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Lee Tomlinson – The Compassionate Care Crusader – TPS467

Lee Tomlinson had a life many would have considered charmed. He has been a successful world-trotting tennis pro, international businessman, major Hollywood film studio owner, award-winning TV producer, and the marketing genius behind the American Film Institute’s 10-year long 100 Greatest Movies.
Then, his world crashed down when he was diagnosed with Stage III throat cancer and underwent months of painful treatments. As a result of his experience with the healthcare system, Lee is now known as the Compassionate Care Crusader. He is on a Mission to Restore Compassion to healthcare, healthcare professionals, and the world at large! In his new book, Compassion Heals: From Self-Care to Healthcare, Lee’s message is about the power of compassion to heal mental, emotional, and physical pain – for others and ourselves.


Because of his unusually active lifestyle, Lee has had more than the usual interactions with the healthcare system.
After his cancer diagnosis, we went through months of agonizing treatments and suffered from a sepsis infection. Lee shares how he felt like he was being treated like a “piece of meat”. No compassion.
When he was at his lowest point, a doctor friend convinced him to speak publicly about the effect of care without compassion.
Everything that divides us can be healed with compassion.
We are genetically programmed to need connection.
Lee shares techniques that we can use to show compassion for ourselves.
You have to take care of yourself and be healthy before you can help anyone else.
The most successful businesses are those that treat their customers and employees with compassion.
Don’t allow others to treat you without caring and compassion.
Compassion is necessary for the best outcome for a practitioner’s patients.
There is a movement now within the healthcare industry to learn compassion because they understand that their income depends on it.
Compassion is teachable, repeatable, and an undeniable healing and business benefit.
Each of us has to learn to speak up and demand compassion.

Lee Tomlinson’s book: Compassion Heals

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Improve Your Relationship with Time – TPS466

Entrepreneurs often complain that they don’t have enough either time or money. I have often spoken about the non-enough-money issue. In this episode, I talk about feeling that you don’t have enough time and how to develop a better relationship with time.


I talk about my long history of examining the issue of time.
Staying focused in the present moment was often what I focused on in meditation. I often use the mantra, There is no past, there is no future, there is only the here and now.
Time is a series of nows, and if you’re focused on the past or the future, you are missing your life.
When you are focused in the moment, you are allowing things to happen rather than forcing things to happen.
I talk about age and how each decade is like a different phase of our lives, and I give some definition to each of the phases.
People often worry about how much time they have left and there is no way of knowing. So pay attention to today and what you feel the urge to do for yourself today – or perhaps for others.
Take the time to be with people because being with people allows you to feel more connected, which is extremely important. People who have good relationships live longer.
How do you complain about not having enough time? You have as much as you have – even though you don’t know what that is.
Are you leaving enough time in between activities for new ideas and information to come through?
If you are keeping yourself constantly busy and are always pushing to get to the next thing, you are missing a lot of your life.
Give yourself the time to do whatever makes you comfortable.
Time is a gift and you have to decide how you want to spend it.

The updated Conscious Synchronicity episode

Navy SEAL Training Set the Tone for His Success with Marty Strong – TPS465

My guest today is author and CEO, Marty Strong. Marty spent twenty years in the Navy’s elite SEAL Teams learning effective leadership skills and mastering the art of turning vision into actionable strategy. After his service, he spent seven years as a financial advisor and portfolio manager with UBS before moving on to become a C-Suite executive. Marty’s new book, Be Nimble, is set for release in Fall 2021.


