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Celebrating the Spectrum with Lemons


During Autism Acceptance Month, we are taking a look at celebrating the spectrum for the unique wiring that is part of the autism spectrum. Dr. Frank Gaskill will share his own story of specializing with individuals on the spectrum as well as his own discovery later in life about himself.

Dr. Frank Gaskill is an American psychologist and author who specializes in Asperger Syndrome, effective parenting, and how technology and children can interface safely and successfully. Gaskill is the co-author of a graphic novel about the Autism Spectrum. In addition to having a comic based on Asperger’s, he is also the host of an online video series dedicated to promoting the idea that Asperger’s is a more highly evolved brain.

You can find him via email at or via his website at

He offers teletherapy in NC and FL.

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