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Covert Narcissist – Secret, Ultimate Dissembler

Covert narcissists are incapable of forming and maintaining genuine relationships. A dissembler is a person who conceals their real feelings or intentions. 

The covert is so secretive and clever that the victim remains unaware of what has happened to them. Some of these individuals blame themselves for the deceptive, manipulative behaviors of the covert narcissist.

Learn to recognize your self blame. This can be part of an ingrained psycholgoical pattern of thinking and feelings about yourself that is negative. Some of those who marry or partner with covert narcissists come from families where is a narcissistic mother who was incapable of love, attachment, and warmth.  

Begin to change your patterns with the ccovert narcissist by putting ourself first. Get the rest and sleep you need and deserve.  Nourish yourself with quality food, organic if you can. Move and exercise in the way that works best for you. Spen time with Nature – friend and teacher and the source of great beauty. Pay close attention to your intuition which always reveals the truth to you.  Discover your own form of meditation. You decide what opens the doors to being calmer, more comforable with yourself, enjoying your own company the the full use of your many unique creative gifts.

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High Level Narcissists Don't Awaken from Their Delusions of Grandeur and Omnipotence

We have a growing population of high level narcissists. Our narcissistic society gives them a huge pass especially if they hold wide and deep swaths of influence and power. 

Don’t try to wake up a high level narcissist from their slumber of intractable delusions and extreme self entitlement. They will scream in your face,, hsame you mercilessly, punish you with endless, vile projections. 

The high level narcissist has been lost in the desert of non reality throughout all of his years. This is particularly the case if he or she is the golden child. From the beginning this kid ws selected as the special chosen one who symolized the perfection, brilliance and promise of his parents(s). 

As a very young child this individual was not required to think of the welfare of others, how his or her presence was having a positive or negative effect upon others. The budding narcissist was given the run of the family, allowed, even encouraged to act out in the most outrageous ways.

The golden boy or girl high level narcissit is so over entitled that their sense of self becomes pathologicall inflated and highly delusional.

There is a time for you of wisdom and insight. You make the decision to separate yourself from the psychological toxicity of the high level narcissist.

You move forward each day with daily self care that you deserve: rest and sleep, good nutrition, hydration, movement and exercise, Nature, Your form of meditation and mindfulness.  You deserve great credit for your awakening of your true, authentic, creative selff. 


High Level Narcissist – A Charming, Notorious Exploiter

Let’s begin by looking upclose at the high level narcissist’s special brand  of charm: 

Quoting from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life: “The high -level narcissist is gifted at radiating immense charm when he/she chooses. Charm is an enrgy, a vibration, a contagious optimistic state of mind. Charm beguiles; it can seduce us to do almost naything. The expression “pouring on the charm” has a truthful ring. It is a magic elixer that sets us soaring.” 

It is easy for us to get swept up in the enchantmenet of the high level narcissist’s charm. We ar quickly under this spell. In this state we forget the poer of our perceptive mind and move along the swift tide of fancy, unfulfilled wishes and the magic of knowing that we can be and have anything we want. 

The high level with this magic puts us in a kind of trance that removes our doubts and fears. The high level is making us believe that we can have anything we want.

Those who hitch a ride on the high level narcissist merry go round are in for a rough ride. 

Behind closed doors with the high level narcissist the ugly, cruel, vile shadow of the narcissist is revealed in full. You are the recipient of the primitive projections, recriminations, humiliations of your partner, spouse, ex-souse, parent. 

There is a time of awakening when you both reconize the true nature of the high level narcissist and knw that you can and must separate from this toxic, abusive individual. 

Turn to your wisdom and respect for your unique individuality. 

You move forward along your own pathways. Be proud of yourself for your perseverance, psychological and emotional and spiritual strength. What an accomplishment!  

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Covert Narcissist – Wearing the Martyr's False Self Persona

There is a special kind of covert narcissist wh0 plays the martyr role so convincingly that most people believe he/she is an individual of extraordinary integrity, even holy. 

This is part of the covert narcissist’s well rehearsed performance. The martyred covert narcissist makes sure that he is seen as indispensable in this role. Members of his group provide him with the narcissistic supplies of adulation, paraise, adoration, veneration. 

When the covert narcissist is unseen by others and inside the privacy of his/her home—-everything changes: his facial expressions, the tone of his voice, his attitude. He is demanding, demeaning, cruel, verbally abusive and is a master at imposing guilt on family menbers. 

No one believes the spouses and children who live with covert narcissists and how abusive and disturbed dthey truly are. 

Some spouses decide that they can no longer tolerate this dreadful charade of a marriage. 

At a point of insight you make the decision to separate from this non-relationship. 

Now you focus on self care: sleep and rest you need and deserve, nourishing food, good hydration, moving at your own pace, the full use of your unique creative gifts. Now you are moving along the pathways of the true, authentic self.

