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The Boardroom Exercise

In this podcast, Shari and Jann demonstrate a therapeutic technique that can help one identify and acknowledge all sides of their personality. When stressed or overwhelmed, we can listen to the parts of ourselves that are the loudest and ignore the sides of ourselves that often have encouragement and calm to offer. This exercise demonstrates how to give equal attention to our own inner wisdom.

The Whole of Me

Today’s podcast touches on how easily parts of ourselves can get dismissed and minimized. We have parts of our personality that rise up in our lives when needed. For example, we most likely have a strong/resilient piece of our personality, a playful side, a warrior/protector aspect of who we are. Acknowledging ALL of these parts is key to living a life where we are grounded and…whole!

Fighting Fair

On today’s show, we talk about how to “fight fair”. While the idea is so simple, as humans, we often don’t have the tools for having a disagreement that is respectful and we react instead of respond. We offer a script for engaging in a conversation that will allow people to express their emotion and be heard at the same time. What would our world look like if we all knew how to Fight Fair?

Goals, Objectives, Action (Part II)

This podcast is a follow up to “Celebrating The Little Wins” that aired a couple weeks ago. Once we allow ourselves to acknowledge what we HAVE done, it is easier to create realistic goals, objectives and action steps for what we WANT to accomplish. This short conversation provides a pathway to establishing change that is doable.

Connection Before Correction

Connecting to yourself FIRST allows one to respond instead of react. All too often we correct someone before taking the time step back and connect to our breath and ground ourselves. In today’s podcast, Shari and Jann talk about how this small act can change a conversation and save a relationship!


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