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Covert Narcissist Projects Toxic Shadow on to You


The Shadow represents the disowned, dispossessed parts of the unconscious. It is what we refuse to and are unable to acknowledge about ourselves: the forbidden, taboo, regrettable, secret. 

The Shadow is precognitive and at the core of the personality. We are created to manifest light and dark in our presence: words, gestures, humor, creativity. 

The Shadow is hidden in the covert narcissist and as a result, spouses, ex-spouses and children are on the receiving end of volleys of vituperative rage which is horrifying, causing victims to go into full fight or flight mode, activating the sympathetic nervous system. 

Those who move forward with their process of individuation and separate out from the cruelties and betrayals of the narcissist, discover that they are authentic, strong, persevering, evolved and creative. 

As you move forward you begin to integrate your creative, self initiating shadow, rediscovering the power and beauty of the original self. I honor your perseverance and courage. Celebrate your creative individuality, identity and integrity.

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