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Chad Harman CEO at Psycheceutical on Neurodirect-Delivered Ketamine

In this episode, guest Chad Harman discusses the innovative Neurodirect technology, invented by Dr. Ronald Aungdon, a leading neuropsychiatrist and neurologist. With a proven track record of conducting over 50 clinical trials and securing FDA approval for more than 30 of them, Dr. Aungdon’s latest invention addresses a significant gap in the delivery of neurological medications.

In the opening segment of this episode, I delve into a fascinating discussion about an innovative medical treatment, Neurodirect technology. Admittedly, I approached the topic with a healthy dose of skepticism. As a newcomer to the concept, I questioned the effectiveness of this novel approach to neurological medication delivery. However, as I delved deeper into the science underpinning the technology, learned about its FDA approval, and understood its compelling safety profile, my perspective began to shift. What unfolded was a journey from skepticism to intrigue, as I uncovered the profound potential that this groundbreaking treatment holds for the future of medicine.

Harman explains that the Neurodirect technology allows for the application of neuroeffective compounds topically, specifically at the back of the neck, to bypass the systemic side effects commonly associated with traditional neurological medications. This targeted application has led to profound effects. The first patented application of this technology was with sumatryptin, a drug used for severe migraines. Traditional oral administration of sumatryptin often left residual symptoms and took 35 to 45 minutes to work. However, with the Neurodirect delivery platform, the effects are immediate, leading to almost complete remission of symptoms within minutes.

The benefits of Neurodirect don’t stop there. Dr. Aungdon has been using this technology for topical ketamine administration for over a year, with promising results. A recent peer-reviewed article in Drug Delivery magazine reported on an observational study involving 100 patients suffering from severe PTSD and treatment-resistant depression. The study found that 80% of these patients responded favorably to Neurodirect-delivered ketamine, thus offering a new, safe, and effective method of delivering neuroeffective compounds.

Harman also highlights the potential benefits of this technology in addressing the current epidemic of anxiety and panic disorders, exacerbated by factors such as physician and nurse burnout during the pandemic. The ability to deliver fast relief through topical administration could revolutionize patient care and provide a breakthrough in the delivery of neurological treatments.

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Eudania Burrell: Living a Life of Financial Success and Fulfillment in Recovery

Join us on this inspiring episode as we dive into the incredible story of Eudania Burrell, a successful real estate investor and coach, and an accomplished federal agent, who has turned her life around after overcoming addiction in the late 90s. From her struggles with addiction to her flourishing career at the Department of Homeland Security, Eudania’s journey is a testament to resilience and the power of self-belief.

As a highly respected real estate investor and coach at Connected Investors, Eudania not only helps others achieve their dreams, but also continues to work diligently in her demanding role as a federal agent. Her dedication to both her professional and personal life makes her an extraordinary example of what one can achieve in recovery.

In our conversation with Eudania, we discuss her unique approach to addiction recovery, acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Through her experiences, she has come to understand that individuals may follow different paths towards healing, and it is crucial to respect and support those diverse journeys.

Listen in as we explore Eudania’s path to success, her insights on overcoming addiction, and her unwavering commitment to living a life of fulfillment and purpose. This powerful story of resilience and transformation is one you won’t want to miss.

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Milly Day: Dancing Towards Recovery – The Power of Movement in Addiction Treatment

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our esteemed guest, Milly Day. As a talented and dedicated movement dance therapist, Milly specializes in guiding individuals in rehab through transformative movement and dance sessions. These sessions are carefully designed to help participants release deeply held trauma, foster non-verbal expression, and cultivate a greater connection with their own body, mind, and spirit. In addition, Milly’s approach encourages individuals to develop more effective communication with others, creating a supportive and healing environment for all involved.

Milly’s expertise in movement dance therapy has been instrumental in helping countless individuals in recovery access a unique and powerful healing modality. By incorporating dance and movement into their therapeutic journey, participants can delve into the depths of their emotional landscape and bring forth insights that may have remained hidden or inaccessible through conventional talk therapy alone. This holistic approach to healing addresses not only the mental and emotional aspects of addiction but also emphasizes the importance of physical well-being and the mind-body connection.

One of the core principles of Milly’s work is the belief in the power of non-verbal communication. Through the language of movement, individuals are able to express themselves more authentically and connect with their innermost emotions, even when words fail them. This mode of expression can be particularly beneficial for those in rehab, as it enables participants to navigate and process complex emotions that may have contributed to their addictive behaviors.

