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Creating a Vibrant Social Life – Part 1


Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Jeremy Hamburgh, referred to as the Hitch for the autistic and special needs community by The Atlantic in 2013. The article by Rula AL-Nasrawi quotes, “Jeremy Hamburgh is a New York-based dating coach for both neurotypical people and people with disabilities. He’s a Hitch for those who can hardly flirt, and he spends hours hiding behind bookshelves and potted plants in bars and restaurants as his clients attempt to initiate conversation, then offers feedback later. Hamburgh also leads workshops at Adaptations, a program through the Manhattan Jewish Community Center that teaches life skills to people with developmental disorders.” (Atlantic, Nov. 25, 2013). In a pre-show interview, Dr. Holmes asked about Hamburgh’s journey into relational coaching and he stated that in spending time with the autistic community there were much he did not know and was willing to talk to the autistic community and learn what works for them and what they are looking for in relationships. Hamburgh’s approach is not about masking or neuro-typicalizing but helping his clients be the best version of themselves to live an authentic life in friendships and romantic relationships.

Jeremy Hamburgh is the founder of My Best Social Life, where he is the first dating and friendship coach in the world to focus exclusively on transforming the social lives of autistic young adults. His clients make new friends, start dating, and attract a loving partner in less time than they ever thought possible. Using a science-based social strategy, Jeremy helps young adults with autism escape their loneliness and live a vibrant social life, filled with amazing friends and partners. Since 2010, his clients have met countless new people, made tons of new friends, gone on great dates, started amazing relationships…and even gotten married. And he helps them do it with a commitment to compassion and sensitivity that you won’t find anywhere else.

In a previous show, Dr. Holmes and Jeremy talked about dating, today’s focus creating relationships and friendships to combat loneliness for young adults on the spectrum.

Find Jeremy at and look up his resources below!
Free online social skills training for adults on the spectrum:
Free online training for autism parents:

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