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Marina Bruni: Energetic DNA and the Choices You Make – TPS433

Dr. Marina Bruni trains her students to simultaneously shift from right-brain to left-brain and from left-brain to right-brain strategies. A dual-qualified lawyer and coach, she is a featured speaker in the sequel to The Secret,  How Thoughts Become Things.  

As a Master of Neuro-Linguistic and Energy, Dr. Marina Bruni teaches how to activate your brain to tap into your energetic DNA, create more powerful choices, and design the outcome you want. She has shared stages with world-class speakers such as Sharon Lechter, Les Brown, and Jack Canfield to name a few.

Marina discusses what she means by “energetic DNA” and why knowing about it is important.
I ask how she defines prosperity and abundance because that is one of the main outcomes she is promoting.
Being wealthy and being rich are two different things.
Make sure that your definition of success is what you really want.
How can a person determine what they want and how can they find their place of comfort in this chaotic world?
Most people want to fit in, which makes it difficult for them to see things from a different perspective.
Each of us attracts people who can best benefit from what we have to share.
Coaches often want to work with people who mirror who they are.
I ask how each of us determines our energetic DNA and if it changes over the years.
We talk about how each of us has our own truth.
The energetic DNA is not the same as our genetic DNA.
When we make choices that are out of tune with our energetic DNA, it creates some blocks and negative patterns which make it difficult to tap into our own energetic qualities.
Marina says that the only way to discover our energetic DNA is to have Marina do a reading. She explains what happens during one of her readings.

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The Value of Building a Network – TPS432

If you think you need more money, in reality, you need more people because money always comes from people. Because aloneness is one of the main emotions acted out through money. In this episode, I discuss how building a robust network can help overcome feelings of aloneness.


Creating a network can be difficult because it means a change in behaviors.
In business, you can be part of multiple networks.
A business network can allow you to create a team of other professionals that you can use with your clients.
I talk about the different networks I belong to.
It takes time to adjust to the pace of a new network you are joining
The organizations I belong to function on the give to get principles.
If you are functioning by yourself, it’s difficult to build a successful business.
I talk about the value of having a podcast and using social media to form different types of connections.
The internet provides a lot of opportunities for connection, but you have to reach out and nurture relationships.
The question is, how can you increase your network?
I talk about some of the networking opportunities during the pandemic.
Connection is one of the keys to business success.
Try different groups in order to find one that might work for you.
In this day and age, we can’t do things alone.

The C-Suite Network –

Judy Robinette Interview about Networking

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Dawson Church: Rapidly Reach Higher States of Consciousness – TPS431

Dawson Church, Ph.D., is an award-winning science writer with three best-selling books to his credit: The Genie in Your Genes, Mind to Matter, and his latest, Bliss Brain which demonstrates that peak mental states rapidly remodel the brain for happiness.

Dawson has conducted dozens of clinical trials and founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare to promote groundbreaking new treatments. He shares how to apply the breakthroughs of energy psychology to health and personal performance through, one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web.

Many people are now open to expanding into new levels of consciousness.
Studies have been done to document the brain-wave states that mystics reach via meditation.
Dawson talks about losing his home in 2017 during the California fires and explains how people can use life’s tragedies to lead to Post Traumatic Growth.
It takes a major crisis in a person’s life that leads them to make changes. He shares what led him to start meditating.
Even a novice can be trained to reach the brain states of Zen masters.
When people raise their brain states are they led to make other changes in their life?
Dawson differentiates between seekers and finders.
Childhood trauma has to be healed before you reach the highest states.
When you are committed to meditation practice, synchronicity increases.
People who are in sync with themselves become in sync with planetary pulses.
If you are a resilient person, you see life’s difficulties from a solution-oriented point of view.
People who can sustain a flow state are more productive than others.
You become an agent for positive change when you are able to reach higher states of consciousness.

More about the book Bliss Brain:

Dawson’s main site:

The Tapping Place: a directory of EFT practitioners

Bob Miglani: Embrace the Chaos – TPS430

In this episode, Bob Miglani explains how chaos is opportunity in disguise. Bob is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, and Founder of Embrace the Chaos, an Experiential Change Company. He helps people and organizations change, transform and grow. Bob was born in poverty in India and grew up in the U.S. helping his family run their successful Dairy Queen franchise for 25 years. Bob had a successful 23-year corporate career in New York. While going through massive change in his job, Bob was able to adapt and reinvent himself to grow. His journey became the subject of his Washington Post bestselling book called Embrace the Chaos, inspiring others on how to embrace change in their job, career, business, and life. Today, Bob helps teams adapt to the post-pandemic world.

