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EP 411 Unprepared: America in the Time of the Coronavirus

In the introduction to the book we base this podcast on, Tim Egan describes the response to the coronavirus as ‘perhaps the greatest collapse of American society in so short a time, ever.’  Why did a confluence of unmet concerns coalesce around this health crisis, including economic suffering, disparities in care, inability to mobilize and … Continue reading EP 411 Unprepared: America in the Time of the Coronavirus

Psychic Roundtable: Tuning Into Your Innate Abilities (Yes, You Have Them!)

On this week’s Empowered Empaths we are joined by our friend, psychic/medium, and healer,
Deborah Hendrickson as she and Martha discuss ways to connect with your abilities. We are
asked by clients how to tap into our intuitive gifts, whether it be psychic knowing or connecting
with the departed as well as energy healing and Deborah and Martha share time-tested
methods that open the door to these gifts. Everyone is different and there is no “one size fits
all” way of learning but there are some practices we can use to activate our higher
consciousness so join us and expand your horizons!

Dr. Ginger Campbell — Embracing Uncertainty in the Time of COVID

Dr. Ginger Campbell has been a physician for almost 40 years, and a podcaster since 2006. Her Podcast, “Brain Science”, explores how the recent discoveries in neuroscience are helping explain how our brain makes us human. She calls “Brain Science” the “show for everyone who has a brain”, because it is accessible to people of all backgrounds. Dr. Campbell also recently published the second edition of her book “Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty”. Find out more at

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Can We Stop Cursing Ourselves?

In another journey into the heart of things, this week’s episode of Empowered Empaths
explores the epidemic of self-blame and self-loathing. Why are we so quick to believe that we
embody the worst attributes of humanity and why do we believe that everything bad that
happens is our fault? Have we ever examined why we are so harsh with ourselves? If we spoke
to others the way we speak to ourselves, we would have no friends and would probably have
many scars from being beaten up. So why do we continue to berate and belittle ourselves and
can we change the inner narrative to something that more accurately reflects our true nature?
Join Kristin and Martha as they share personal stories of failure and triumph while traveling the
road to self-love and respect.

Life’s Obstacles as Spiritual Practice: Turning Our Challenges Into Meaningful Triumph

Join Kristin and Martha on this episode of Empowered Empaths as we welcome recovery
specialist Joe Mitsch to discuss the idea that our greatest challenges can be our most valuable
tools for our spiritual growth and evolution. When we observe life from a cosmic perspective,
we realize that we are here by our own choice, having the experiences that our souls know will
serve our growth and awareness. That realization, plus the fact that we are equipped with all
the tools we need to be successful, allows us to abandon the idea that we are victims of a
cruel and random universe. Our lives have meaning and purpose beyond the day to day
actions we perform by rote and Kristin, Martha and Joe discuss how this perspective impacts
their lives.

Inside The World of a Spiritual Intuitive: Dispelling the Myths, Misconceptions and Fallacies

On this edition of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and Martha welcome Spiritual Intuitive, Medium
and Healer Deborah Hendrickson. She gives us a close up look into her journey to becoming
an intuitive counselor and medium and one of the most sought after readers around. As a
believer that we all have abilities, Deborah seeks to educate people and guide them to discover
their own inherent power and be their own healer and guide. We also discuss the practice of
mediumship and how it can provide peace and closure for those who have lost loved ones. We
talk about how it works and that not all mediums, and psychics for that matter, are created

Deborah Hendrickson, born in Baltimore, MD, grew up in Chattanooga, TN, and now resides in the beautiful and magical mountains of Western North Carolina. Deborah hails from a lineage of psychics, mediums, and healers. 

After growing up working to suppress her abilities, and trying to live a ‘normal life,’  Deborah couldn’t ignore what was truly her purpose in life. After many years working in Mental Health, Deborah was guided to use her abilities in the service of others, full time. Deborah believes she is merely a channel in which Spirit chooses to communicate and energy and love flows.  Today, Deborah’s practice is based in the Light and Love of Source Energy (God) and Deborah understands her purpose is to utilize her abilities to be of service to others.

The Whirlwind of Grief, the Holidays & COVID

Kristina McNeal joins me in chatting about the journey of grief, its heightened reality during the holidays and how incorporating certain self care strategies can make a massive difference in our journey.

Kris shares her passion as a grief coach as well as its connection with empowering women to connect their own mental wellness with the things they put in and on their bodies focusing on removing toxins for a healthier way of living.

You can follow Kris’s work on empowering women in raising their awareness of what they put on in and in their bodies visit her site at as well as on social media:,

If you are interested in receiving grief coaching, which will assist in helping you where you are and the journey of where you desire to be, you can contact Kris at


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