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Chris Thompson is the Sober Sidekick

Chris Thompson of the wildely successful Sober Sidekick app sits down for an imformative session with our very own Chief Clinical Officer, Rich Jones.

Chris Thompson is the founder of Sober Sidekick, the largest digital recovery community in the world. He founded this platform because he believes the opposite of addiction is connection, and believes that his own recovery is dependent on his willingness to be of service to others.

About | Sober Sidekick

His own journey through addiction propelled one entrepreneur to launch Sober Sidekick | Fortune

New Year, New You: Sober Sidekick CEO Chris Thompson’s Comeback Story – Men’s Journal (

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Tiffany Hines Part Two: A story of hope, resilience and giving back

Tiffany Hines is back with more insight into how she found recovery but even more important, how she maintains this on daily basis. Staying away from past behaviors and patterns can be hard without the right support systems in place. Find someone you can confide in and that will hold you accountable. It could save your life!

Tiffany Hines is a coach for Youturn Health and works to help others find a stable life with new opportunities and hope for the future. She spent many years in and out of prisons and treatment centers until one day, she became open to change.

Listen to PART ONE here:–58586174

Tiffany Hines Part One: A story of hope, resilience and giving back

Tiffany Hines is a coach for Youturn Health and works to help others find a stable life with new opportunities and hope for the future. She spent many years in and out of prisons and treatment centers until one day, she became open to change.

Through love and support from her family, she dug into the 12-step program offered at the treatment center. From there, she moved into sober living and did everything they told her to do. She soon got her kids back, found somewhere to live, and got a job in a treatment center. Serendipitously, she came across our CEO in a meeting with her dad and the rest is history!

Listen to Part One of her story here.

Jeff Johnston is on a mission to BRIGHTN the world

Jeff Johnston is the CEO of startup Brightn, Author, Founder of The Living Undeterred Project, and host of The Living Undeterred Podcast.

Listen to our conversation about devasting loss and unbelievable resiliance. In 2016 Jeff lost his son, Seth to fentanyl poisoning. In 2021, Jeff lost his wife to alcoholism resulting from grief.

Instead of going down a road of anger and despair, Jeff used this as motivation to make a difference and change the way we approach mental health and substance misuse. Jeff’s story will encourage you to keep going even in the hardest of circumstances.

You can find Jeff here:
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Federal Prison to the White House

Youturn Health is proud to introduce our sister podcast The Path Forward with host Augie Ghilarducci where he will bring guests who have walked the path of re-entry. He will show listeners that incarceration does not define a person, it is just one chapter in their book. His guests will provide journeys of hope, inspiration, and resources.

In this extraordinary episode of The Path Forward, we delve into an inspiring narrative of triumph over adversity as our special guest, Dr. Chico Tillmon, shares his remarkable journey. Join us in this riveting conversation as he recounts his experiences and unveils the powerful transformation that led him to become a key figure in the fight against gun violence.

Our guest’s journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring, marked by resilience, determination, and an unyielding commitment to making a positive impact on his community. From navigating the challenges of incarceration to emerging as a prominent gun violence subject-matter expert, his story is a testament to the boundless potential for change and growth within each individual.

The episode sheds light on how our guest, once ensnared by the criminal justice system, transformed his life through education, emerging as a powerful advocate for change. As the Director of the Community Violence Intervention Leadership Academy, he has become a driving force behind innovative approaches to addressing and preventing gun violence.

The conversation also explores his unexpected journey to the White House, where his expertise has been recognized and utilized in shaping policies aimed at curbing community violence. From adversity to advocacy, this episode encapsulates a narrative of second chances, educational empowerment, and the unwavering determination to create positive change.

The Path Forward Podcast is brought to you by Youturn Health and 2nd Opportunity.
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Sports Radio Host Craig Carton on Overcoming Gambling Addiction

It has never been easier to place a bet. Once confined mostly to casinos concentrated in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, gambling has expanded to include ready access to lotteries and online games and video games with gambling elements for adults and children. Sports betting is now legal in 37 states plus Washington, DC, with six more considering legislation, according to American Gaming Association data from early 2023.

People can gamble around the clock from anywhere and, increasingly, at many ages, including teenagers and even young children who are well below the legal age for gambling. As access to gambling has expanded, psychologists and other experts have become concerned not just that more people will give it a try, but that more will develop gambling problems.

And while it is still too soon to know what the long-term effects will be, evidence is growing to suggest that young people, especially boys and men, are among those particularly vulnerable to gambling addiction—the same demographic most often participating in the newest forms of gambling: sports betting and video game-based gambling. *

Youturn Health’s CEO Hamilton Baiden and Craig Carton have been friends for years. Craig was a successful radio and television personality until his gambling addiction landed him in prison for 12 months. Listen to his story where he seemingly has it all but falls into the dark world of high stakes gambling where his life was literally at stake. Since getting out of prison and finding work again in his chose profession, he works hard to carry the message of recovery to others.

Craig Carton is an American radio and television personality. He was the co-host of the Carton and Roberts sports radio program on WFAN in New York City, and is seen nationally on Fox Sports 1 as host of The Carton Show weekday mornings. He previously co-hosted Boomer and Carton on WFAN and later CBS Sports Network from 2007 to 2017.