Marty shares how he decided to become a Navy SEAL and what’s behind the people who don’t make it through the training.
We talk about the 80-20 rule regarding success with the SEALs and for entrepreneurs.
You can teach tenacity, but you have to know how to teach it.
Being exposed to risk-taking as a child helps prepare you for being an entrepreneur.
Serial entrepreneurs often use failures as a strengthening exercise.
I asked Marty what drove him to be in the financial industry. It wasn’t planned.
Marty has the ability to go with the flow of life and not resist change.
Marty was not afraid of failure and over time, became a good problem solver.
Because of his family background, at an early age, Marty realized that he had to learn how to take care of himself.
We discussed whether qualities of strength and resilience are inborn and the person.
There are different ways of handling different forms of failure. Marty often looks at seeming failure as an opportunity to make changes.
When he was writing his book, Be Nimble, Marty asked himself the question, “Why am I the person to write this book?”
We talk about how people react to financial issues, including up and down income.
Most things in our evolution aren’t linear. There are always ups and downs. Marty tells how the lives of presidents Grant and Truman illustrate this principle.
I asked Marty if he was born with the name Strong. He was.


Marty’s Website

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Marty’s Twitter: mlstrongauthor

Marty’s Instagram: Martin L Strong

Preparing for YOUR New Normal – TPS464

As the world is moving out of the Covid nightmare, each of us has the opportunity to create what we want to be our new normal. In this episode, I make some suggestions as to what we can do internally to create the life that’s right for us.


Watch your self-talk and decide to stop talking to yourself like a critical parent. I give suggestions.
When you begin to treat yourself the way you’d like others to treat you, you’ll start drawing in people who treat you that way.
It’s up to you to decide who and how you want to be in the future.
Listen to your language when you are talking to yourself or to others. Are you always looking at the downside? Are you looking for sympathy or complaining? It helps to see the positive side of life.
Stop judging other people. They are doing the best they can at this point in time.
As you change your relationship with yourself, people who are a reflection of the new you are going to show up.
Examine your expectations. Do you expect people to embrace you or push you away? Do you expect to be a success or are you afraid of being disappointed? Your expectations are shaping your life stories.
What are your expectations of other people?
Notice your internal experience of whatever is going on. Recognize when you’re contracted, take a breath, and imagine your expanding.
Start noticing when you’re being defensive. You have the power to protect yourself.
Are you afraid about being treated badly causing you to push people away?
When people criticize you, they are really telling you about themselves.
I see that feeling sorry for yourself or feeling oppressed go deep within our culture. I talk about dealing with those two feelings.
The more you allow your life to happen, rather than trying to make it happen, the better you will get at creating what is right for you.
This is the perfect time to ask yourself if you want to go back to doing and being who you were or do you want to dig deep inside yourself and find a different way of being.
It’s okay to ask yourself how you want to change and to develop the support you need as you go through the change.

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Here Is What Happens When You Finally Let Go – TPS463

Today I’m going to bring some things to conclusion and open up the door to what might be lying ahead. In this episode, I talk about the fact that I’ve been trying to prove that if you get yourself into the right place, whatever you need to become, who you are becoming will show up. I also explain what I had to do to make this happen.


What can happen when you live in the moment and let go enough to let life happen?
It’s not what happens to us that matters but how we respond to what’s happening.
I came to realize that I can control the amount of positivity that flows through me as well as how I decide to respond to whatever is happening.
It’s a matter of truly becoming a person who is content and willing to lead with love.
You have to let your life evolve so you can discover who you are becoming. However, you will have hints along the way and they will be an arc from your childhood to your life as it evolves.
You need to have feeling goals.
You will learn that you have the power to create what’s right for you – and you alone.
We are living in an unusual time where many people are going through self-exploration and you have the opportunity than usual to discover new aspects of yourself.
When we tune into the feelings of the group around us, it often keeps us from understanding our individual feelings.
You get to decide how you would like to live your life.
Getting yourself to the right place means being willing to follow your inner urge because that’s the voice of the part of you that sees the bigger picture.
Life is a series of choices, then deciding if those choices are really working for you.
I talk about how I decided to become a virtual speaker and what I did – without pushing or marketing – that allowed it to happen.
I share an experience where I started sharing about the energy work I used to do and that I want to do again.
Getting yourself to the right place is not easy. I explain why.
You have the power to control what’s going on inside of you – and only you.
Listen to the advice that others give you, then evaluate what they’ve said in terms of if it feels right to you and if you want to follow what they’ve suggested. This includes when you’re working with a coach.

Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters by Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D.

The interview with Deb & Dave that I recently did

The Rapid Money-Issue Release

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How to Deal with an Emotional Healing Crisis -TPS462

In today’s episode, I talk about the emotional healing crisis that happens when you release long-held emotions. I explain how emotions don’t just happen in your mind, but also happen in your physical body and how you can deal with the resulting discomfort.


When you don’t express your emotions, there is a buildup of the “molecules of emotion” on the receptors of your cell. Because emotions are a form of energy, this buildup can cause physical symptoms.
I talk about some physical effects of holding in emotions.
When you make significant emotional changes, there is an energetic shift throughout your body and you have to would just to the new configuration.
Because most people don’t understand the idea of healing crises, they will often do things to stop the process.
I talk about the emotional healing crisis I’ve been going through.
As you start shifting to a new way of being, there’s a chance that you’re going to go through a healing crisis.
There is a wide variety of symptoms that you may experience when going through a healing crisis.
It takes time to take care of your body which is an incredible machine that requires maintenance.
If you get in touch with your body and learn how to communicate with your body, you’ll know what action to take when you feel a little off.
It’s important to learn at least a little bit about how your body works and to have people you can talk to about how your body works.
No one can know your body better than you.
The healing crisis is just something that happens – it isn’t bad – and if you can understand it better then you’ll know how to deal with it.

Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert

The Wisdom of the Receptors: Neuropeptides, the Emotions, and the Bodymind by Candace Pert

How Feeling Oppressed Affects Your Life – TPS461

In the last episode, I talked a lot about oppression as an underlying emotion with chronic debting. As a result, I then started thinking a lot about the whole idea of oppression and how it affects so many areas of our lives and our culture. In this short episode, I share some of what I was thinking about.


Recognizing feelings of oppression that may be buried deep inside of you opens you to many new opportunities and possibilities.
The process of internal change can have physical effects and can be, in some cases, uncomfortable.
Many people want their lives to change but they don’t want to change. If you want your life to change, you have to go through some energetic shifts.
There are many things, on a day-to-day basis, that can lead to feelings of oppression.
You can’t experience real freedom when you feel oppressed.
Get in touch with when you feel oppressed doing your day-to-day activities.
You can ask yourself, “What do I need to do to feel less oppressed?”
When you get in touch with feeling oppressed and learn how to let it go, you’ll be able to give so much more to the world.

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The Emotions Expressed Through Chronic Debting – TPS460

In today’s episode, I take a deep dive into an aspect of the connection between emotions and money – specifically the issue of chronic debting, which is an issue I dealt with for many years.


By changing your inner environment, especially your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, you can alter the outcomes of your life stories.
I talk about my family’s history with debting and how your family history will affect your financial behaviors. I also discuss my history and how I have dealt with debt.
Spending and debting allows us to feel connected to people.
I explained the process I use for discovering the emotions behind my behaviors.
Bodywork can help you release emotions that have been with you for a long time.
Chronic pain often is the result of long-held emotions.
I share an episode I had where I was able to reexperience the emotions I experienced while being abused – feeling oppressed, bullied, powerless.
I focus on the feeling of being oppressed and how that affects us individually and in our culture.
If many of us are carrying the feeling of being oppressed, we will, as a group, create being oppressed. Right now, there are many dramas going on between the oppressed and the oppressors.
Many of our leaders and corporations often act as the oppressors.
Whenever you have been through is what you need to become who you are becoming.
There is a group of emotional Gestalt that affects us on a cultural level.
Your life stories don’t create your feelings, your feelings create your life stories and this is true for groups as well.
When you come to understand and deeply experience your emotions, your life will move forward.
There is no simple answer – it’s a complex process. When you stop trying to be someone else and you are willing to fully accept yourself, you will be led to what you need. You need to follow and accept the things that show up.
When you learn how to recognize and differentiate between your different emotions, there is a simple process you can use to develop new responses to familiar stimuli.
You can learn the process via my course Rewire Your Brain for Prosperity & Financial Freedom

My course, Rewire Your Brain for Prosperity & Financial Freedom

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How Aloneness Affects Your Business & Financial Outcomes – TPS459

In this episode, I explore how our fear of being alone often leads us to make decisions that don’t serve us well or meet our needs. This includes business and financial decisions as well as relationship decisions.


