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Finally! An NFL Team and Mental Health: Tish Guerin

Has the NFL cared about mental health? Of course they have. The Carolina Panthers, however, are doing things right! They’ve hired an in-house counselor, Tish Guerin, to work with their organization. Join our very own mental health comedian, Frank King, with our host and founder of the world’s first mental health podcast network, Kristin Walker, as they talk “shop” with Tish and why this well played move by the Panthers is good for all of us.

Tish F. Guerin, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CP, BC-TMH is the Director of Player Wellness for Carolina Panthers in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. To find out more about Tish visit her on LinkedIn at

Round Table with Dr. Paul Meier: 7 Types of Narcissists

Join Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin Walker as they talk about the 7 different types of Narcissism. An interesting list that can be used as a guide when navigating these relationships. Sometimes they are right under your nose!

Dr. Paul Meier is the founder of Meier Clinics, a national non-profit mental health organization. He is also New York Times, Best-selling author, international speaker, and practicing psychiatrist.

Mental Health Business: Major Kendall Mathews on Navigating Residential Treatment Centers

Join Dave Ballenberger and Kristin Walker as they speak with the Executive Director of Harbor Light Center – The Salvation Army. More than 6,000 people have overcome drug and alcohol addiction since The Salvation Army first opened the doors of the Harbor Light residential treatment center more than 20 years ago. Working collaboratively with metro-area partners, staff deliver a comprehensive range of care at the 136-bed facility, including individual and group counseling, skills for managing grief and anger, and training for independent living and meaningful employment. The six-month program at the center has a completion rate of over 85% and is a preferred provider in the D.C. area.

Harbor Light Center

One Mother’s Journey Through Grief with Martha Juchnowski

There are so many books, movies, recordings – so much information about how to move through the most profound loss a parent can ever experience: the loss of their child. What we need more of, however, are the stories from Mother’s who have walked this road. How did they put one foot in front of the other, every day after their most significant loss?

Join former registered nurse Martha Juchnowski as she begins at the beginning for this first show about the death of her son.

She is a former registered nurse, a healing facilitator, and creator of Source Harmonics, an approach to healing using intuitive spiritual counseling and integrative energy work to guide the individual to discover the healer within and their sacred highest self.

Rewriting Your Pain with Sara Navratil

Thanks to our very own Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian, we were introduced to one of his coaching clients. Sara Navratil joins the show to talk about trauma, rewriting your pain, narcissistic abuse, and more. Incredibly insightful, warm, and authentic. We loved doing this show and our after show Vlog on our YouTube channel.

Freelance writer and blogger Sara Navratil from Sara Liza Life has a passion for showing others the power of their imagination to rewrite their lives. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and being raised by a narcissistic parent, her life imploded when she began suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at age 37. That was her wakeup call, and over the past 10 years she’s rewritten her life, going from victim to victor. Now she teaches others the power they have to do the same.

Mental Health Business: Non-Profit Treatment Centers with Pastor Eddie Williams

Join Pastor Eddie Williams and Dave Ballenberger as they talk about the ins and outs of navigating a non-profit treatment center.

Pastor Williams is the CEO of Lakeridge Village, a transitional housing and recovery program. Find out more about Lakeridge by going to their Facebook page at

Resilience: Be the Golf Ball, Not the Egg

Join your hosts Kristin Walker and Frank King (The Mental Health Comedian) for a discussion with Christopher McKinney. His new podcast is all about resilience and we hope to soon add it to our network!

Sergeant First Class Christopher Mckinney is currently approaching his 18’th year as an Active Duty Service Member. He has two tours to Iraq where he served for a collective 26 months and a total time of 48 months serving overseas. He is currently an instructor at the Army’s Non-Commissioned Officers Academy at Fort Benning, GA., where he is also serving as an Equal Opportunity Leader and the Academies Master Resilience Trainer. Before becoming an Instructor he served as a United States Army Tank Commander on the Army’s M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams Tank. He has recently branched out and started “Closer to the Hole Resilience Reformation” where he speaks to student athletes at a collegiate level to teach them techniques they can incorporate in their daily lives to be more resilient both in sports and life. He has recently released his first podcast “Closer to the Hole Resilience Reformation”.  An individual known as the “Consilience of Resilience”, Christopher Mckinney.

Take Your Power Back: A Supportive Witness for Trauma Survivors

Join Evelyn Ryan and Glynis Sherwood as they talk about what it means to be a supportive witness for trauma survivors, how fear becomes the driving factor in our lives, and what we can do to take back our power.

Glynis Sherwood MEd is a Counselling Therapist and Author who helps people break free of chronic emotional distress, relationship problems, abusive family dynamics, and compulsive habits, so they can find happiness, peace of mind and fulfilling relationships.

As a popular video therapist in Canada and around the world, and author of over 100 self help articles and 2 books, She has helped hundreds of adults create happier relationships, overcome low self worth, chronic anxiety and grief, and transcend addictive behaviors, sadness and trauma related problems. In particular, she specializes in helping people heal from difficult childhoods, low self worth, traumatic experiences and dysfunctional family relationships.

Take Your Power Back: Heal Your PTSD with Michele Rosenthal

A powerful discussion with Evelyn Ryan and Michele Rosenthal about PTSD and how survivors of trauma become hypervigilant as a result of their experiences.

Michelle is an award-winning PTSD blogger, bestselling and award-nominated author, founder of, and a former faculty member of the Clinical Development Institute for Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center.

Host of the radio program, Changing Direction, Michele is also a trauma survivor who struggled with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for over twenty-five years before launching a successful “healing rampage.” She has been 100% free of PTSD symptoms for several years. Michele’s most recent book is Your Life After Trauma: Powerful Practices to Reclaim Your Identity (W. W. Norton).

Be Awesome: Learning to Live More

Join Dr. Ashley Hampton and Dr. Kristina Hallett as they discuss what it means to LIVE MORE. Dr. Hampton is a Licensed Psychologist and Entrepreneurial Coach specializing in trauma, entrepreneurship and career, and women’s empowerment.

Her podcast Work Smarter, Live More has incredible insight into how we define success and failure which drives our culture to often unhealthy places.


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