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Have No Fear: Behavioral Health Analytics Are Here With Joshua P. Morgan, PsyD

Dr. Joshua Morgan joins our host Kristin Walker after meeting at the CiBHS Health Informatics conference. Both walking in to hear Dr. Darrin Hanna’s presentation on Artificial Intelligence and how it is used effectively in Behavioral Health. They decided an interview on MHNR was not only important but imperative. 

Josh Morgan, PsyD is the National Director of Behavioral Health and Whole Person Care at SAS ( His mission is building hope and encouragement for people and this has been a priority through personal and professional experiences, including analytics and informatics, policy, therapy, education, and even the performing and creative arts. 

To find out more about him visit his LinkedIn profile here.

HIOs and Behavioral Health with Lyman Dennis, PhD

Lyman Dennis, PhD joins us at the Health Informatics conference to talk about his presentation. He is the Executive Director of Connect Healthcare. Their goal is to provide seamless health information among providers, facilities and patients to enhance the safety and effectiveness of healthcare across their service area.

All health data in their community is electronic, accurate This consistently coded and is available to every treating provider at the point of care and to the treated patient. The North Bay (California) combines agricultural (especially wine-growing), local commercial and commuting populations. Of the 1.2 million people in the four counties, some 25% receive healthcare through Medi-Cal and 15% through Medicare.

How Can Arabian Horses Help Mental Health Patients?

Lynda Kaufmann, Director of Government and Public Affairs, joins our host Kristin Walker at the The 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition held by to discuss Psynergy Programs, Inc and their unique approach to mental healthcare.

Psynergy Programs operates with the shared belief that recovery happens, especially when a cohesive set of supports and services are available to support and sustain it. 

Based in Morgan Hill, California, the organization has grown from one facility to three over the last four years, with a fourth now in development. Each campus offers clinical and residential services in a safe and supported residential area. This way, we can emphasize the best elements of a community-living experience for individuals facing a variety of mental health challenges. Their use of Arabian horses to work with mental health patients is groundbreaking work. To find out more about this program click here.

American Society of Addiction Medicine: ASAM with Brendan McEntee

Brendan McEntee joins our host Kristin Walker at the The 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition held by 

Brendan McEntee is Director, Quality and Science, at the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), where he is responsible for the association’s clinical guidelines and scientific publications. Brendan has more than six years of experience working in associations. He graduated from Wesleyan University with Honors and a degree in the College of Letters. At ASAM, he is focused on helping addiction clinicians leverage technology, clinical data and guidelines to support quality care and clinical services. He previously worked at American Bikes and the National Complete Streets Coalition as a Federal Policy Fellow..or

Consumer Affairs and Policy Innovation in Behavioral Health: SAMHSA

Brian Altman and Keris Jan Myrick joins our host Kristin Walker at the The 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition held by 

Brian Altman, J.D. is the Director, Division of Policy Innovation, Office of Policy, Planning, and Innovation with SAMHSA. As part of the Administrator’s Executive Leadership Team, lead a division that collaborates with a range of internal and external partners. Help develop and implement the agency’s strategic plan and budget, facilitates policy processes, supports SAMHSA leadership, and manages special projects to further SAMHSA’s mission. Help drive policy innovation in the field of behavioral health. Develop appropriate responses to policy inquiries from HHS, other federal agencies, the White House and external stakeholders. 

Keris Jän Myrick is the Director of the Office of Consumer Affairs at the Center for Mental Health Services, SAMHSA. The Office of Consumer Affairs supports the inclusion of Peer/Consumer perspectives and issues throughout the agency and supports such programs as the Voice Awards, SAMHSA Wellness Initiatives and Wellness Week, Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center and the Recovery to Practice Project. Ms. Myrick has a Master of Science degree in organizational psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology of Alliant International University.


Privacy and Regulations in Behavioral Health with Lucia Savage

Lucia Savage joins our host Kristin Walker at the The 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition held by to discuss privacy and regulations in the behavioral health industry.

Savage’s career has spanned healthcare across the private, non-profit, and governmental sectors. Most recently, she served as Chief Privacy Officer at the   U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.  At ONC, Lucia and her team advised the National Coordinator, HHS offices, and other federal agencies about appropriate electronic health information privacy and security policies and technologies. Issues included HIPAA, state privacy law, research on human subjects, the Privacy Act, and security engineering. In that role, Savage collaborated regularly with other federal and state agencies; independent commissions including the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commissions; and foreign countries. Prior to joining ONC, Lucia served as the Senior Associate General Counsel at United Healthcare, where she supervised a team that represented United on its work with large data transactions related to health information exchanges, healthcare transparency projects, academic research, and other data-driven health care innovation projects.

Lucia has a B.A. from Mills College in Oakland, CA, and received her Juris Doctor summa cum laude from New York University School of Law in May 1989, where she was awarded the Order of the Coif. She is a Member of the State Bar of California.

Streamlining EHR Technology in Behavioral Health with Ted Wright

Ted Wright joins our host Kristin Walker at the The 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition held by Streamline Healthcare Solutions is an exhibitor at the event. Ted joins Streamline with over twenty years of healthcare management experience. He has led both clinical and sales teams, and is completely focused on producing tangible results for the health and human services market. Prior to joining Streamline, Ted worked in numerous leadership roles including National Sales Director and Regional Vice President for some of the largest software vendors in the health and human services market. Ted has over fifteen years of experience in software, as well as an additional six years of experience in direct care management where he managed logistical coordination of rehabilitation services for multi-independence level, thirty-bed facility. Ted holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology along with a Masters in Health Administration.

Federal Legislation in Behavioral Health with Ron Manderscheid, PhD

Dr. Ron Manderscheid joins Kristin Walker to discuss his presentation at the 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition in May 2018. 

Ron Manderscheid, Ph.D., serves as the Executive Director of the National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors. The Association represents county and local authorities in Washington, D.C., and provides a national program of technical assistance and support.  Concurrently, he is Executive Director of the National Association for Rural Mental Health, Adjunct Professor at the Department of Mental Health, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, and Adjunct Professor, School of Social Work, University of Southern California. Dr. Manderscheid serves on the boards of the Cosmos Club, the Employee Assistance Research Foundation, the Danya Institute,  the Council on Quality and Leadership, the NASMHPD Research Institute, and the Nation Register of Health Service psychologists. He also serves as the Co-Chair of the Coalition for Whole Health. Previously, he served as the Director of Mental Health and Substance Use Programs at the Global Health Sector of SRA International and in several federal leadership roles in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Throughout his career, he has emphasized and promoted peer and family concerns.

Improving The Business of Behavioral Health: Percy Howard, III, LCSW

Percy Howard joins host Kristin Walker to discuss how CiBHS is transforming the business side of behavioral healthcare. We will be podcasting from their conference The 18th Annual Behavioral Health Informatics Conference and Exposition held near San Diego, California May 2nd through 3rd, 2018. 

Percy Howard, LCSW is the President and CEO of the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions. Over the past five years, Percy has been a key player and leader in California’s drive to implement recovery-oriented and family-directed Evidence-Based Practice. During the course of his 32 year work history, Percy has worked for County Behavioral Health and Child Welfare Systems, Private healthcare providers, Non-Profit CBOs and in Juvenile Justice Settings. This experience has served him well in his current role as a leader in one of California’s premier Training and Implementation and Systems Improvement Organizations. In his free time, Percy is a competition licensed Racing Driver as well as a singer and composer who has recorded and performed with members of Living Color, King Crimson and Guns N Roses.

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