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Clinical Psychologist, author and executive coach Dr Kristina Hallett joins the Mental Health News Radio podcast with regular segment on self-care and stress reduction.

Co-host Dr Kristina Hallet brings over 25 years of clinical experience to Be Awesome, a new, regular segment on the Mental Health News Radio podcast.

Joining host and MHNR Network CEO Kristin Walker on the Mental Health News Radio podcast, co-host Dr Kristina Hallet provides tips, tools and strategies to help listeners become their best and most authentic selves. Addressing the common and universal fear of “not being good enough”, Dr Hallett believes we have the power, and the responsibility, to shape our internal lives.

Dr Hallett is a board certified specialist in clinical psychology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. Dr Hallett has over 25 years of experience providing psychotherapy, consultation, and supervision to medical and mental health professionals in addressing relationship and major life issues – depression, anxiety, substance abuse, parenting, divorce, and other life challenges. She is also a certified divorce mediator and a nationally certified parenting coordinator.

In addition to psychotherapy, Dr Hallett provides Executive Coaching. Her specialty is assisting professionals and entrepreneurs to harness the positive power of stress to increase resilience, productivity, and well-being.

She is also the author of the international best-sellers Own Best Friend: Eight Steps to a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Ease and BE AWESOME! Banish Burnout: Create Motivation from the Inside Out.

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Dr Hallet initially met Mental Health News Radio Network program and advocacy director and podcaster Melanie Vann at one of her workshops. This led to her signing up with the Network as a regular co-host on the Mental Health News Radio podcast. To date Mental Health News Radio has aired over 1,000 episodes. It was the Network’s first podcast and covers all aspects of mental and behavioural health and well-being from the point of view of clinical professionals, peer advocates and people with lived experience of mental health problems.

Dr Hallet said, “Mental Health News Radio has a broad reach and Kristin has built an audience who appreciate authentic conversation and embracing our common humanity.” Episodes to date include The Road to Empowerment and From Abuse to Empowerment. Subsequent episodes will air weekly and are available via iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, Apple TV and Binge Networks TV.  Be Awesome shares Mental Health News Radio and Mental Health News Radio Network’s mission to combat stigma towards mental health though advocacy, education and open dialogue. “I think this is an amazing platform to share important and inspiring information while decreasing stigma and creating compassionate understanding”, Dr Hallet said.

About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 30 podcasts covering all aspects of mental and behavioral health and well-being. Its mission is to combat mental health stigma through advocacy, education and dialogue. MHNR Network podcasters run the gamut from leading mental health professionals and coaches to peer specialists and addiction recovery advocates. To date MHNR Network has aired over 10,000 episodes and has listeners in over 170 countries. It is the world’s largest podcast network dedicated solely to mental health and well-being content.


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