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CJ Scarlet Talks About Outwitting Predators

What is “Personal Power”? It’s when you own your story, instead of your story owning you. Let’ take it even further–overcoming and reducing sexual abuse and more. I interviewed CJ Scarlet who is a speaker and author of the award-winning “The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators.” This definitive guide covers everything from how criminals think and groom their victims, to how to fight (dirty!) if you must, to how to navigate the criminal justice system. The Badass Girl’s Guide is the one book predators DON’T want you to read! CJ, who obtained a master’s degree in Human Violence, has devoted her career to reducing violence and keeping people safe. Go to the link below to view quick videos filled with tips and advice on how to avoid being targeted and how to thwart predators. Buy CJ’s book TODAY at!

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