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Covert Narcissists Lie and Deceive All the Time


I am often in contact with readers of my books and I speak with clients on international telephone consultations. I repeatedly hear the same themes perpetrated by the covert narcissist – Lies and Deceptions. Patterns of lies and continuous. They flow smoothly and naturally from the mouths of these individuals effortlessly, without conscience. Along with the perpetual lying patterns are the pernicious deceptions perpetrated by them throughout their lives. The person on the receiving end become traumatized, exhausted, psychologically and emotionally and sometimes financially ruined. 

You are left distraught, lost, even broken. The positive news is that you can recover to lead your life fully. Put yourself first for the first time in your life. Recognize your gifts of empathy, courage, strength, perseverance, intelligence, creativity and compassion and kindness. Get the sleep and rest you need. Exercise in the best way for you. Be with individuals who appreciate your authenticity and are kind and worth of your trust. Keep your eyes on the prize, the evolution of the true self and the deep inner peace that you have always deserved. 

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