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Innovative mental health app Cope Notes sponsors Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network, the world’s largest podcast network dedicated exclusively to mental and behavioral health and well-being content, is proud to announce Cope Notes as one of its sponsors. Founded by Cope Notes CEO, metal musician and mental health advocate Johnny Crowder, Cope Notes is an innovative mental health app that uses daily text messages to promote good mental and emotional health.

Mental Health News Radio Network CEO Kristin Walker, and Director of Programming Melanie Vann, were early supporters of Cope Notes and among the first people to publically endorse the app. They reached out to Crowder initially.

Crowder said, “The number one barrier in mental wellness is simply a general lack of awareness, so when I read into MHNRN, partnering up was a no-brainer”.

Several of our podcasters have interviewed Johnny on their shows. See the full list here.

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The Knife and the Dying Dream with Johnny Crowder

Aaron Huey, founder of Firemountain Residential Treatment Center, and (metal head) speaks with Johnny Crowder, CEO of Cope Notes, and (metal artist) talk about metal, fans, and hope for teens who suffer.

Johnny is the lead singer of Prison, creator of the app Cope Notes, a groundbreaking phone app for teens (and anyone) who suffer from mental illness, and an outspoken role model for heavy metal fans looking to get help for their mental illness and suicidality. Prison’s music is intense, aggressive and brutally honest.


Don’t be ashamed if you have a mental health issue with Johnny Crowder

No one should be judged or discriminated if they have a mental health issue according to Johnny Crowder.  He has dealt with serious mental health issues and Johnny describes his journey in this podcast.  When people are bullied and/or discriminated, some people experience mental health issues.  It’s ok- and you can get professional help to support your well-being. You should check out his new invention below to help encourage people and let them know they are valued.



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