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Special Announcement: New Podcast Coming Soon

We are so excited to be welcoming in James to out IYCSM podcast family.

James E. Bullard is a Southern gentleman and peddler of optimism, listens to and works with people interested in living their lives more fully. Their stories combined with his experiences help this avid traveler, entertainer, and writer share insights to inspire more joy and squelch fears in squeezing the most out of every moment. Chockablock with anecdotes and colorful vernacular, a conversation with James isn’t one you’ll soon forget. And hopefully, it’ll put you on a fast track to getting more out of what you’re putting in.

Rebroadcast “Wrestling with the Hulk: Episode 1 – Introducing Donna, I miss her.”

To hear Episodes as they come out follow us at “If You Could See Me Stories”
Donna Johnson Edwards is, in the words of William Shakespeare, small but fierce. She stands just under 5 feet tall and admits to having to shop in the children’s section from time to time. In spite of, or maybe because of, her tiny stature, Donna exudes power. She doesn’t realize it because her new reality differs so completely from who she was prior to the Traumatic Brain injury she experienced in 2016 that changed her life forever. Her courage and commitment to her healing, the storytelling process, and the honesty of her storytelling is an inspiration. This is her story.

I met Donna in 2018 when she became a member of my ReStory personal narrative writing and storytelling group at Life in 10 Minutes, in Richmond, Virginia. She made it known early in the process that she had been referred to the class by her therapist as part of her healing from a traumatic brain injury. Her courage and commitment to her healing, the storytelling process, and the honesty of her storytelling was inspiring and endearing. In 2019, Donna joined the If You Could See Me Project performing her story in our June event that year.

Donna’s is a story shared by so many who experience disabling conditions or events which alter their mind, body, and probably more than anything their sense of who they are, their value in the world, and often leaving them scrambling to find the appropriate resources and support to return to functioning. Donna’s ability to talk about her experience and to advocate for herself and others, is a reflection of her fierce resilience.

Disclaimer: This story is for entertainment purposes only. If you or someone you love is experiencing the effects of any medical or mental health condition, please seek medical attention. This series is not intended as medical or therapeutic advice and should not replace the engagement of a medical or mental health professional.

Special Announcement: Tiny Wins challenge

In our society we are conditions to celebrate the completion of a task. Publishing the book, winning the award, getting the promotion. Those are great things to celebrate and we here at The If You Could See Me Project, Salute you for those big wins. We also know that some days on the way to those big wins aren’t so easy. So we want to challenge you! Each day for the next month tell us what your tiny wins, post them and tag us let us hear and celebrate you. The only thing that you could accomplish today was taking a shower, GREAT that is a tiny win. Tiny wins are what keep us going and they are the stepping stones to the big wins. Today all you need is your tiny wins!

I am not my child's voice….I am their microphone With Amy Fields

In this Emergency Coffee and Conversation Erin talks with Amy Fields about the overturn of Roe and what it means for people with disabilities and their caregivers.

You can find Amy here

If you are in need of reproductive health resources you are not alone. Here are some valuable resources. The If You Could See Me Project stands with hundreds of organizations speaking up in opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Therapist Corner_ Holding Space

This week Erin Talks about Mindfulness and taking space and Kerri chimes in with a post that she found and Erin edited. SCOTUS is working to eliminate bodily autonomy for people with uterus. Erin and Kerri talk about what it really means to be pro life, not just pro life in situations that suit us. Check it out and share your story. We are holding space for you.

Suicide in the Black Community w/Erin and Calendria Arroyo

Erin spends time talking to If You Could See Me family member and founder of Living Proof Outreach, Calendria Arroyo about recent suicides by high profile Black people and the discomfort that still exists within Black families in talking about mental health and healing.

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