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Come Out of the Narcissist’s Shadow into Your LIght


Deluded by their magnetic image, our belief that we are special to them and their innumerable empty promises, many women and men become their willing psychological prisoners. They have taken the irresistible bait, the narcissist’s grand delusion. 

There comes a time when the true nature of the narcissistic spouse is revealed in all of its ugliness and cruelty and betrayal. 

After decades in some cases, the spouse of the narcissist decides to divorce this individual. Be sure that you choose an excellent attorney who is your true advocate. Keep detailed records of your assets: properties, investments, bank accounts, stocks, cash, trusts, etc. 

After the divorce there is a psychological healing and recovery. Now you are free to use all of your many creative gifts, to follow your creative pathways. Be proud of yourself for the pursuit and acquisition of your true authentic self. 

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