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Ep 464 – TomD'Eri

In this episode I speak with Tom D’Eri, Co-Founder and COO of Rising Tide Car Wash, an organization that employs over 90 individuals with autism in a successful car wash business. Tom is a Forbes 30 Under 30 social entrepreneur and is the author of “The Power of Potential: How a Non-Traditional Workforce Can Lead You to Run Your Business Better.” His wakeup call was having a brother with autism and an amazing father who was determined to create a business to give people with autism a job and purpose.

Ep 463 – Jeff Burnside

In this episode I speak with Jeff Burnside, multi- award winning journalist, former tv news investigative reporter and co-author of, “Cashup Davis: The Inspiring Life of a Secret Mentor,” whose wakeup call was watching his dad be so engaged in reading and watching news that Jeff realized he wanted to be journalist/reporter.

Ep 462 – Rebecca Silence

 In this episode I speak with Rebeccah Silence, global advocate and leading coach in emotional healing and relationships, author of, “Coming Back to Life,” host of the “Healing IS Possible Experience” and the “Tougher Together Breakthrough” podcasts, and the creator of the on-demand “The Emotional Survival Kit course,” whose wakeup up call was surviving domestic abuse and then coming down with Stage 3 cancer while pregnant with her second child.

Ep 460 – Alex Mont-Ros

 In this episode I speak to Alex Mont-Ros, author of the “Family Meeting Planner” and co-founder of the “Step Up Method” whose wakeup call after a tumultuous childhood and being a father at a young age, was the need to help families improve following similar principles to what makes businesses succeed.

Ep 458 – Jan Patterson.

In this episode I speak with Jan Patterson, co-author of, “Breath for the Soul: Self-Care Steps to Wellness,” integrative medicine and infectious diseases physician who has practiced and taught medicine for more than 30 years and whose wakeup call was how integrative medicine can help many disease states and how it especially helped her cope with and move on after the death of her son by suicide.

Ep 457 – Jeff Lerner

In this episode I speak with Jeff Lerner, Founder of the ENTRE Institute and author of, “Unlock Your Potential,” whose wakeup call was realizing that the only way for him to succeed, and maybe even survive, was to be true to himself vs. conforming to a world he never fit into.

Ep 456 – Bob Cousins

On this episode I speak to Bob Cousins, co-founder of Novasolix and has worked with startups in both energy and computing for more than 35 years. Bob has served as CTO and/or Engineering VP of multiple technology companies from New York to California. He was selected as Inventor of the Year, 2020 by the Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Law Association and has also written three novels, “Pipov,” “Miller’s Trials” and “Boxed In.” His wakeup call was being compelled to go deep inside things to figure out how the fit together and how to fix them when they don’t.

Ep 455 – Beth Hendler-Grunt.

In this episode I speak with Beth Hendler-Grunt, Founder and President of , super successful corporate sales person turned parent college student empowerment expert and author of, “The Next Great Step: The Parent’s Guide to Launching Your New Grad Into a Career,” whose wakeup call was seeing how college grads were NOT getting the jobs or starting the careers they wanted.


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