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Men and Mental Health

Join Kristin Sunanta Walker and Joseph P. Mitsch for a new series on Men and Mental Health, played on Mental Health News Radio!

About Joe…..
A product of a broken home.. Raised by a single mother, Alecia. Always felt out of place growing up feeling the need to pretend I was someone I wasn’t. Teenage years became lost in the drug world which stole over 2 decades of my life. Made the decision to get clean in 2013 and went to work in the recovery field as a motivational speaker where I harnessed my non-traditional recovery approach.

Today with over 7 years removed from substance abuse I pride myself on being an independent, open minded free thinker. No longer associated with the field of recovery I have embarked on a journey of self-healing, confidence building and goal setting to discover ones true purpose in life.
Overcoming childhood trauma, drug & alcohol abuse, the passing of my mother, I have developed a unique outlook on life and pride myself on a layman’s point of view being able to look at, make decisions and formulate my own opinions without being told what to think, believe or do with my life.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… You’re right” -Henry Ford

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Christine Louis de Canonville

One of the most listened to guests on Mental Health News Radio Network, Christine Louis de Canonville, has joined us many times. Please enjoy her interviews listed below on podcasts across our network!

To learn more about Christine’s work you can


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The Feeling Life

An invitation to psychological dialog based on the belief that an ongoing realization of the independent existence of The Feeling Life is central to any full-spectrum understanding of the human experience.

In other words:

We must meet our feelings as they present and not how we might like them to present.

Since it is only by meeting our feelings on their terms that we may eventually unlock the secrets they carry w/r/t our progress and further development.


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The Healing Room Martha Juchnowski

Join former registered nurse, Martha Juchnowski, a healing facilitator and creator of Source Harmonics, an approach to healing using intuitive spiritual counseling and integrative energy work to guide the individual to discover the healer within and their sacred highest self. Have questions for Martha?

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Psychotherapy Associates Winter Symposium

Host Aaron Huey of Beyond Risk and Back doing live shows at Psychotherapy Associates Winter Symposium.

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Also available on iTunes.



Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health, and Mental Health

Join us in celebrating over 45 years of exemplary service to the Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health and Mental Health Fields! The purpose of the Annual Winter Symposium includes improving health professional attendee’s evidence-based diagnostic/assessment, treatment, knowledge and practice skills specific to reducing and/or eliminating health care provider care gaps and facilitating integrative care related to a broad spectrum of addictive disorders, behavioral health and mental health disorders.

Be Awesome!

Join Dr. Kristina Hallett for our series on Be Awesome! Dr. Hallett is a board certified specialist in clinical psychology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. She has over 25 years of experience providing psychotherapy, consultation, and supervision to medical and mental health professionals in addressing relationship and major life issues – depression, anxiety, substance abuse, parenting, divorce, and other life challenges. Dr. Hallett is a certified divorce mediator and a nationally certified parenting coordinator.

To learn more about Dr. Hallet’s work you can


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Women Who Lead

Join Catherine Greer Limpo and Kristin Sunanta Walker for their series: Women Who Lead! Now more than ever women are standing up, refusing to accept the status quo, casting off cultural bias, and accepting their roles at leaders. On this series for Mental Health News Radio we will offer support, validation, guidance, and interviews with women across the globe about what it is to be an empowered leader.

Catherine Greer Limpo is a listener of a few shows on MHNR Network. She is also a mom, a friend, a leader, a professional, a mentor, a daughter, a sister, and most importantly, a mistake-maker. She has a deep desire to understand how we, as women, connect to one another and to our world as leaders. She identifies as an Oregonian, and is very thankful to live in and enjoy the Pacific Northwest with all of the outdoor beauty it has to offer.

Her mission is to help other women see the leader in themselves in every aspect of life, and despite our suffering or blemishes, to succeed. She has had multiple experiences and careers as a high level executive, and has been so fortunate to build relationships with special people throughout time and across the globe.

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Mental Health Perspectives

Join Dr. John Huber, host of Mainstream Mental Health, Ryan McCormick, host of Outer Limits of Inner Truth, and Kristin Sunanta Walker, host of Mental Health News Radio each week as they discuss Mental Health in today’s world!




Is HIPAA Compliancy in Behavioral Health Boring? Not On Our Show!

HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus,  PCI regulations – these are words that can strike fear into the heart of any Behavioral Health organization.  They don’t need to as we found after speaking with our guest today on Mental Health News Radio.  We sat down with Marc Haskelson, the President and CEO of Compliancy Group, to find out how easy compliance can be.

Listen to the Show!

Read the full article HERE.

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