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Tamra Hall PhD, MA, LPC, LMHC, CAADC, CCS, ACS: American Addiction Centers

Tamra Hall PhD, MA, LPC, LMHC, CAADC, CCS, ACS, is the AVP of Clinical Excellence & Quality at American Addiction Centers. AAC is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the US with a focus on the treatment of addiction. In this episode, we discuss what the comprehensive medical treatment of addiction looks like at a major healthcare institution.

Dr. Hall discusses the importance of meeting patients where they are at in order to provide the best treatment experience. All aspects of care are important, from nutrition, to mental healthcare, and appropriate addiction treatment. Medication-assisted treatment can be an important component of care and continuity of care is critical.

Telemedicine services are an important part of the future of healthcare, and especially addiction treatment. Dr. Hall discusses how AAC is at the forefront of providing telehealth programs to their patients.

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Bruce Rose Director at Alcohol Recovery Scotland

Bruce Rose has worked for many years in the rehab industry, managing drug and alcohol treatment centers. A few years ago, Bruce was researching the topic of medication-assisted alcohol treatment and came across information on The Sinclair Method, or TSM. TSM is simply medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder using the medication, naltrexone.

Bruce decided to dedicate his work to supporting clients interested in using this method of addiction treatment that relies on pharmacological extinction. In these past few years, he has seen incredible success with his clients, watching them recover quickly and without the usual issues of severe alcohol withdrawal and alcohol deprivation syndrome.

In this interview with Bruce Rose, we discuss his approach to helping clients with their prescribed alcohol treatment program. We also talk about the future of medical treatment for alcohol and the possible integration of TSM with traditional residential rehab programs.

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Lloyd Sederer, M.D.: A Leader In Public Health Discusses The Future Of Addiction Treatment

Lloyd Sederer, M.D., is currently an adjunct professor at the Columbia University School of Public Health. He has won many top awards in the field of psychiatry, and he has served as a leader in the field of public health in New York for the past two decades. In the 90s, Dr. Sederer was the chief psychiatrist at McLean hospital, the psychiatric teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School. He has published thirteen books, and he has published hundreds of articles in top medical journals and newspapers.

What is the future of the treatment of addiction? According to Dr. Lloyd Sederer, the path to saving more lives from addiction going forward will involve providing better access to the tools that we already have. We already have harm reduction strategies, including the opioid overdose rescue drug, naloxone. And, we have effective medication-assisted treatments for opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder.

Our understanding of the functioning of the brain is more advanced than ever before in history. A wide variety of therapies can be applied to target various regions of the brain that are affected by addiction. In addition to existing medications and therapies, there are also new medical treatments on the horizon, including the drug, psilocybin.

With psilocybin, an existing, ancient form of medical therapy is being brought up to date with current medical science. Safe, synthetic forms of the drug have been studied in major research centers with promising results.

Just as important as therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and contingency management, and medications, such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone, are the forming of relationships to promote abstinence and recovery.

Dr. Sederer believes that, to be successful in helping people to recover from active addiction, we must meet them where they are and understand why they are using drugs or alcohol. Drugs serve a purpose for people who use them and it is important to start from there and work towards helping them find healthy replacements for drugs when they are ready.

In our talk, Dr. Sederer and I discuss two of his recent books. We talk about “Ink-Stained for Life” and “The Addiction Solution.” Both books are fascinating and I highly recommend them to my audience.

“Ink-Stained for Life” is a collection of fourteen stories and essays relating Dr. Sederer’s early life as a child in The Bronx to his adult life and the present, in 2020. The book demonstrates the improbable nature of the path from living as a child, on the streets of New York City, to being a leader in public health in the State of New York.

The book shares Dr. Sederer’s philosophies on life with discussions about topics such as intelligence and genius, wealth and struggling in the middle class, Judaism and being Jewish without living as an observant Jew, living in New York City, being the leader of a world-class psychiatric hospital, working in the world of public health in New York City and New York State, addiction treatment and much more.

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Dr. Teralyn Sell: Addressing Brain Chemistry To Help Heal The Addicted Brain

Dr. Teralyn Sell is a brain health expert and psychotherapist who helps clients to develop nutritional plans based on a customized neurochemistry blue print. While many addiction treatment programs focus on treatment with either medication or spiritual-based programs,

Dr. Teralyn is focused on the science of brain chemistry and addressing the issue of filling the empty buckets of precursors that help the brain to heal itself and rebalance necessary neurotransmitters. Rather than interfering with the architecture of brain chemistry, her approach involves helping the brain to help itself restore itself back to health.

Poor nutrition is a contributing factor in many mental health issues. Dr. Teralyn Sell is on the forefront of brain chemistry science. She has also designed a series of nutritional supplements that are specifically tuned to the unique needs of people who are in the process of overcoming addiction to alcohol or drugs.

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Jodi Aman: Anxiety I’m So Done With You

As a psychotherapist for over 20 years, Jodi shows people how to create prac- tical miracles even in the most difficult times. As an inspirational speaker, she teaches Generation Z, their parents, and helpers how to find their Diamond Confidence so they feel worthy, empowered and in control. In her online videos, she gives audiences all over the world usable tools to get clarity, push past fear, and develop their intuition. Because Jodi clawed her way out of her own emotional turmoil, she totally gets it. As a mom of teens, she double-dog gets it. Through her TEDxWilmington talk, “Calm Anxious Kids,” and her bestselling book, You 1, Anxiety 0, Jodi is changing the way we understand the current mental health crisis. She generates her own daily happiness through mindfulness, family time, and walking in the woods with her fur-baby, Winston. Find Jodi Aman at

Kate Bagoy: Six-Figure Freelancer Secrets: Financial Success In Recovery

I recommend listening to this podcast interview with Kate Bagoy with a pen and paper handy. You are going to want to take notes. This twenty-minute episode is packed full of valuable, actionable material.

