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Collaborating for Change!


Join Dr. Holmes with her two guests Amy Tobik and Jeanetta Bryant. They will be talking about the importance of collaboration in the special needs world. Both have so many resources and different areas of expertise to share with the listeners! Dr. Holmes and Jeanetta have both had the privilege to contribute to Exceptional Needs Today magazine. Dr. Holmes contributed to Issues 1 and 3 in Exception Needs Today, and her daughter Sydney was a contributor in Issue 2.

Magazine publisher Amy KD Tobik is an award-winning magazine editor with more than 30 years of publication experience. After successfully leading an autism magazine for more than six years, Amy branched out on her own to create Exceptional Needs Today, a resource that reaches all people at no cost to them. In September 2021, Exceptional Needs Today received the Gold Award from the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards honoring excellence. Amy’s special interests include advocating for children with different abilities and education. She lives in the Carolinas with her husband, and they have two adult children. She is CEO of Lone Heron Publishing, LLC which publishes Exceptional Needs Today.

Jeanetta Bryant is the Founder and Executive Director of Abilities Workshop, Inc. She is dedicated to helping special needs families find answers and children impacted by a special needs’ diagnosis be their best. Jeanetta is an author, developer, publisher, and advocate. As a mom of two children, one with ASD, she finds no greater joy than watching them develop and achieve their dreams. Her interests include family time at home or a theme park, college football, and making memories.

About Parent Support Programs:
If you have a child with Autism, we are here to help. Please take a moment and identify what program can help you and your family navigate this process. There are series that have been designed for the newly diagnosed family all the way through to finding success as an adult.


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