Bob talks about how and why he got interested in embracing the chaos.
You can’t control the chaos, so let go of the idea of controlling it.
It’s important to learn how to deal with uncertainty. You can do this by creating some certainty for yourself.
Instead of thinking of the worst that can happen, set a goal for yourself in the future that you can focus on.
This is a good time to reinvent yourself and think about starting a business.
We talk about how people can overcome their fear of the future.
The chaos won’t go away, but you can control it better by controlling yourself.
So much of what we do is habitual. Bob talks about breaking old patterns.
Meditation can help you recognize the patterns.
We talk about letting go and trusting that something will show up.
To move forward, it helps to let go of the past.
Opportunities can only come to an open hand.
If you wait for perfection, you’ll get nowhere in life.
Chaos is opportunity in disguise.

Bob’s site:

Bob’s book: Embrace the Chaos

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Take Control of Your Health – TPS429

In this episode, I share my experience going through sepsis, a potentially fatal condition that I obviously survived. The experience has led me to do a lot of thinking about the frailties of our medical system and I share some of my thoughts with you.

I share the harrowing experience I went through when I thought I had COVID-19, but it turned out I had sepsis.
I’ve been thinking a lot about our medical system and its shortcomings and how people make unhealthy decisions for themselves.
We haven’t taught people that they have control of their health.
Your body is a complex machine that needs certain kinds of fuel. The wrong fuel will cause symptoms.
Each body has different needs.
We put too much faith in the opinions of medical doctors. It’s important to learn how to communicate with your body.
There are good practitioners within the allopathic system who are open and willing to try alternatives. The idea of integrative medicine that combines different systems is what makes sense to me.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with me on this topic, you can write to me at

Mike Skrypnek: Build a Business Based on Trust TPS428

Mike Skrypnek is a top selling author, international speaker and transformational business coach. His latest book, “Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life”, is the guide for mid-career business owners seeking a better business, a great life and even bigger impact. Mike has conducted hundreds of keynote presentations and workshops to inspire and train thousands of owners, C-Suite executives, professional advisors and charitable organizations in Canada and the United States. His Grow Get Give philosophy helps guide impact-minded owners build great businesses that give them the life they want to live.


For people who have wanted to leave their jobs, is this a good time to start a new business?
Mike asked himself, “Am I living my passion every day?”
We talk about how one finds one’s passion.
Ask what am I good at that could be the basis for a business and take one step forward at a time. Get help and input from others.
Break everything down to the simple things that you have to learn and tackle one at a time.
Engaging people in an authentic way is the basis of sales.
We talk about establishing relationships using Zoom rather than in person.
Mike has looked deeply into the issue of trust, which is more about us than the person who is trying to gain our trust.
We can develop trust in business relationships if we agree on the future goal, a common outcome, and the rules of the game.
There is a scarcity mindset happening now rather than their normal abundance mindset.
High end earners rarely give referrals to others.
We talk about approaching high-end clients.
Mike shares his personal challenge to not sound promotional when talking to people. He uses writing books to put forth his genuine desire to help others.
After you figure out your why, identify your ideal customer and interview them about themselves and what they want. Learn the language of your ideal customers.
If you don’t lead by serving, you aren’t leading.
Be patient, be serving, be compassionate.
This is one of the rare moments in history where everyone is experiencing similar emotions. This allows for more authentic discussions.
People are becoming tired of the chaos which Mike believes will lead us to a better place.

Mike’s book: Enterpreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life

Mike’s site:

How Is This Strange Time Affecting You? – TPS427

In this episode I share some thoughts about what each of us can do to overcome feelings of aloneness and powerlessness that are affecting a lot of people during this difficult time.

I’m trying to identify the emotions, both comfortable and uncomfortable, that I’m experiencing now.
Because I like to solve problems, not knowing how to help leads me to feel powerless.
I have no power to change what’s going on outside of me. I can only change what’s going on inside of me.
The people in power don’t understand what ordinary people have to go through.
What can each of us do – what actions can we take – to help lift the burden that so many are feeling.
Although there’s a lot of aloneness going on, we have the opportunity to reach out and connect to others.
It’s important to reach out to others and be authentic about how you are feeling and what you are dealing with.
If we share our feelings with others, both up and down, we can feel more whole.
Who might you reach out to just to ask How are you doing?
How can you re-perceive the current situation?
We need to connect to and support others.
We have to look beyond the past and into the future. And, you have the right to imagine a positive future.
Try to imagine positive solutions and results of what has been happening.
How can you look into the future and see a positive story?