Furthermore, Milly’s movement dance therapy sessions cultivate a sense of community and interconnectedness among participants. By engaging in shared movement experiences, individuals in rehab can foster meaningful connections with one another, creating a strong support network that is essential for long-term recovery. These connections not only facilitate personal growth but also provide an invaluable source of encouragement and understanding as participants navigate the challenges of their recovery journey.

Milly’s approach to movement dance therapy also emphasizes the importance of physical health and well-being in the recovery process. Addiction often takes a significant toll on the body, and engaging in therapeutic movement can help to counteract the physical effects of substance abuse. Through carefully designed dance sessions, participants can improve their cardiovascular health, flexibility, and strength, all while reducing stress and anxiety. This enhanced physical well-being contributes to overall resilience and serves as a vital component in the journey toward healing and sobriety.

Milly Day’s dedication and expertise in the field of movement dance therapy have touched and transformed the lives of many individuals in rehab. Her approach to healing provides a unique, empowering, and compassionate path towards recovery, addressing the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of addiction treatment. We are truly honored to have her as our guest, and we look forward to learning more about her inspiring work in the realm of movement dance therapy.

Movement dance therapy, a holistic and innovative approach to healing, has garnered increasing attention for its potential to transform the lives of individuals struggling with addiction. As a creative and expressive form of therapy, it taps into the innate power of movement and dance to facilitate emotional, cognitive, and physical integration. By incorporating this therapeutic modality into rehab programs, individuals in recovery can access a unique and powerful tool to help them navigate the complex journey towards sobriety.

At its core, movement dance therapy is rooted in the understanding that the mind and body are interconnected, and that healing must involve a balance between emotional, mental, and physical well-being. For individuals grappling with addiction, this holistic approach can be particularly beneficial, as it addresses the underlying emotional and psychological factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of addictive behaviors. Through the exploration of movement and dance, individuals can cultivate self-awareness, gain insights into their emotional landscape, and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

One of the strengths of movement dance therapy in addiction treatment is its ability to foster self-expression and emotional regulation. In rehab settings, individuals often struggle to articulate their thoughts and feelings, which can impede progress in therapy. Movement dance therapy provides an alternative, non-verbal channel for communication, allowing individuals to convey their emotions through movement and dance. As they connect with their bodies, they can process and release pent-up emotions, leading to a greater sense of emotional balance and well-being.

Additionally, movement dance therapy can encourage connection and support among individuals in rehab. Group dance therapy sessions can create a safe, non-judgmental space for participants to share their experiences, build trust, and develop a sense of belonging. Through the shared language of movement, individuals can forge meaningful connections with others on a similar path, fostering a supportive community that is crucial for long-term recovery.

Another notable benefit of movement dance therapy in rehab settings is its ability to improve physical health and well-being. Addiction often takes a significant toll on the body, and engaging in regular movement can help to counteract the physical effects of substance abuse. By participating in movement dance therapy, individuals can improve their cardiovascular health, flexibility, and strength, all while reducing stress and anxiety. This enhanced physical well-being can bolster overall resilience and serve as a vital component in the recovery process.

In conclusion, movement dance therapy offers a unique and powerful approach to addiction treatment, addressing the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of recovery. By incorporating this therapeutic modality into rehab programs, individuals can access a holistic, supportive, and empowering path towards healing and sobriety. As the understanding and acceptance of movement dance therapy continues to grow, it is poised to become an invaluable tool in the ongoing battle against addiction.

KARE: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for Alcoholism

KARE: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for Alcoholism

My guest is Dr. Steven Radowitz, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Nushama.

Starting his career in New York during the peak of the opioid and AIDS crises, Dr. Steven Radowitz has a wealth of experience seeing the effects trauma and addiction can have on our physical health firsthand. At the intersection of science and spirituality, Dr. Radowitz joined Nushama to oversee and develop treatment modalities. He believes psychedelic medicine’s framework of neuroscience, mystical experience, and integration therapy is the future of mental wellness, and current solutions often fall short, treating symptoms without addressing underlying issues.

From opioids to alcohol addiction, Dr. Radowitz’s team supports people struggling with substance use—in addition to Nushama’s ketamine-assisted therapy protocol for mood disorders, he leads Ketamine for the Reduction of Alcohol Relapse (KARE), an innovative, highly efficacious ketamine-assisted psychotherapy protocol that is 86% effective. Nushama’s team is the first to bring this revolutionary treatment to New York City, using the power of psychedelics to transform addictive behaviors. Prior, Dr. Radowitz worked at St. Vincent’s NYC Midtown medical center, where he was medical director of the inpatient alcohol and opiate detox and treatment unit. With a history of being part of the solution, he has been a DEA-licensed provider for over a decade to treat opioid addiction with buprenorphine maintenance therapy.

