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A Male and Female Empath on Relationships

Join the editor for Mental Health News Radio Network podcasts, Joe Fusaro, for a thoughtful discussion on relationships. Joe and Kristin talk about the most important relationship anyone could ever have – the one with yourself!

More about Joseph: Joseph S. Fusaro is an author, storyteller, and audio engineer. He is a long time advocate for mental health and wellness by way of mindfulness and creativity. Join Joe and his guests as they dive into deep and meaningful discussions about life.

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Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Did you get into that habit again of negative self-talk in the past couple of years? It is addictive and hard to break but not impossible. Join Kristin and Martha for a discussion on how to build those mindful chatter self-care boundaries back up and feel at peace in your body again. Welcome Home!

Listeners – our incredible editor of Empowered Empaths is Joseph Fusaro. The below is one of his poems that aligns with this episode in a lovely way. Enjoy!

Think mind think

Think Mind think

Think of all of the things that

you’ve ever wanted to think

Maybe the individualist within

is all they’ve ever wanted to



Think mind think

Trying to stop you only continually

pushed both of us close to the brink

We could very well be more alike than either of us have ever wanted to think

Think mind think

Impress me

Show me your loves

Show me your fears

Show me your envy

Show me your blame

Show me your source

Show me your insecurities

Show me your impurities

Show me your credibility

Show us all the egotistical bullshit

that we have repeatedly been forced to witness

Push me to think.

Push me to drink

Push me to lose it all

Push me to give up

taking care of my body

Push me to give up on

hope, faith, love, and

all the good there is to give

Push me to ruin everything.

Oh wait…you already did.

Think mind think

Show me something

You taught me.


To tear it down.

Now built it back up




Think mind think

Until you come back

home to me with bliss

Until then,

into the wind

I will blow you

one more kiss.

Think mind think.

You never really gave us a chance

and we have overcome everything

Think mind think

For the first time

in my entire life…

I can hear

the crickets




We're Back!

Martha and Kristin are back. We actually never went anywhere but we needed to pull in and regroup. A lot has been happening and if we have anyone still interested in listening, we hope you enjoy this discussion. If you are new to this show, welcome.

Should We Question The Universe? You Bet!

If you’re like me, you were raised to accept what shows up in your life as “the will of God” and never, ever question or complain about what does show up. I always thought I was a peon,
flawed, a sinner who had no business speaking to God other than to say I’m sorry for my many faults. Little did I know how wrong I was! I began, slowly but surely, to feel as though I was a
being that is and always was a beloved individuated aspect of that Creator and I have been on a journey of awakening since. What I know now is that we live in a participatory universe and we play the central role in conscious creation. What I also know is that we haven’t come to the full realization of our powerful gifts and abilities and need a little feedback and reinforcement as we go along and that’s why I have learned to ask the universe some questions. The first is “what if”.
What if all that I believe about myself is false? What if I am not hopeless, lazy, ugly, fat, stupid,
unworthy? You’re not making statements that your subconscious mind can’t believe and will therefore guide you back to the old default thoughts. You are merely looking at possibilities that have never been entertained. The other “challenge” I give to the universe is this: Show me how
it can get better”. Kristin and I talk about these ideas on this week’s episode of Empowered
Empaths. This may change your life for the better so join us and find out for yourself. What if it is true?

Conversation With a Medium

Join Kristin and Martha for an uplifting and informative conversation with psychic/tarot reader
Misty. We are so fortunate to have the privilege of speaking with so many gifted
psychics, mediums, and healers and sharing their unique perspectives on what’s been
happening in the world as well as how they guide their clients to awakening and growth. Misty
is a deeply empathetic counselor and also uses the tarot to share the spirit of wisdom with her
many clients. Along with her business, she homeschools four children which we all agreed is
the hardest job around!

Misty can be reached at as well as her Facebook page.


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