We are wired to need other people and to fear being alone. This is a survival technique.
Money doesn’t come flying in the window: it comes from other people.
We have to understand what our needs are so we can satisfy ourselves.
You need whatever it is you’re getting today. Even the discomforts are part of your learning process.
Many people are afraid of wealth and power because it can be separating.
If you’re considering getting into a business or personal relationship, are you doing it because of your fear of being alone?
You have the option of creating an inner environment that allows you to feel satisfied with who you are today.
There are different qualities of a relationship and some people will click with us better than others. Some are just there to pass by and then move on.
If you are afraid of people and afraid of trusting life, you’re going to feel alone.
The feeling of being alone starts in early childhood – or before. If your mother felt alone when she was pregnant with you, then you will inherit that feeling.
The way to feel more connected is to recognize your feelings of aloneness and to not try to push the feeling away and to work through the emotion rather than trying to cover it up.
If you criticize yourself a lot, then you’re not connected to yourself.
Examine what it is you’re afraid of. Understand that financial fear is often the same as the fear of dying.
The fear of being alone often is the result of childhood abuse or neglect or your relationship with your parents.
Money can be the perfect mechanism for understanding the emotions that are holding you back.
Covid has brought ‘feeling alone’ into many people’s consciousness.
If you can let yourself feel the aloneness, then you’re one step closer to moving your life forward.
If the solutions are within you, why would you want to work with a coach or someone like that? I discuss.
If you have created a life that separates you from other people, that’s going to keep you from feeling fulfilled.

My previous episode on Conscious Synchronicity

The audio Let Go of the Aloneness Blocking Your Prosperity

How to Stop Feeling Stuck Financially -TPS458

During the past few weeks, I have talked to a number of young people who have complained that even though they are doing EFT or BSFF and they’re trying to change their thoughts, they are still having trouble generating the income that they need to pay their basic expenses. In this episode, I talk about the inner work that will help you get unstuck financially.


It’s important to manage your cash flow, especially when income is low.
Everyone has a different path, so it doesn’t work to say, “If I did it, you can do it too.”
Getting in touch with your inner guidance will help you find the best life that is right for you.
If you’re only focusing on income, you aren’t opening yourself to possibilities.
If you haven’t dealt with your money feelings by the time you’re in your mid-50s, those emotions will probably comment to the surface and you’ll have to deal with them.
Choose one thing that you want to work on and focus on that for whatever time it takes for a release.
When you only focus on the money, you aren’t getting to the real force behind your life stories.
I talk about ways you can shift negative self-talk.
If you don’t like what’s going on in your life, then you have the power to change it by changing what’s going on inside of you.
The more you understand about your inner world, the better you will be able to create the life you want.
It can take a year or more to change habitual responses to familiar stimuli.
Often, in the early part of our lives, what we’re going through is helping us realize what we’re not.
There is often an arc in our lives so that what we do as a young person comes back again in later years.
When you are feeling stuck financially, there isn’t just one thing that has to be done. But if you choose one thing to focus on, like changing yourself talk, you’ll see small gradual changes in your life.
I talk about how you can recognize, release, and replace the feelings that you are acting out through your money.
It’s really important to pay attention to your inner world in a non-judgmental way.
No one else can tell you what’s right for you. You have to get in touch with your inner guidance.
You get to choose – and every point – who you want to be and what you want to do.
Sometimes you have to be different from what you’ve been before.
There is no one thing that is going to change your financial situation.
You have the power to change your life. You don’t have the power to become someone else.

Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money

Rewire Your Brain for Prosperity & Financial Freedom


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