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In this episode we will explore the Big Picture of the predictable patterns of the narcissistic abuse cycle. 

You’ll finally understand how you got addicted to the abuser and the abusive relationship. Hint: the addiction wasn’t about either one of those!

You’ll find out about the things you can work on in order to prevent yourself from falling into another abuse cycle.  

You’ll also find out about how codependency patterns are programmed through the narcissistic abuse cycle whether it starts in childhood or happens later in adulthood.

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In this episode we will explore the common struggles with hoovering when abusers and manipulators try to suck you back in. 

You’ll finally understand why why it’s so hard to stay out of the pull to read, answer or listen to any contact you receive from the abuser after you leave or are discarded.

You’ll find out about the typical hoovering traps and the most common form of hoovering.

You’ll also find out about the greatest danger that could cause you to respond to a hoovering attempt and suck you back into the abuse cycle. 

Intro clip from Archer TV series on “The Danger Zone”

In this episode we will explore the Cognitive Dissonance that short-circuits your brain when you’ve been in an abusive relationship. 

You’ll finally understand why you have disorienting confusion causing you to go back and forth between denial and lucidity.

You’ll find out about the 4 most important actions you can take to help yourself resolve the Cognitive Dissonance. 

You’ll also find out about the kinds of brain damage that the stress of the abuse and the confusion of the Cognitive Dissonance can cause. 

In this episode you’ll hear a special holiday message as we wrap up this year and get ready for the next. 

I’ll give you a couple exercises to help you maximize the lessons you learned in 2018 so you can take the most valuable parts with you into the New Year.

Stay tuned until the end to find out about what’s coming to Inner Integration in 2019!

In this episode we’ll explore the #1 public health crisis around the world from the societal, familial and interpersonal level.

You’ll find out about the characteristics and differences between psychopathy and sociopathy from Dr. Todd Grande, a licensed psychotherapist as he clears up some common misconceptions as well.

You’ll learn about the controversy between nature and nature as Dr. Grande tells us about some recent research on the genetic component of psychopathy.

Stay tuned until the end to get some tips for recognizing predators like this.

Links mentioned in the episode:
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First Sun-Dimming Experiment Will Test A Way To Cool Earth
USA Drops 26,000 Bombs Abroad In 2016
Empty Homes Outnumber the Homeless 6 to 1
These 6 Corporations Control 90% of the Media in America
International Tribunal for Natural Justice Hearing on Child Sex Trade

In this episode we’ll explore love-bombing AKA idealization and how that fits into the abuse cycle. This is so important for you to be able to break through the Cognitive Dissonance.

You’ll finally understand why you felt so addicted to the relationship and had such a hard time accepting that the abuser is an abuser. 

You’ll also find out about the flipside of idealization and how you might be internalizing the abuse training by idealizing the abuser and others or comparing yourself to others and holding yourself to an unrealistic expectation of perfection.

You’ll get some tips for avoiding the love-bombing sickness and addiction. These tips will help you build immunity to narcissistic abuse.

The Journey: A Roadmap for Self-healing After Narcissistic Abuse

In this episode Debbie Mirza, author of The Passive-Aggressive Covert Narcissist, and I are talking about covert narcissists and what it’s like to be in a relationship with one. 

You’ll finally understand why the covert narcissist in your life doesn’t seem like the description of the classic narcissist. 

You’ll find out about the traits of covert narcissists and how these types can be more dangerous than the overt ones.

You’ll also learn some tips for recognizing when you’re dealing with a covert narcissist.

In this episode we’ll explore the dynamic of the Scapegoat and the Golden Child in the family, workplace, organizations and social groups in general.

You’ll finally understand why narcissists and other manipulators use this Scapegoat and Golden Child tactic in all areas of their life.

You’ll get some tips for dealing with this dynamic in your family of origin as well as for helping your kids who are going through this with the other parent and you’ll see how this tactic is used in organizations and other groups of people.

You’ll also understand what will happen in your family when you start speaking up about the abuse, no matter which role you were originally cast in.

In this episode we’ll explore the concept of narcissistic supply: what it is, the different forms it takes and what happens when you stop giving them that supply before they’re done with you.

You’ll finally understand why narcissists do everything they do and how this affects you.

You’ll get some tips for not feeding the narcissist your power.

Stay tuned for the last segment to learn about the key to not getting emotionally hijacked when the narcissist provokes you.

In this episode we’ll explore what to expect when you’re getting back out there after narcissistic abuse.

First, you’ll find out about the social isolation that will naturally happen in Stage One of the recovery process and how that evolves by Stage Three.

Then you’ll get some tips for when you feel ready to start meeting new people but you’re terrified of getting hurt again.

I will give you some very important tips on why you shouldn’t date or look for new friends when you’re lonely and I’ll also let you know about a common trap that you want to avoid.

Stay tuned for the last segment to get some important ways that you can raise your standards and show them through your boundaries in order to weed out people who don’t respect you.

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