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High Level Narcissists – Without Conscience or Humanity

Quoting from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life: “children develop a sense of right and wrong from their parents. In the beginning the young child idealizes his mother and father. As he becomes more separate psychologically from them, these idealized parental images are modified and become more realistic. A conscience develops over time as the growing child is able to take greater responsibility for his impulses and actions. The future narcissist never learns that there are moral and ethical limits (from his parents) to his behavior. His parents treat him/her like an extraordinary being—the most brilliant, creative, talented, handsome, beautiful child—who is not subject to the rules and restraints placed on others. The parental message is: “You are perfect; you can do no wrong; anything goes.” 

Narcissists spend their time exploiting others. They are always searching their environments watching to see what they can possess, get control,

cheat, take, steal. Their cruelties never cease. 

High level narcissists don’t worry about the painful, chaotic upheavals they

have created, the lives they have dissembled and upended; the plans delayed and ruined; feelings harmed beyond repair, leaving some with nothing because of their voracious greed. 

You experience an awakening, deep insight into the true nature of the high level narcissist. High levels never look back. Don’t expect them to be punished for their ignominious deeds

You are taking action and moving forward along your pathways of the true, authentic, creative self. the center of continuous insights  and intuitions, the center of your inner wisdom.

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Clever Covert Narcissists Fool Almost Everyone

Covert narcissists are the most cunning, conniving and difficult personalities to detect. They are gifted chameleons who are socially skilled and capable of expressing a convincing pseudo empathy. Most people are fooled and disarmed by the covert narcissist. 

Here are some examples of how they operate:

1. Covert narcissist use secrecy and stealth to control yoour emotions and weaken you emotionally and psychologically.

Covert narcissists demeans and humiliate you when you are the most vulnerable.

Covert narcissists convince others they are good people who can be trusted and are worthy of your respect.

The covert is obsessed with ultimate control over others, especially those closest to him or her.

Covert narcissists constantly plot and plan how to manipulative and exploit their competitors.

Learn how to recognize the covert narcissist by studying his hidden traits, baits and snares. They play the “good person” or the “martyr” roles to the hilt. They are like fine method actors. If you don’t recognize them at first, don’t blame yourself. They are so clever and smooth with their psychological camouflafe they are very difficult to detect. 

Pay close attention to the intuitive cues that youa re receiving and don’t wae them off as irraional or insignificant. Embrace these insights.

Develop a egular practice of psychologal, emotional and nebttak ggriybdubg, This includes your for of meditation, prayer, quiet time iwth Nature and other forms of activity that are calming and restorative. Part of the practice is instilling a sense of firm respect for your personal psychological boundaries. As you move through each day, develop deep appreciation for your unique authentic true self.

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Covert Nrcissists —Their Secretive Drive to Psychologically Abuse You

Covert narcissists are so verbally adept. Know that when they call, something is up. They rehearse their lines. Actually, they have been deceptive for so long that trying to get the best of you is ntural to them. Covert narcissists can be so subtle that if you tell someons else that you are being worked over by one of thes vipers in didguise, they won’t believe you. Don’t wait to get agreement or even support from many people. I hear from those who have been chronically victimized and shoved around psychologically by covert narcissits. 

 Covert narcissists are control obsessed. They are masterful at the art of conversation, especially if they are trying to impress you or if they want something from you. If you catch them off-guard, the conversation can be very ugly. They happily feed  off of others. 

Dont become a victim of victime of the covert narcissist. 

The covert narcissist controls those in his/her golden circle The members of this special group look to the covert narcissist as the leader and authority figure. 

Regardless of their charm, their golden words and the favors they do for you, always remember that they are narcissists—cold, calculating, ruthless, completely lacking empath, deceptive, clever liars, very secretive, exploitative. 

Put the emphasis on your own psychological and spiritual (as you define it) development. Expand and deepen your creative gifts. Pay close attention to your invaluable intuition; it is the source of truth. You will find individuals who have good characters and are seeking the truth. Be kind to yourself and appreciate your authenticity, perseverance and creativity. 

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High Level Narcissists Cultivate the Perfect Image

High level narcissists create, build and maintain their Image, essential to their delusional reality. The narcissist’s outer shell–the elaborate perfect facade is what he/she projects in the world. This image is priceless to him. From the time most narcissists were very  small they developed a false sense of self. This can encompass many atttributes: attractiveness, confidence, drive, no sense of limits, the abiity magnetize, manipulate and control others.

I am speaking about a personality that is based solely on the thin veneer of the Image. There is no room here for the inner self that introspects, is capable of lauthentic loving relationships, empathy–the capacity to understand and feel on a deep level what someone else is experiencing, the alleviation of the emotional pain of others through kindness, the ability to perceive oneself clearly–the positive and the negative and make changes that move toward inner personal growth. 

The high level nrcisist comes to us as a beautifully wrapped package. When you unwrap it, going through the layers, you find more image not substance. Narcissists convince most people that what they are seeing and experiencing in them is real. They believe and are taken in by the elaborate series of personas . In the beginning of a “relationship” with a high level narcissist most people are dazzled by this person’s charm, their powerful personality vibration, the way they are fixated on you. They pay constant attention to you that is flattering and often spell binding. They have been studying youand know how you think and what you most desire. They know your weaknesses and impulsivities. They intend to becom unforgettable to you. High level narcissists are inclined to ossess those whom they choose to be part of their inner circle. We want to believe that we are the most important person in the world to this irresistible individual. We all want to be “the One.” That is a deep desire within us as human beings. If we take this elaborate bait and are carried up and give ourelves to the narcissist we are becoming prt of his/her world. We feel giddy with this level of attention and the feeling that we can have anything we want. When we are finally seduced and joing the narcissit through marriage or partnership, we share his/her life on their terms. That’s the agreeement. High level narcissists make deal not true relationships. 