Overall, Dr. Radowitz sees the source of disease as a “dis-ease” that results from a misalignment of mind, body and spirit. He has a passion for preventive medicine, getting to the root of a health problem before it manifests. In contrast to traditional medicine, he views psychedelics as powerful tools to help us become aware of the origin of imbalance and guide us toward wholeness, health, and wellbeing, healing from within. He and the Nushama team have administered thousands of ketamine journeys for mood disorders and are known to be best-in-class and among the most experienced globally.

From a sheltered Montreal community to the Big Apple, Dr. Radowitz was not raised with a spiritual background but felt something was missing. Upon moving to New York, he explored the city’s culture and nightlife on a journey to expand his consciousness—the study of Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, transcendental meditation, and various forms of yoga resonated deeply. After reading How to Change Your Mind, he witnessed the profound transformation that psychedelics can bring, serendipitously meeting Co-Founder Jay Godfrey, who invited him to join Nushama.

Dr. Radowitz has been practicing internal medicine and primary care since 1998. He currently mentors master’s students attending the Columbia School of Social Work interning at Nushama for their field practicum, and prior, he supervised Columbia medical students and residents. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Cell Biology from McGill University and his medical degree at The Chicago Medical School with an internal medicine residency at Rush University Medical Center. Before Nushama, Dr. Radowitz also ran the primary care program at Goldman Sachs for more than 10 years and held a private practice specializing in general medicine, HIV care, and preventive medicine—he saw the connection between chronic stress and health among New Yorkers, which also led to his transition to psychedelic medicine.

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Reviving Hope: Lewis Nelson, M.D. Discusses Naloxone Nasal Spray OTC

Join our podcast as we host Dr. Nelson, a renowned authority in emergency medicine and medical toxicology. As the Professor and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and University Hospital, Dr. Nelson offers a wealth of expertise to our conversation on the life-saving potential of over-the-counter Naloxone nasal spray for reversing opioid overdoses.

Dr. Nelson’s significant contributions to the CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines, as a member of the Core Expert Group, and his role as Chair of the FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee demonstrate his commitment to addressing the opioid crisis. His efforts in developing opioid stewardship programs across multiple institutions further emphasize his dedication to this urgent public health concern.

Don’t miss this engaging discussion with Dr. Nelson, a Director of the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) and a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine. He’ll share his valuable insights on the impact of Naloxone nasal spray in saving lives and combating the opioid epidemic.

Bart Nollenberger: Success in Life and Recovery Through Coaching

Join us on our podcast as we welcome Bart Nollenberger, a renowned motivational speaker, sales trainer, and executive coach with a wealth of experience in the auto industry.

Throughout his career, Bart has dedicated himself to personal growth and business success by embracing integrity and character. He’s partnered with top global companies like Ford Motor Company, Toyota USA, AutoNation, and Galpin auto dealership groups, teaching sales and leadership skills to executives and staff alike.

Bart’s authentic enthusiasm and heartfelt energy will inspire you to take action and unlock your full potential. He is passionate about helping others harness their innate abilities to achieve success in all areas of life while fostering a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Bart has learned from the best, studying under legendary motivational coaches like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Paul Martinelli, and John Maxwell.Tune in for a truly transformative experience, as Bart shares invaluable insights and actionable advice that will empower you to soar to new heights in both your personal and professional life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true master of motivation!

Gary Aston Jones: Treating Addiction With Dual Orexin Receptor Antagonists

Unlocking the Secrets of Sleep and Addiction: A Conversation with Dr. Gary Aston-Jones

In this episode, we are happy to welcome Dr. Gary Aston-Jones, Director of the Rutgers Brain Health Institute and head of the Aston-Jones Lab. Dr. Aston-Jones has dedicated his career to unraveling the mysteries of the brain and exploring how understanding the connection between sleep and addiction could lead to innovative treatments. Join us as we dive deep into the world of dual orexin receptor antagonists, a class of sleeping medications with promising potential for treating drug addiction.

