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Youturn Health's coach managers Zach and Lisa provide Hope and Support

Zach and Lisa discuss how Peer Coaching works at Youturn Health and also share their stories of success. As lead coaches, this is more than a job to them as they have both walked through grief and loss and tragedy. They have lived experience and are state-certified, NAADAC-credentialed, and specially trained in assertive engagement principles by the nation’s leading recovery support experts. They work with Veterans, individuals, and families and are spreading hope and support where there once was confusion and chaos.
More about Zach:
United States Army Veteran working on a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. Currently working as an Recovery Coach Manager for Youturn Health, offering comprehensive care via telehealth services, to individuals and their families dealing with substance use and mental health disorders. Helping people find meaning and purpose through a life in recovery.

Currently serving as the Justice-Involved Warrior Advocate at Upstate Warrior Solution. Passionate caseworker assisting to identify veterans and family members in the judicial system. Conduct outreach efforts with visits to the Detention Centers, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Municipal Courts. Serves as the liaison between UWS and these agencies. Knowledgeable of the Veterans Affairs Administration and competent to assist clients in navigating the system to obtain benefits and services. Skilled at assessing a client’s needs and navigating local resources to meet those requirements.

Darien Maples is a fearless champion for Women in Tech

Darien Maples did not grow up dreaming of a career in technology but she has always had a passion for working with people and networking. This served her well as she landed her first job through a friend at a large cyber security company in sales. As she took advantage of their training program she began to learn about the world of tech. Darien quickly advanced to partnerships and the rest is history. Not only is she at the top of her career game, but she also gives back to the global non-profit called Girls in Tech which is a free resource for women in tech that provides mentorship, help to find careers, boot camps and so much more!
Darien heads up the Dallas Chapter and encourages any woman intimidated by pursuing a career in technology to dive in and go for it. She is an amazing trail blazer!

Disordered Eating with Tiffany Godwin

Listen as Liz and Tiffany discuss the stigma associated with eating disorders and the myths that surround them. By talking about this on the podcast we hope to bring this into the light, disbanding shame and secrecy. There is hope, there is help.
About Tiffany
Tiffany is a Registered Dietitian with a varied, unique professional background. Her nutrition expertise and clinical experience are paired with a background in psychology and various positions including social work, and restaurant management. Incorporating validated theories such as Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating, She approaches nutrition with a holistic and inclusive perspective. She is passionate about helping people on their journey toward food freedom, reconnection with their bodies, and the pursuit of health and wellness.

Pregnancy and Substance Use Disorder with Constance Guille, M.D.

About Connie (in her own words)
I am the founder and director of the Women’s Reproductive Behavioral Health Division at the Medical University of South Carolina. This division provides integrated mental health and substance use disorder treatment to pregnant and postpartum women in obstetric and pediatric settings, affords clinical and clinical research training in Reproductive Psychiatry and conducts clinical research that aims to improve the identification and treatment of peripartum mental health and substance use disorders. I receive research support through the National Institute of Health and foundations to develop treatments to improve women’s health. Additionally I am a Co-Investigator on the Intern Health Study – a large prospective study examining stress and depression among medical trainees. I have published widely on topics including women’s health, stress, and depression.

Randy Anderson Makes a BOLD Recovery

Randy is a person living in long term recovery and what that means to him is, he hasn’t used drugs, alcohol, or any mood-altering substance since January 9, 2005. After receiving the life-saving gifts of treatment and recovery, Randy completed his A.S. degree in addiction counseling at Minneapolis College in 2015 and worked as a full-time counselor for 2 years at RS EDEN/Eden House Recovery Services – the very same treatment facility where he was once a client. Randy served as a Board of Directors member for the Steve Rummler Hope Network, the organization responsible for passing Steve’s Law in 2014. In February 2018 Randy stepped down as a board member and was hired as the full-time Overdose Prevention Manager. As a nationally recognized advocate for recovery and reform, Randy also serves on the board of directors for the MN Second Chance Coalition. There he was given the opportunity to testify during the 2015/2016 legislative session in front of several legislative committees during the drug sentencing reform hearings. Because of his testimony – and that of others – MN had the most significant change in drug sentencing in nearly three decades. He is grateful to know because of those sentencing guideline changes, approximately 700 less people will be incarcerated yearly because they have the disease of addiction. Randy completed his B.A. degree in human services at Bethel University and lives with his wife, dog and cat in Golden Valley, MN. In March 2019 Randy decided to follow is passion and venture out on his own and started Bold North Recovery and Consulting.

Host of Champagne Problems Robbie Shaw shares his Story

Robbie Shaw is the founder and CEO of Eventide Recovery. His journey with alcohol also led him to create the nationally recognized podcast Champagne Problems. He and co-hosts, Samantha Hampson and Patrick Balsley have all worked in the addiction space and bring fresh perspectives to managing our relationship with alcohol.

