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Alice Feiring — Award Winning Wine Critic and Whistleblower

Today’s interview is with the “queen of natural wine”, Alice Feiring. Among her many awards is the coveted James Beard Award for wine journalism. Alice calls herself “a whistleblower” and has made herself unpopular with some of the wine manufacturers who add chemicals and even sawdust to enhance the taste. When she’s not writing, she is a frequent lecturer and panelist on all things wine. Her career has been focused on promoting and appreciating natural wines all over the world. Her latest book is a memoir: To Fall in Love, Drink This: A Wine Writer’s Memoir. Find out more:

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Maria Teresa Ferretti — Women’s Brain Project and The Importance of Gender Medicine

Maria Teresa Ferretti is a biomedical researcher, TED-x speaker, co-founder of the Women’s Brain Project and breast cancer survivor. She spoke with us about bridging immunology research with gender medicine. Her organization studies how the immune system affects the brain, and how to develop an effective therapeutic plan that’s also based on the gender of the patient–one size does not fit all. FInd out more at

Anne Phinney — Llamas and Love: Finding Your Way to Moose River Farm

Anne Phinney is a retired teacher who is living her dream in the Adirondacks. She runs Moose River Farm, where she introduces the public to her collection of beloved animals. One of her offerings is to walk the llamas on the nature trails around the farm – “Llama Trekking”. I had the privilege of joining Anne on a cold winter day as a celebration of Zestful Aging Podcast’s fifth anniversary. Find out more at

Randy Tessier — ”Geezer Happy Hour” Spreads Like Wildfire

Randy Tessier is a 72 year old University of Michigan faculty member who organizes the “Geezer happy Hour” – a weekly rock and roll show where everyone is 60 or over. Randy was recently featured in the New York Times, NPR and other major media outlets. Coincidentally, he’s also shared the stage with one of my previous guests, Judy Banker, who was my clinical supervisor in Ann Arbor and whose music is the theme song for this Show. Find out more about Randy here: AnnArborHappyHour@Live.

Barbara Waxman — What is “Middlescence” and Why Is It Important?

What do you call that murky time between the ages of 45 and 65? What if that time had its own name and we could understand it as a specific phase, with specific joys, expectations and challenges? Gerontologist and life stage expert, Barbara Waxman, shares some of her insights that will turn everything you think about the future of aging and longevity in the 21st century on its head. Find out more at

Peggy Orenstein — Her Brand New Book, “Unraveling”, is Resonating With Us

I’m thrilled to welcome back today’s guest. Peggy Orenstein, a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and internationally recognized speaker on gender issues, especially those related to teens, sex and relationships. She is the author of eight books, including her latest, Unraveling. Peggy Orenstein’s new book is quite a departure from her usual fare. In it she explores some of the many issues related to aging: empty nest syndrome, her relationship with her aged father, and coming to terms with her identity as an older woman. It’s a real delight. Find out more here:

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Catherine Owens — How to Navigate the Confusion About Senior Living Decisions

Catherine Owens is a nationally recognized Senior Living industry expert and has worked in a variety of roles in Senior Living including leadership, staff training, sales and marketing, and corporate development. Along with her book, “Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified”, Catherine has been published and featured in national industry journals, is a regular guest on national and local radio shows and speaks to audiences about understanding and navigating senior living decisions. Her extensive knowledge and in-depth experience of providing for seniors’ needs has created successful outcomes for seniors and their families, helping them make choices that encapsulate the hopes and dreams aimed at living fully rather than just making a change in location. Find out more:

Angela Mitchell Hill — Not Your Run of the Mill Nail Salon

Angela Mitchell Hill is an entrepreneur and the owner of Nashville Nails By Na’Sah’s, a full service nail salon located in the Nashville International Airport. She actively seeks out products that support marginalized populations and favors environmentally sound beauty products. As a business leader, she values being a force for good. Find out more about her here:

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Traci Schubert Barrett — It All Started with HGTV

Some of you may have heard of a little show called HGTV. Traci Schubert Barrett was one of the founding team members, but after thirty years of experience in corporate America, she began to wonder “what if there’s more to our lives than job success?” In a huge leap of faith, she quit her executive job and went on a soul-searching journey. Today, Traci is an entrepreneur, podcast host, speaker, author and executive coach who helps others in their search for meaning beyond job success. Her new book, “WHAT IF THERE’S MORE? FINDING SIGNIFICANCE BEYOND SUCCESS” shares the details of her soul-searching journey that led her to where she is today and helps readers to do the same. Find out more at Traci Schubert Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at


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