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Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers – The Road to Recovery and Transformation


Daughters of narcissistic mothers have a particularly difficult life road to travel.  From childhood they have had to contend with mothers who were cold, distracted, self-absorbed, coercive, dismissive, highly critical and psychologically destructive. 

Narcissistic mothers have a severe personality disorder. These mothers live for themselves. 

Their children are at their mercy and whim. Their daughters are a continuing source of narcissistic supply. If they are intelligent, have special talents, athletic abilities, are attractive, the narcissistic mother uses these qualities of her child to pump up her ego and image. The child doesn’t matter to her – only the perfect performance that will impress in her professional or personal social circles. 

These are daughters of non-mothers. 

There comes a time when the daughter of the narcissistic mother recognizes that she must stand for herself, that she deserves her real authentic self. This is a complex process that involves self care, exercise in the way that works best for you, good sleep, keeping track of your dreams, jewels of the night and yoga with use of the healing breath. 

The daughter of a narcissistic mother is very special. She is a survivor, a beautiful human being who has survived the psychological gulags of childhood to emerge as a vibrant, loving, creative individual. 

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