Shaw has an undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from the University of Southern Maine.

He is trained in recovery coaching and intervention from the Addictions Academy in South Florida. Currently, Shaw is training as a Holistic Wellness Coach under the International Association of Wellness Professionals.

He feels that the many opportunities he has had to work with others continues to inform the techniques and strategies used to educate and mentor clients.

Stigma keeps police officers from seeking support

Police officers and other First Responders are put in life-or-death situations every day. Over time, the emotional toll can be so significant that it leads to mental health challenges. A no-brainer approach would be to have programs and counselors in place to support these brave men and women. Unfortunately, the programs in place are rarely used due to stigma. Officers would be very hesitant to tell anyone in the organization what was really going on in their heads for fear of losing their job or their credibility. Rich and Sheila Goode, a former police officer, discuss the need for support that sits OUTSIDE of the organization. The officers will feel more comfortable asking for help if it’s done in private. Listen as Sheila describes what it’s like behind the scenes for First Responders and what would really help them get the mental health support they deserve.

About Sheila:
VP of Clinical Services at Lucent Health
Former Police Officer

About Lucent Health:

Lucent Health is a leading third-party administrator serving the self-insured employer market, with a fully integrated care management solution. Lucent Health is human-focused and data-driven, with plan administration, patient care programs and cost controls all under one roof. Best-in-class care management and concierge care solutions are delivered through Narus Health, a Lucent Health company. Narus Health care management services create a better healthcare experience for employees while empowering employers to mitigate costs. Our technology platform pulls nightly data to more intelligently deliver compassionate care to members and their families, who are supported by a skilled care team.

Ashton Packe provides Hope for Prisoners

Ashton is a 23-year law enforcement veteran who has worked in multiple operations, including 3 years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. He is now a full-time National Director of Law Enforcement Engagement at Hope for Prisoners.

Hope For Prisoners is a nationally recognized prison re-entry program that helps formerly incarcerated individuals successfully find their path back into the community and away from a life of crime.

Ashton’s Bio:
An experienced police sergeant (retired) and 23-year Nevada law enforcement veteran. He has worked and supervised numerous assignments, including jail operations, uniformed patrol, field training, undercover investigations and counter-terrorism / intelligence operations.

He spent 3 years on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and worked with the Department of Homeland Security at the National Operations Center in Washington DC. He has taught about countering terrorism, violent extremism, community engagement and leadership principles across the United States, as well as internationally for the US State Department’s International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) program.
He was a strike-team leader during the 1 October attack and has taught the after-action class to first responders throughout the US.

He volunteered on his off time as a mentor for Hope For Prisoners, a nationally recognized prison re-entry program that helps formerly incarcerated individuals successfully find their path back into the community and away from a life of crime. He now serves as their National Director of Law Enforcement Engagement.

Goldfinch Health is making surgery forgettable

Goldfinch Health has a unique approach to surgery that claims to cut recovery time in half, reduce the use of opioids, and save on healthcare costs. Their method is patient-centric as patients receive a nurse navigator that will be with them every step of the way.  Goldfinch is involved in everything from pre-surgery diet and education to non-opioid pain management, to minimally invasive surgery.  Listen as Brand describe the process and how it is going to save money and ease the burden on patients.

Brand’s Bio
Seeing the pitfalls of surgery firsthand and finding a lack of real solutions to the opioid crisis, Brand sought out new ways to approach both. Together with co-founder and COO John Greenwood, he feverishly worked to bring a higher standard of care in surgery and recovery to life, founding Goldfinch Health in 2018.

With over 15 years of leadership experience in creating new healthcare solutions, Brand has worked to bring high-quality approaches to payers, employers, healthcare providers, and patients. He received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Iowa and holds a certification in pain management. He has also completed an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Turning Misery into a Mission!

Dennis Gillan is a survivor of suicide loss-times two! Dennis lost both his older and younger brothers to suicide 11 years apart. Despite being grief-stricken, after some time, he began to speak openly about the loss of his brothers. He realized that by talking about them, lives could be changed and saved. Listen here as he bravely tells his story which led to some major life changes and the creation of Half a Sorrow Foundation. The goal is to improve mental health for individuals and organizations by promoting real conversations. Dennis speaks to organizations worldwide and is no doubt changing the way we talk about mental health and suicide.

One of the most dynamic speakers on mental health and suicide prevention out there. An expert by experience, Dennis uses his losses to help better this world by reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. A must-see speaker who can captivate any audience. Hire Dennis for corporate gigs where he will review how he used an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to get back on his feet! Tough subject, but what a great speaker.

In demand and he always delivers… Dennis today! Contact:
Twitter: @dgillan
Instagram: dennisgillan


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