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Critic: A Lion Without Teeth

Since man first walked the Earth, there has always been a critic. I liken the idea of a critic to a loud mouthed, roaring lion that doesn’t have teeth and certainly cannot bite. These are the folks who take great pleasure at pointing out what you’re doing and picking it apart. Far be in from them to mind their own side of the street.

They have to weave their loud, smelly jalopy with the busted muffler into your lane. They do this in an attempt to push you off the road and into the trees. These are the people who are so deeply unfulfilled within their own lives that they would want nothing more than to ensure everyone else stays stuck in the mud of misery with them.

As long as you aren’t climbing the ladder of life they will usually seek a more apparent target. However, once you begin to climb the rungs of joy and happiness, the critic comes barking. He comes with negative comments, passive aggression, and gossip. Please understand that this has more to do with him then it does you.

When I focus on creating  a life that I want by pursuing my dreams, I do not have time to point the finger at you. The critic has nothing but time and self loathing. He roams around growling his misgivings and bitterness in your direction. You can listen to his voice and give up, for that’s the easy route. However, when chasing a worthy ideal, you must put on your headphones and ignore the noise.

This lion may be harsh and even intimidating. However, the roar cannot hurt you. Take heart and remember that you are chasing your life’s purpose. You are on your way to meet your destiny. You were born for greatness. The critic was born for his own greatness. Sadly, he is so blinded by the light that you shine and cannot see that he can climb the ladder too. It is not exclusive to you. It is all- inclusive and there is plenty of room.

Say a prayer for him and thank your creator that you are not as sad as he is. The critic is coming, are you going to shrink or rise up?

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