During its 10-year run, Boomer and Carton became the most listened to show in WFAN history, placing first among men ages 25–54. In September 2017, Carton resigned from the program and WFAN after his arrest for securities and wire fraud. He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, and after serving 12 months, he was released in 2020.

That year, he was rehired by WFAN, for which he currently hosts the #1 rated afternoon-drive program with Evan Roberts. Carton also hosts a podcast and public service show called Hello, My Name Is Craig in which he attempts to help listeners work through their gambling addiction and other issues. The show recently celebrated its 100th episode.

*How gambling affects the brain and who is most vulnerable to addiction (

The Carton Show Episodes & Replays | FOX Sports

Replay: Altered states with singer/songwriter Edwin McCain

Singer and songwriter, Edwin McCain shares his journey from childhood dyslexia to addiction to his present-day life. He shares his success and failures and gives us some interesting ways to look at life. He is a talented musician, a wonderful father, and a great friend to all of us at youturn. You don’t want to miss this one!

Called the “great American romantic” by the New York Times, Edwin McCain has built an enviable career over the past 20 years by balancing his massive pop success with the year-round touring schedule of a tireless troubadour. His hit songs, authentic spirit and surprisingly affable sense of humor keep fans coming back time and time again for nights that feel more like parties with old friends than rock concerts. After recording two of the biggest love songs in the history of pop music, McCain now performs upwards of 100 shows annually throughout the US as a solo artist, with his full band or his acoustic trio. Recently, he’s added orchestras to his repertoire, performing with symphonies in select markets where he brings his powerful songs to majestic new heights. Edwin is in recovery and is passionate about helping others achieve and maintain their own recovery from addiction.

Youturn Health and The Path Forward

Augie Ghilarducci knows what it’s like to be at a crossroads and to need a second opportunity. After owning and operating a financial planning firm for fourteen years, he made a series of bad decisions that led to him being convicted of white-collar crimes. He served 13 years in Federal Prison before returning to Chicago in July 2017. He presently resides in Atlanta. To make sense of his experience, Augie used his time in prison to help others. As part of a community outreach program, he spoke about his ethical failures at high schools, colleges, and businesses for almost a decade. He also developed a series of employment readiness, financial literacy, life skills, and barriers to re-entry courses that he taught to fellow inmates.

When he was released, he turned his passion into a second career empowering those dealing with incarceration, addiction, trauma, loss, and other life-changing events to break the chains of the past and create a positive new future. He has written white papers A Parallel Path, Collaboration for Social Benefit, It Takes More than a Job, It Begins in Jail™, and The Jigsaw Puzzle Called Re-entry.

Augie draws on his lived experience to speak both in person and virtually in jails and prisons, substance abuse recovery centers, drug courts, halfway houses, probation departments, juvenile detention centers, and diversion programs. The message provides a practical approach to raising awareness as to how individuals can find and stay on the right path, and to law enforcement about making inmates more productive to help make jails safer. Augie was featured in a recent American Jails Magazine article and spoke at the 2023 Correctional Education Association Leadership Conference in New Orleans. He has achieved a Master’s Certificate in Business Ethics and an MBA since being released in 2017, having started both while incarcerated. Augie now shares the 2nd Opportunity Program in jails and prisons around the country.

Replay: John Watson on Overcoming a 22-year Opioid Addiction

According to NIH, “Opioid use disorder and opioid addiction remain at epidemic levels in the U.S. and worldwide. Three million US citizens and 16 million individuals worldwide have had or currently suffer from opioid use disorder (OUD). More than 500,000 in the United States are dependent on heroin.”
John Watson was seventeen when his best friend was in an accident and given Oxycotin for the pain. Kids being kids, John and his friend discovered that this pill made them feel very good. At the time, no one knew the addictive nature of these drugs and John thought he was just having fun and experimenting. Eight years later, he realized he was trapped and could not stop using on his own. When he couldn’t find any on the street, he turned to heroin, something he said he would NEVER do. Listen to John tell his story about how opioids highjacked his brain, stole years of his life and almost killed him. Despite knowing he was on a downward spiral for years, his family never turned their back on him. If you want to better understand the realities of opioid addiction and gain hope when it seems all is lost, listen to John Watson’s story and you will know that everyone can recover.

Surviving the holidays sober

The holidays are HARD! Especially when trying to navigate family, functions and the added stress while tyring to stay sober and sane. Liz and Leigh Huckins, a Youturn Health recovery coach team lead, discuss some things that worked for them in early recovery and that they still practice today. We hope everyone can glean some ideas on how to enjoy this time of year while always keeping your recovery in front of everything else.

Leigh was born and raised in Anderson, SC, Leigh has been in recovery since 2014. She graduated from Clemson University and moved to Charleston, SC where she started her career. After living in Charleston for 10 years, her life had spiraled out of control with substances, so she sought treatment and moved back home to Anderson.

Upon completion of treatment, Leigh dove into recovery through different types of recovery meetings and utilized a Recovery Coach. She became a volunteer Recovery Coach at a local Recovery Community Organization and eventually took the Certified Peer Support Specialist Training for South Carolina.

Leigh has been working in the recovery field since 2018 as a CPSS, Program Manager for a RCO, a trainer for CPSS, and most recently joining Youturn as a Team Lead.In her spare time, Leigh enjoys all the fun and constant moving of her three beautiful children, husband, and animals!


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