After being married to or partnered with a high level narcisisist we notice significan cracks in the too good to be true image. There are bursts of rage that come from nowhere. We are criticized for something we didn’t do; the narcissist verbally picks at us incessantly, putting us down with cruel comments and hateful glances. We try to please him. Nothing works. What you are experiencing is the dark core of the narcissist behind the mask–that prt of the self that is seething beneath the surface. Those who live with him when the doors and windos are shut are subjected to the Jekyll/Hyde treatment. It is an ugly and frightening experience. Mr. Hyde is out, glowering up close at your face; projecting his psychological sputum on to you. The screaming starts and never seems to end; accusations fly defamations spew; threats charge the air. How much more of this re you willing to take. Hopefull, you can say to yourself: “I will not put up with this raw abuse any longer. I have had more than enough.” 

This is your moment of awakening, clarity, discernment–the truth!  Through this insightful opening you come forth again as a unique individual–independent, strong, grounded.  You are moving forward along your own pathways. The winds are at your back; the day is fair and clear.  

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Divorcing A Covert Narcissist – Prepare Yourself for a Psychological and Emotional Marathon

Divorcing A covert Narcissist is replete with many challenges: psychological, emotional, financial.

I have great respect for those who have been married to covert narcissits and are now facing the battles, the subterfuges, psychological ambushes, the deep cruelties that are involved in divorcing a narcissistic personality.  Particularly with the covert narcissist, this is a thorny set of issues. The overt grandiose narcissist, so obviously self absorbed, over the top, boorish, loud, in your face is obvious. We know who we are dealing with. 

Divorcing any narcissist is highly problematic. Divorcing a covert narcissist is complicated by the believeable phony personas that they use so skillfully to make most people think that they are individuals of fine character, deep caring, kind, fair, empathic.

Those who are divorcing a covert narcissist have had a tough time througout the marriage recognizing the true nature of their marital partner. So successful is the facade worn by the covert. This is one reason why partners hesitate to divorce these individuals since they spent years rationalizing that their spouse was a good preson and they were to blame for everything that went wrong with the marriage. It can take decades for a non narcissistic partner to recognize that he or she has been psychologically and emotionally abused by these highly psychopathological individuals.

It is important to understand the covert narcissist’s cold, aggressive thinking. They do everything possible to wear you down, to break you emotionally, psychologically and financially.

They are determined to make you the villain, the uncooperative one, the person who is psychologicallyimpaired and uncooperative. 

The covert narcissist is determined to rattle your nerves at all times by calling or texting you, even late at night. 

The covert applies constant stress and pessure by refusing to negotiate or settle the divorce. They are known to drag out the process. This allows them to make you weaker and therefore to manipulate and control your feelings of fear and desperation. This is done to get you to capitulate to their will of getting everything that they want.

Getting through the divorce process—Winning the marathon.

Choose an attorney who is your true advocate: knowledgeable, fine character, easily available. The attorney must have an understand of highly manipulative, lying deceitful individuals. 

Keep detailed records of all assets including, properties, trusts, bank accounts, cash, investments, expenses. 

Know that you are going to get through this long race and that you will be victorious. 

Practice consistent self care: good sleep, rest when you can, nourishing food, good hydration, exercise that works for you, expressive writing, time in Nature, creative activities that are rewarding. Spend time with friends you trust. 

Give yourself tremendous credit for running and winning the full divorce marathon from a covert narcissist spouse. 

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Rage and Restlessness – High Level Narcissists' Close Companions

The high level narcissists is always boiling over with rage at some level. One incident real or invented takes him/her over the top and the malevolent projections begin.  They are directed mainly at his spouses and children. These unconscious projections cause their recipients great emotional pain. Volley after volley come out of their mouths. They are unstoppable. Fulminating is one of the narcissist’s frequen activities. Being the child of a high level narcissist unsettles every nerve in your body. You are living in a war zone. Bombardments of volcanic rage are coming at you. Living under these circumstances as a small child is bewildering and traumatizing.

Along with the chronic rage is the high level narcissist’s restlessness. The minds of these individuals are never still. They jump from one activity to th enext, conjuring their plots and plans to make sure that they remain superior to everyone else. When they are not scheming, they ar running about these individuals are never still. They jump from one activity to the next, conjuring their plots and plans to make sure that they remain superior to everyone else. When they are not scheming, they are running about buying, spending acquiring power and material largesse. 

You become the newest source of narcissistic supply: adulation, praise, social status. You make them look so good. 

There is a time of deep insight for you in rediscovering the pathways of the true, original, creative self. Practice self care each day.  You are moving forward with the winds of transformation and creativity at your back. 

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