Information about the Taos Pueblo

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Mark Wolynn: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are – TPS426

Mark Wolynn is the director of the Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco. He is a leading expert in the field of inherited family trauma. His book It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle (published by Viking/Penguin) is the winner of the 2016 Nautilus Book Award in psychology and has been translated into 19 languages. His articles have appeared in Psychology Today, Mind Body Green,, Elephant Journal, and Psych Central, and his poetry has been published in The New Yorker.


Mark explains what Family Trauma is.
When trauma is unresolved it can pass on to future generations.
Many of us live with medical mysteries that need deeper examination.
Our sense of not having enough can hark back to not getting enough attention from our mother in early life.
If the mother has a previous difficult pregnancy or miscarriage, or any difficult life experience during pregnancy, that will affect the child’s experience as a fetus.
Instead of blaming your parents because you are, in some way, screwed up, find out what trauma they experienced that allowed them to treat you the way they did.
There’s a long list of questions about their parents that Mark asks his clients.
Although early memories may not be available to us, they still affect us.
By understanding what your parents went through, it makes it easier to forgive your parents. We can then let go of whatever anger we are holding on to.
Mark helps people get out of the stress response so they can have new, more pleasant experiences and build new neural pathways while overcoming the stress response.
Mark mentions some of the techniques he uses and how he helps people become “trauma detectives”.
Trauma in our family history can determine how success does or does not flow to us.
Because of Covid, we have the chance to look inside and work through past traumas.
What’s your worst fear? It time to look at this.
When traumas are not talked about, that’s what leads to repeating the pattern.

Mark’s Book: It Didn’t Start with You

Mark’s Site –

Facebook Page:


The Importance of Becoming Emotionally Aware – TPS425

In this episode, I talk about the importance of getting in touch with your emotions and how you have choices about how you want to respond to life experiences. I also talk about the connection between emotions and health.


We can decide to stay in fear or to learn how to mollify our fear.
People are beginning to see that there is more to us and our world than what is obvious in our three-dimensional world.
If we could tap into our existence outside of three-dimensional reality, we will feel more comfortable and connected.
Emotions affect your life stories and your health. I talk about the connection between emotions and health.
The USA is not a healthy nation and it’s partially because we haven’t learned how to express our emotions.
I talk about the feelings of being unheard, unseen, and unappreciated. These emotions start in early childhood.
Chronic disease is often caused by unexpressed emotions.
Doctors often don’t understand the emotional connection to disease.
Your unique combination of emotions is the song you sing.
There’s a huge amount of fear now because of the uncertainty.
You can’t just stop fear. You have to do something else instead.
You don’t have control of the virus, but you do have control of your behavior.
Our choices need to go beyond our own self-interest.
Allowing myself to feel my feelings helps me feel more connected
We are all more powerful than we realize.

It Didn’t Start with You by Mark Wolynn

The Fisher-Wallace Stimulator

Interview with Chip Fisher

Jen Coken: Imposter Syndrome: How to Recognize and Deal with It – TPS424

Jen Coken is the executive coach for Badass Boss Ladies who are ready to smash obstacles, jump over hurdles, and grab snarling dogs by the ears. For twenty years she’s been beating down BS with a velvet sledgehammer tasseled with humor. She is also an international speaker and best-selling author. When she isn’t doing all of that, you can find her performing stand-up comedy or eating Nutella by the spoonful in the nearest grocery aisle.


Jen tells us how her comedy emerged from experiences as a child.
Jen’s focus is on helping people deal with what’s called Imposter Syndrome.
We talk about Imposter Syndrome – what it is and how it presents itself.
Women often learn to be number two, although this wasn’t Jen’s experience.
Jen’s mission is to empower others to fulfill their missions.
The problem comes from comparing ourselves to others. Also, working all of the time (Superwomen or Superman complex)
Because people with the syndrome often think they don’t belong, they are constantly trying to overcompensate.
Jen talks about the different manifestations of imposter syndrome and the techniques she uses to help people deal with imposter syndrome.
Calling it imposter syndrome allows us to better understand why we do what we do so we can deal with it.
Rather than calling it a syndrome, call it a phenomenon. That way, you aren’t saying there’s something wrong with you.
Feeling like an imposter happens any time you doubt yourself.
Jen tells us how to recognize the reactive emotions that show up and what triggered those emotions.
She also discusses how she helps people develop new habitual responses.

Go to to take a quiz to find out if you have a problem with imposter syndrome.

Valerie Young’s book: The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Imposter Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It


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