John Palomino, Brook Packard, Diana Cusumano, Jeff Fink, Janine Crowley Haynes, Kristin Walker, Irit Wald, and Joseph Fusaro.

Joe and Kristin Walker, the Host of Mental Health News Radio and the CEO of MHNR Network recently had a conversation about Detaching. We thought that it was a conversation worth sharing to help release any stress or pain that may have held you back from living comfortable and free in 2018. Together, let’s all make a conscious decision to head into 2019 light and free. It may not be easy, but we’re in all in this together. I hope you’ll join us. As always, thank you for tuning in.

One of my personal favorite tools for self care are Affirmations. Yes, it is important to continue therapy to help process trauma and pain, but it is equally important to practice self-care the other 29 days of the month. Affirmations are a great way to rebuild your foundation and help you to realize that you are worthy and deserving of all the great things that life has to offer. Today I sit down to have a conversation with ThinkUp App’s Founder, Irit Wald to discuss her journey with affirmations, as well as my own personal progress and growth over the last 3 years using ThinkUp App. Listen in. You can find out more about ThinkUp App and download a free version at

Enjoy the show!

Jeff Fink, the Creator of Go Fetch Wellness joins us on the today’s show to discuss how his therapy golden retriever Earl gave him hope, comfort, and a friend that helped him through some of his darkest days. Jeff and Earl are tireless advocates and you may have already seen them in the documentary Beyond Silence that was produced by Demi Lovato. Listen in and when you’re done with this show please check out Jeff’s work at

“My Kind of Crazy: Living in a Bipolar World” Author, Janine Crowley Haynes stops by Hysteria Radio to talk about everything from her suicide attempt and psych hospital stay to how she started the template for her memoir, which later became the bridge that connected her back with friends and family after a tumultuous decade. Janine has recently come full circle as she volunteers at the hospital where she was once a patient. She speaks at high schools and colleges about mental health and suicide prevention. And many schools are using her book as mandatory reading for Psychology and Abnormal Psychology classes. You can buy Janine’s book on Amazon

P.s. It’s free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. Enjoy the show!

Diana Cusumano is a LMHC, NCC, RYT Yogi, and Mindfulness Coach. I met Diana when she was a board member for NAMI Westchester. She currently works with the JED Foundation setting up mental health programs at colleges nationwide. She prefers to take on mental health and wellness from every angle in order to minimize it’s ability to take up too much space in our lives. Today we discuss how her own struggles with anxiety lead her to combine therapy and yoga to take a new approach towards mental health conditions. Diana is a warrior that strives to help others find their warrior within. Listen more. Listen in…Literally. Namaste’.

Screenwriter, Actor, and Director John Palomino comes back to Hysteria Radio to let us know how his first year of advocacy went. John spent the last year screening his film Man of the House across the country. Along the way he has opened up a much needed dialogue about suicide and suicide prevention. It was a pleasure to talk with John and see his growth and what he has learned from the mental health community. He is a positive force that will continue to make an impact on the world around him. Tune in to our conversation now and you can find out more about John’s work at

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