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10 Keys to Happiness!

Amy Newmark, best-selling author, publisher, and editor-in-chief of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, drops some serious wisdom in this interview focused on her recent book, Your 10 Keys to Happiness! Amy describes this book as her "love letter" to the Chicken Soup readers, her pre-retirement synthesis of all that she's learned after decades of editing Chicken Soup for the Soul. Amy has read tens of thousands of stories about everyday people's unique coping strategies, and in this wonderful book, she has compiled 101 stories (plus personalized introductions from Amy on each concept) that illustrate the following Keys to Happiness:

Practicing Forgiveness
Helping Others
Making Me-Time
Positive Thinking (NOT Toxic Positivity)
Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone
Spending Time in Nature
Being True to Yourself
Pursuing Your Passion

Amy shares stories from the book, as well as many stories from her own personal experiences utilizing these easy-to-implement and evidence-based techniques for boosting happiness. BONUS: At the end of this interview, Amy also shares the one key to happiness that she didn't include in the book!

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New to MHNR Network – Women Strong, a Podcast Dedicated to the Wellness of Women

Welcoming Women Strong – The Podcast Here to Help Provide Health Education for Women Who Support One Another Along Their Wellness Journey.


“WE ARE WOMEN STRONG, AND STRONG WOMEN!! We are integrative doctors who work with many women, supporting them in the clinic, and we started the Women Strong membership program to connect these women (who were essentially going through similar life and health challenges) with a supportive community of like-minded ladies to learn and grow together. We seek out the experts we want to learn from to improve our own lives and try to cover the very pertinent and common health challenges that most women experience.” – Dr. Brooke & Dr. Nicole


Dr. Brooke Schneider and Dr. Nicole Lewis are teaming up to bring their new podcast, Women Strong, to Mental Health News Radio Network to accompany their wellness program, Women Strong.

The Women Strong curriculum covers the foundations of health (mindset, nutrition, physical health, self-care, movement, stress management, and mental health) through written lessons and live interviews with female experts. Women Strong is all about empowerment, connection, and education! The Women Strong podcast evolved as a way to give their broader community a “sneak peek” into their program and the many exciting and practical health tips that their amazing female experts share! Their exclusive expert interviews are the gold of the Women Strong membership program, and their podcast that contains excerpts from some of these interviews is a great resource for anyone who is committed to improving their health.

The podcast episodes on Women Strong cover a wide range of health and wellness topics, but some of the core themes or takeaways include decreasing mental health stigma, building community, and decreasing isolation, practical and easy-to-implement tips for getting started with new healthy habits today!


About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 80 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health. It is the world’s first and largest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health.


About Women Strong 

Dr. Brooke and Dr. Nicole are the faces behind Women Strong.

Dr. Brooke Schneider is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist practicing integrative psychiatry in Fort Collins, Colorado. Outside of work she enjoys snowboarding, skiing, playing soccer, practicing yoga, relaxing and laughing with friends and family, and mothering her joyful, strong, and spunky daughter!

Dr. Nicole Lewis is a naturopathic doctor, a doula, and a prenatal and postnatal coach. She practices naturopathic medicine with an emphasis on women’s health, hormones, genetics, mental health, and pregnancy/birth. She sees patients in Portland, Oregon, and is always working on new and exciting projects. When she is not supporting women through the clinic and Women Strong program, she is living life to the fullest with her family in the Pacific Northwest.



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Creativity & Nature as Medicine

This interview features Alie Sweany-Rich, a nature-art guide and the founder of Wild Roots Studio, who offers nature-art classes for children and adults, women's circles, and more. Alie inspires us with a beautiful conversation about the many therapeutic benefits of creativity, nature, art, community, self-care, and women connecting with one another as we travel life's many seasons.

"Alie Sweany-Rich is an Earth Artist, Ceremonialist, Herbalist, Nature-Art Guide and Founder of Wild Roots Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado. She offers soulful nature-based art workshops, custom rituals and art installations aimed to support & strengthen our connection to nature and explore our wild creativity. She is endlessly inspired by the peace, joy, and soulfulness that nature stirs in one’s heart. She believes that nature art is a powerful vehicle to support us in syncing with our natural rhythms and helps us feel more in tune with the seasons and cycles that hold us. Alie believes creativity is medicine for the soul, as it allows us to quiet our mind chatter and let our wild, inner voice talk through our hands. Creating something with intention from the heart is truly our purest offering out into the world."

