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David M. Howitt is the founder & CEO of Meriwether Group and author of Heed Your Call is an inspiring thought leader and accomplished entrepreneur. David has over twenty years of experience providing financial, strategic, and brand counseling to early stage, and Fortune 100 companies. He has the unique ability to integrate vision and growth strategies with mission and purpose.


David is a big fan of Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey.
As a young boy, David had the urge to explore beyond the limited world he knew but avoided following that urge to explore. After getting married, having children, and working for years as an attorney, he knew he had to move in a new direction.
The business owners that David works with are able to integrate their spiritual lives with their business. He talks about the power of and rather than the power of or.
We talk about what it is that allows one person to move out of the “abyss” and move forward rather than staying stuck where they have been.
When you let go of what you think you should be and discover who must be that’s when synchronicity can happen and unexpected doors will open for you.
When he interviewed hospice workers, the number one regret that they heard from people on their deathbed was that they lived the life that other people wanted them to live.
There is a paradigm shift happening where younger people are beginning to understand that they don’t have to suffer to be considered a productive member of society. They are more interested in experiences than acquiring more things.
Sometimes we have to follow the wrong path to discern what the right path for us is.
We repair the world by following the “breath of God” that resides within us.
The question is, “How do we create the world that we really want?”
David talks about how the Meriwether Group helps people discover how they can become co-creators of their perfect life and lead from a place of intentionality.
We are now seeing the integration of Eastern and Western philosophy, of left brain and right brain, of artistry and analytics and that the magic happens with the integration of the ashram and the boardroom.
The beauty is in letting go.


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