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Ep 569 – Jennifer McCollum

In this episode I speak with returning guest and future superstar, Jennifer McCollum, CEO of Linkage, a SHRM company, where she oversees the strategic direction and global operations of this global leadership development firm. She is the author of, “In Her Own Voice: A Woman’s Rise to CEO,” whose wakeup calls have been her being able to quiet her inner critic re: becoming a CEO and recently becoming an international speaker and author.

Ep 568 – Jim Tselikis

 In this episode I interview Jim Tselikis, co-founder of Cousins Maine Lobster a startup food truck business which has grown to over 50 units, including both gourmet food trucks and fast-casual restaurants whose wakeup call was coming up with the idea and keeping it secret with his co-founder cousin and former guest on this podcast until they could launch a single truck in Los Angeles. In this episode Jim offers a master class in both “family first” values and growing an entrepreneurial business from an idea and a passion.

Ep 567 – Greg Williams

In this episode I speak with Greg Williams, “The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert,” speaker, trainer and Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches member who wakeup call was noticing people’s body language and that everyone is always negotiating from being a poor young child and also his desire to give back to the world because 95% of people he knew as a child were either in prison, drug addicts, prostitutes or dead. And also thinking he was stupid until some teachers believed in him and told him he wasn’t.

Ep 566 – Daniel Pinchbeck

In this episode I speak with Daniel Pinchbeck, Founder and Director of the Liminal Institute and author of “Breaking Open the Head,” “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl,” “How Soon is Now” and co-author of “When Plants Dream.” and writes Daniel Pinchbeck’s newsletter on Substack which I highly recommend. His wakeup call was possibly being raised in Manhattan and supported by divorced parents with a father, a literary writer/author and a mother, an artist and his finding his own path being drawn to the metaphysical. and

Ep 565 – Ben Guttmann

In this episode I speak with Ben Guttmann, marketing and communications expert and author of “Simply Put: Why Clear Messages Win — and How to Design Them”. He’s an experienced marketing executive and educator on a mission to get leaders to more effectively connect by simplifying their message. His wakeup call or rather his underlying driving force was coming from a family of “make your own job” people who were supportive of his making his own way.

Ep 564 – Derin McMains

 In this episode I speak with Derin McMains, former professional baseball player and manager, now Director of Mental Performance at ReliaQuest whose wakeup call was going from professional athlete to coach and realizing how vital to success is mindset and now his company and he are spreading that beyond the sports world.

Ep 563 – William Vanderbloemen

In this episode I speak with William Vanderbloemen, author of, ” Be the Unicorn: 12 Data-Driven Habits that Separate the Best Leaders from the Rest,” leader of the Vanderbloemen Search Group, and former Senior Pastor at one of the largest Presbyterian Churches in the United States whose wakeup call was seeing how poor a job churches did at identifying and recruiting their pastors and other senior staff and whose through line still remains his faith.

Ep 562 – Amy Morin

In this episode I speak with return guest, Amy Morin, host of a top mental health podcast called “Mentally Stronger,” and author of the upcoming book, “13 Things Mentally Strong Couples Don’t Do,” which if you pre-order you can get a month of therapy at BetterHelp for free. For details go to: wakeup call was having multiple tragic losses in her life and realizing it was easier to focus on not doing things than adding a list of “to do” things when she was already overwhelmed.

Ep 561 – Cameron Herold

In this episode I welcome back Cameron Herold, founder of the COO Alliance and the Invest In Your Leaders course, host of the “Second in Command” podcast, multi-best selling author, whose sure-to-be-a-best -seller recent book is “Second in Command: Unleash the Power of Your CEO,” and whose wakeup call and through line is realizing that he has ADD and also a love for business and entrepreneurship seeing the world differently dating back to when he was seven.

Ep 560 – Sam Horn

In this episode, return guest Sam Horn, author of many books including her recent book, “Talking on Eggshells,” where we spoke at length and had the most up close, personal and real conversation I have had in more than 560 episodes. Listen, relate and learn.


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