Noted author, speaker, and educator, Kate Bagoy discusses recovery from alcohol use disorder and how women can break through business barriers to have success and freedom, building a personal brand and a freelancer business.

Kate was, by all standards, successful in life. She had a corporate job working in her chosen field, design, and marketing. Yet, she was miserable, stuck in a career that she hated. Her alcohol use got out of control.

In 2012, she started a new life of sobriety and recovery. She also decided to start her own company and take control of her life by building a brand for design work and consulting.

By putting to work certain principles, she was able to build up her six-figure freelancer business quickly. Kate Bagoy, also a talented educator, then started a successful coaching business, helping others to find success as she did.

Today, Kate teaches an online course called “The Six-Figure Freelancers Accelerator.” She is the author of the book “Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer: How to Stop Thinking Like An Employee & Build A Freelance Business Like a Boss.” In addition to the well-known course and book, she still accepts a small number of private clients for coaching.

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Sara Somers, Author of “Saving Sara: A Memoir of Food Addiction”, On Greysheeters Anonymous

In “Saving Sara: A Memoir of Food Addiction,” Sara Somers gives an account of a journey that took decades in which she finally found freedom from active addiction to certain foods.

The solution that worked for her was the program of Greysheeters Anonymous. This 12-step program, based on Alcoholics Anonymous, is a spiritual program that helps people to recover from food addiction.

Sara now lives a peaceful and fulfilling life in Paris, France. She is excited to share her story with the world and hopes that her book will reach others who are searching for the solution to their obsessive cravings and powerlessness over food.

Dr. Cali Estes, Celebrity Addiction Coach On Integrative Medical Addiction Treatment

Cali Estes, Ph.D. is an author and highly sought after Addiction Therapist and Life/Corporate Coach who specializes in harm reduction and utilizes holistic approaches to treat addiction, as well as mental conditions holding her clients back from reaching their full potential. She works with individuals, drug, and alcohol treatment teams and addiction professionals looking to advance their knowledge base.
Dr. Estes has over 20 years of experience working with drug, alcohol and food addictions. Her deep understanding of drug and alcohol addiction, including the behaviors and ramifications that are associated with it, places her at the top in the field of addiction therapy. Dr. Estes is an interactive, solution-focused Positive Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Her unique no-nonsense approach of cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and life coaching combine to provide the perfect support for an addict. Dr. Estes’ background in food addictions and the emotional and physical tolls it takes on one’s psyche and physical well-being is highly unique. Dr. Cali Estes is a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon has been featured on CNN, NBC, CNBC, CBS, FOX News, LA Times, Yahoo! News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur Magazine, MSN Money, Max Sports and Fitness, San Jose Mercury, The Fix, Dr. Drew, People Magazine, Washington Post, Yoga Digest, Reader’s Digest, and more. She was also featured in a riveting documentary about addiction, Gone Too Soon: The Story of Emily Cooley.

Dr. Estes is a Certified Masters Level Addiction Professional. She holds a Ph.D. from DSU in Psychology and Life Coaching, a Master’s Degree from WCU, and an undergraduate from PSU, International Certification as a Drug and Alcohol Therapist, Master Certified Addictions Professional, as well as 24 certifications and over 20 years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Teacher, Food Addictions Specialist, and Life Coach. Her unique approach to get to the root cause of the problem with each client and relate on a humanistic level makes her desirable in this industry. Dr. Estes is more than a ‘sober coach’. She has a background in clinical and personality psychology, addictions and forensics and has been featured on NBC, CBS, CNN’s Don Lemon, MSN, Dr. Drew Podcast, Washington Post, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times and many more.

David Vigerust, MS, Ph.D: A Virologist Speaks About COVID19, The Novel Coronavirus

David Vigerust, MS, Ph.D is an entrepreneur, inventor, healthcare innovator, and infectious disease expert. He is also an expert in the field of virology. Now, as we find ourselves in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, Dr. Vigerust has quickly pivoted to building testing facilities for the novel coronavirus as fast as possible. While there are many important components to battling this serious threat, widespread testing for the virus is one of the most important things that we can do. This is because testing allows us to know where to focus our efforts. In this interview, we discuss COVID-19 testing as well as interesting facts about the virus and how to stay safe.

Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian: Live The Life You Were Meant To Live.

Frank King knew he wanted to be a stand-up comedian since he was four years old. After being sidetracked by years of doing what other people wanted him to do with his life, he finally decided to live the life he knew that he was meant to live.

Frank focuses much of his comedy material on mental health issues, particularly suicide. In addition to entertaining his audience, his goal is to reach out to people who may be quietly suffering and thought that they were alone. He has also performed a series of TED talks.

In addition to speaking and performing, Frank is involved in multiple other activities to inform and educate the public. He provides a continuing education service to healthcare providers that allows them to meet state requirements for suicide prevention training. He also maintains a support group for dentists. Frank hosts several podcasts, including a show right here on the Mental Health News Radio Network.

For men who are looking for support and answers on how they might deal with personal issues, please get Frank King’s new book on the subject of men helping men: Guts, Grit & The Grind: A Mental Mechanics Manual.


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