Connect with Alie here:

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Dr. Brooke's Birthday Reflections

This is an unusual episode for Women Strong, as we typically feature our expert interviews within this podcast, but Dr. Brooke (also affectionately known as "Babbling Brooke") felt inspired to speak directly to our podcast listeners about what's been on her mind lately. The recording of these reflections was made specifically for the podcast (vs. our usual episodes that contain excerpts from our expert interviews that only Women Strong members have access to). There are LOADS (pun intended, you'll get this joke after you listen to the episode) of shout-outs in Dr. Brooke's conversation, so check out all of the links below to connect with these awesome folks! And, of course, if you'd like to be present on live interviews with Dr. Brooke, Dr. Nicole, the Women Strong members, and all of our fabulous female experts in the future, sign up for the Women Strong membership at!

Connect with Dr. Candace Carmel Blagmon (AKA "ceasydoesit") here:

Connect with Carol King here:

Connect with Dr. Mary Rondeau here:

Connect with Jennifer Ciplet and Avail Divorce here:

Check out the Sand, Surf, and Soul Retreat here:

Connect with Jen Strating of Fort Collins Biofeedback:

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How To Find Your Sizzle!

Betsy Crouch (AKA "Coach Sizzle") is the founder of Sizzle Consulting. Betsy has coached thousands of individuals as a life and executive coach, and has facilitated hundreds of group workshops for businesses and teams as a consultant. In this interview Betsy shares about the "superpower" of recognizing and shining light on the "sizzle" in ourselves and others. Betsy is playful, wise, compassionate, and gives lots of inspiration and tips to utilize along this human journey of life that we all travel together.

This interview was particularly helpful and impactful for me (Dr. Brooke) personally. I embraced Coach Sizzle's recommendation to start a "Clue Paper" and write down all of the times I felt alive and lit up! And guess what, my Clue Paper (I named it my "Sizzle Sheet") listed loads of things related to the Women Strong program, lots more related to spending time laughing and playing with my friends and family and being outdoors doing physical activities, things related to self-exploration and personal development, but only one thing related to my main occupation (I love seeing my patients, but the rest of my clinic responsibilities were consuming my life, not leaving much leftover time for my Sizzle!).  As a direct result of my Sizzle Sheet, I took action to cut my clinical workload down dramatically which completely transformed my work-life balance, leaving much more time for the things that bring out my sizzle! Thank you SO much Coach Sizzle, for your positive contribution to me and to those lucky enough to come into your orbit!

Disclaimer: If you don't want to hear Dr. Brooke and Coach Sizzle re-live (in great detail) one of their college soccer games from 1997, or if you're a serious Ohio State fan, you might want to begin listening to this interview after the first 4 minutes!

Connect with Betsy (Coach Sizzle) here:
Unlock Wisdom
Align with Purpose, Deepen Connections, Engage all Voices
@coachsizzle on instagram

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'Tis the Season for Setting Boundaries

Maggie Tibbetts, LCSW has been a therapist in private practice for 25 years specializing in grief and loss, anxiety, depression, life transitions, spirituality and mindfulness. In this wonderful interview Maggie educates us on the many ways grief, loss, and transitions impact our lives. Maggie shares several helpful strategies for coping with grief and loss, especially during the holiday season which can be particularly challenging and triggering for those who are actively grieving. No matter what specific circumstances you're experiencing this year, Maggie will inspire you to nourish yourself, create new traditions, set healthy boundaries, and practice radical self-care this holiday season!

Connect with Maggie here:

More grief resources that Maggie mentions during this interview:

The Women Strong member who shares during the last portion of this interview gave permission for her voice and words of wisdom to be included in this podcast episode.

Additionally, during this interview, I (Dr. Brooke) botched my description of the Holmes & Rahe research that focuses on the contributions of stress to the development of illness. Check out the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale for examples of some seemingly "positive" and other obviously "negative" life transitions that all have the potential to create stress (you'll find "major holidays" on the list)!

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The Relationship Whisperer

Dr. Beth O'Brien PhD (AKA "the relationship whisperer") has been a psychologist in practice for 25 years, specializing in couples work. Dr. O'Brien utilizes PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) principles, and in this interview she shares some tools that can help couples develop and strengthen their bond. There were tons more relationship tips that were edited out of this wonderful interview, as well as insights regarding the pandemic's impact on couples, so sign up for the Women Strong membership if you'd like to learn more about this topic!

