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Having built a 7-figure business without sales calls and as a former dominatrix, Dana Pharant knows all about owning her power and being unique. She has worked with clients for over 25 years, helping them keep their head out of their ass so they can scale with ease. She is the author of five books, winner of multiple awards and a woman who treats her own personal development like an extreme sport.


Dana Pharant was brought up in a cold and also went through all kinds of abuse. When she left the cult at 18, she went on a healing journey. She explains how her time as a dominatrix was part of her healing journey.
In the work that she does now, Dana uses her experience to help empower her clients.
We talk about how women can often have the fantasy of dominating, although Dana says that many men and women want to let go and be submissive.
A dominatrix is a high-level service position. Dana explains.
We talk about the difference between power and control and the different ways that leaders express their power. It’s about ‘power with’ rather than ‘power over’.
Power comes from letting go. In order to be able to let go, it’s essential that you understand why you need to be in control.
For the women that Dana works with, there can be a real fear of letting go of control. Dana talks about the shift in mindset that women have to go through in order to let go.
I asked Dana to explain how she helps people understand the difference between feminine and masculine power. Making the shift is a matter of reprogramming the brain.
Dana shares some techniques she uses to help people trust their intuition including how to ask your body what it needs.
When you let yourself be who you really are, you get a sense of profound freedom.
We talk about the value of letting your intuition guide your creative process.
Men and women access their intuitive inspiration differently.
People are becoming more accepting of some of the “woo” ideas about energy.
Dana is very grounded and uses the term “practical woo”.
We talk about letting go and allowing our businesses to take shape rather than pushing to make things happen.

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