Dr. Aston-Jones begins by shedding light on the crucial role of orexin, a neuropeptide that regulates arousal, wakefulness, and appetite, and how it is intricately linked to the complex process of addiction. He explains how the orexin system can be targeted using dual orexin receptor antagonists, which are designed to selectively block orexin receptors in the brain. By doing so, these medications not only promote sleep but also demonstrate intriguing possibilities for reducing cravings and drug-seeking behavior in individuals struggling with addiction.

As we delve deeper into the conversation, Dr. Aston-Jones shares fascinating insights from his research on the efficacy of dual orexin receptor antagonists in animal models. He discusses the implications of these findings for the development of new therapies and highlights the unique advantages of this class of medications in addressing both sleep disturbances and addiction.

We also explore the potential challenges and limitations of dual orexin receptor antagonists, including possible side effects, concerns about developing dependence on the medication, and the need for further clinical trials. Dr. Aston-Jones emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to treating addiction, incorporating pharmacological interventions, behavioral therapies, and support systems to optimize outcomes.

Finally, Dr. Aston-Jones shares his vision for the future of addiction research and the role that the Rutgers Brain Health Institute will play in advancing our understanding of the brain, addiction, and mental health. Don’t miss this compelling episode that offers hope and inspiration for those affected by addiction and showcases the groundbreaking work being done by Dr. Gary Aston-Jones and his team at the Aston-Jones Lab.

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Cherisa and Alex Sandrow: Coaching Doctors to Start Telemedicine Practices

Cherisa and Alex Sandrow are doctors with backgrounds in healthcare and business who now coach other doctors. They mainly coach physicians who are interested in leaving stressful healthcare jobs that lead to burnout so they can start working in the field of telemedicine. Being a telemedicine doctor does not mean that you have to start your own practice right away. There are many opportunities to work as a contractor for multiple telemedicine companies.

Doctors who face burnout in their careers are at high risk for developing problems with alcoholism and drug addiction. They are also at high risk for suicide. Doctors who take charge of their careers and their lives will reduce these risks.

Cherisa and Alex Sandrow make it possible for doctors to make the transition. They provide guidance and practical advice and information on how to get started. In addition to helping doctors to develop more enjoyable careers with less stress, they are also helping patients by training new telemedicine doctors to provide the best possible care using telehealth technology.

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Karen Newell On The Benefits Of Sacred Acoustics Recordings For Anxiety

Karen Newell is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, a producer of harmonically blended binaural beats and monaural beats with precisely balanced carrier frequencies to influence brainwave rhythms to support altered states of awareness. A peer-reviewed pilot study published in 2020 showed a 26% reduction in anxiety and other benefits after two weeks of regular listening to the Whole Mind Bundle set of recordings. Please visit Sacred Acoustics. In this episode, we discuss the use of Sacred Acoustics recordings to help with insomnia and anxiety associated with protracted withdrawal after tapering off of benzodiaziepines.

Binaural beats have been gaining popularity as a form of therapy to relieve anxiety. These beats are created by playing two slightly different tones in each ear, which can create a sensation of a single tone or sound in the brain. This technique has been found to have a calming effect on the mind and body, making it an effective tool in managing anxiety.One of the primary benefits of binaural beats for anxiety relief is its ability to promote relaxation. They also help greatly with sleep, meditation, concentration, and inspiration.

Unlocking the Power of Aromatherapy with Amy Anthony: A Healing Journey

If you are looking for ways to improve your physical and emotional well-being, then you won’t want to miss this interview with renowned aromatherapist, Amy Anthony. In this engaging and informative conversation, Amy will share her expertise and insights on the world of aromatherapy, and how it can be used to enhance your health and happiness. You will learn about the many benefits of using essential oils, and how they can be incorporated into your daily routine to promote relaxation, boost your immune system, and improve your mood. Whether you are a seasoned aromatherapy enthusiast or new to the practice, this interview is sure to provide you with valuable information and inspiration. So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and get ready to be transported on a journey to better health and happiness with Amy Anthony, the expert in the field of aromatherapy. Please visit Amy Anthony here:

Aromatherapy is a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness that uses essential oils to enhance physical and emotional well-being. The benefits of aromatherapy are numerous and far-reaching, making it a popular choice for people seeking a natural and effective way to improve their health. Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, boost the immune system, and enhance mood. It can also help to alleviate physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, and menstrual cramps. The benefits of aromatherapy extend beyond the physical realm and can also have a profound impact on emotional health. By inhaling the fragrances of essential oils, individuals can experience a sense of calm and relaxation, which can help to reduce anxiety and depression.

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