Connect with Dr. O'Brien (and read her published articles on relationships!) here:

The Women Strong member who asks a question toward the end of this recording gave permission for her conversation with Dr. O'Brien to be included in this podcast episode. Her name was edited out of the interview to protect the anonymity of our private Women Strong community.

This episode was edited by Kai of "Fam Band", filling in for Jordon of "Frankly Speaking". You can listen to both of these talented musicians/bands on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or check them out here:

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Together We Recover

In this very moving and honest interview, Shelly Dutch and Amanda share their personal stories of recovering from addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. Themes that are highlighted include: addiction is a chronic, relapsing, emotional, spiritual, and physical medical condition that requires lifelong attention and treatment; predisposition to addiction can run in families; substance use disorders often co-occur with other mental health symptoms including but not limited to anxiety, depression, disordered eating, self-esteem challenges, trauma, and other co-occurring addictions; addiction impacts the entire family and community, and family members have their own healing work to do alongside their loved ones with addiction; women in particular face unique challenges re: prioritizing self-care and obtaining treatment for addiction; a holistic treatment approach (body-mind-spirit-family-& more) can help recovery; there is lots of hope for recovery from addiction, and mentors/community support can make a huge difference in maintaining successful, long-term recovery from substance use disorders and many other mental health conditions!

Shelly Dutch has dedicated her working life to people seeking recovery and their families. She has built community and tools to support long term recovery including founding Connections Counseling LLC, founding Recovery Foundation (a 501(c)(3) to support individuals seeking recovery), co-founding the non-profit recovery focused Horizon High School, and co-founding the TMS Center of Madison for medication resistant, severe depression. Shelly emphasizes mentoring, service, accountability, and personal connections as keys to recovery. Shelly strengthens local recovery supports via partnerships with various community organizations, staff training and development, and relentless support of internship and fellowship training with local and national institutes of higher learning. In 2018, Ms. Dutch was recognized by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) as the Mel Schulstad professional of the year. 

Amanda is a yoga instructor, businesswoman, mother, and a phenomenal mentor to other women at Connections Counseling.

Connect with Shelly and her team here:

This episode was edited by Kai of "Fam Band" and is dedicated to Jordon of "Frankly Speaking". You can listen to both of these talented musicians/bands on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or check them out here:

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AWESOME Self-Care and Retreats!

Dr. Mary Rondeau is a naturopathic doctor and functional medicine expert and the co-founder of the Wholeness Center, a cutting edge integrative mental health clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dr. Mary has a very busy clinical practice and she believes that a crucial component of any successful physical and mental wellness plan is self-care! Jennifer Ciplet, is a certified divorce coach and the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Avail Divorce, a membership-based library of divorce resources, tools, plus a community of support! Jenn works primarily with women who have left (or are leaving) marriages to pursue and discover the authentic, vibrant lives they are most longing to live. She helps her clients break through feeling "stuck" and get clear about their next steps with confidence, new knowledge and integrity. Jenn has also led numerous international retreats! In this interview, Dr. Mary, Dr. Brooke, and Jenn discuss the importance of self-care in general, how challenging it can be (and how vital it is) for women to put their self-care first, and these 3 women share passionately about how transformative retreats can be for so many reasons (this interview also talks specifically about their wellness retreat occurring in Nicaragua in April 2022– The Sand, Surf, and Soul Retreat).

Check out the Sand, Surf, and Soul Retreat here:

Check out Coco Loco Eco-Resort here (they offer several retreat options):

Connect with Dr. Mary here:
@maryrondeaund on IG
@wholenesscenterpc on FB

Connect with Jenn here:
@availdivorce on IG

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Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Stress…Oh My!

Kelsey DiAstra is a Fort Collins based yoga and meditation teacher, specializing in mindfulness, stress management, and overall mental well-being.  In this interview Kelsey generously shares many useful and easy-to-implement tools from her mindfulness course. Kelsey works with clients both in-person and virtually.  Her “4 Weeks to More Mindfulness” course is an individualized 1:1 training that is aimed to “reduce stress, improve productivity, enrich your interactions, create more space, sharpen your focus, and help you feel better as you go throughout your daily life."

Connect with Kelsey here:
@kelseydiastra on social

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