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Chaos 2 Cured with Kirk Patrick Miller, Embrace Your Neurostyle Series

It is such an honor to have Kirk as a guest to hear about his new podcast and his gratitude for his journey from chaos to cured. Are you ready to be inspired and walk away with some mental health hacks, tips, tools and more? Listen here:–16-08-18–final-mix_1_.wav Kirk Patrick Miller is an award nominated […] Continue reading…

Priorities! On Staying Sane

What are your priorities? As many of us are coming off the Thanksgiving holiday and going into December I am finding a “less is more” approach to finishing 2022 strong and with intention. How are you taking care of yourself? Who is in your trusted inner circle? How are you showing up for yourself and […] Continue reading…

On Staying Sane: Gratitude Is My Secret Sauce

Many people are experiencing the fall flu, seasonal sadness, financial strife, hopelessness about world events and in general feeling “off.” The Sssh Yourself episodes are ironic now as I needed to take a pause from recording as I had patient, personal and family emergencies in the last few weeks. Today as I rallied to see […] Continue reading…

Real Life, School Safety: On Staying Sane Series

Let’s face it the stress of every day life is real, especially for our children in these unimaginable times of mental health crisis and the rise in school shootings around the world. This is a vulnerable share show recorded on 11/5/22 right after an open forum zoom meeting with my son’s school administration after a […] Continue reading…

DEEP DIVE on The Liminal Odyssey with Sande Hart, Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

“Gather Women.” These profound words dropped into Sande’s awareness on the morning of 9/11/01. This is a Part 2 episode and DEEP DIVE with Sande Hart about her book “The Liminal  Odyssey,The Alchemical Power of the Spaces IN-Between.” Alchemy in Motion Quantum Hacks including how to Cultivate AWARENESS, Foster Reverent Relationships, and Honor the Divine […] Continue reading…

Sssh Yourself! On Staying Sane Series

Sssh Yourself! What does slowing down look like to you? Let’s face it, it is not easy to do. I find helpful phrases to remind myself and my clients to stay in moments of now with grace and ease in some of the most challenging times. This is a light dive pregame show on this […] Continue reading…


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