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Peer Support with Heather Martin

In this show Heather and I have an intimate conversation about the survivor journey and the role of peer support for mass violence survivors. Heather shares how her journey led her to start the Rebels Project.

Heather Martin was two days away from her 18th birthday when the shooting occurred during her senior year at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. After barricading in a small office for three hours, Heather returned home physically uninjured, but the effects of the trauma she experienced that day continued to impact in the following years as she went off to college. While the trauma caused her to initially drop out, she re-enrolled ten years later and obtained her Bachelors in English and teaching license. She co-founded The Rebels Project after the shooting at the Aurora, CO movie theater with other Columbine 1999 alumni. Heather is a national speaker advocating for informed responses to traumatic events from the perspective of a survivor. She currently resides in Colorado and teaches English in Aurora, CO.

Welcome to the Trauma Impact with Kristin Walker

Welcome to the first episode of the Trauma Impact where we discuss why this show was created, the relevance of trauma and recovery in the world today.

Amy C. O’Neill, MS,LPC has built a career in mental health over two and a half decades, and traveled a personal path that has proven over and over again that resilience is key to truly living healthy, both in mind and body. Resilience enables us to face tragedy and still take the necessary steps to go through. Resilience is mandatory for us to recover when obstacles interfere. And, as Amy can attest, resilience can be harnessed. After methodically training and successfully completing three Ironman Triathlons, and the prestigious Boston Marathon five times, Amy knows how mental and physical focus can lead to success. Perhaps her biggest life test was being thrust into the role of a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor. Her testimony understanding the path of the unthinkable has opened up her eyes to a new way of going through adversity. Amy’s goal is to share her keen and personal insight share her lived and learned knowledge with others. The survival journey is complicated but we can not only survive challenges, but also thrive and create a life we love.

Kristin Sunanta Walker is a survivor of early childhood trauma and has made her mission in life to empower people to use their voice. She is the host of the long running Mental Health News Radio podcast and the founder of Mental Health News Radio Network – a global podcast network focused solely on mental health. She is also a founding member of Digital Tech Initiative, a Benefit LLC created to study, educate, research, and provide treatment for Digital Media Addiction.


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