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David Newkirk: Part 2. Getting Long Lasting Results for Corporate Clients – TPS455


In this episode, David Newkirk and I continue our conversation about how he integrates spirituality and intuition into his consulting work. He also describes the work his company, Adept6, does with his clients. David’s work with corporate clients goes deeper with individuals within an organization than most consultants.


More people within the business world are now becoming more open to understanding their own behavior and how that affects their business outcomes.
Leaders who are looking for help are aware that methods they’ve used before have not worked.
Good leaders are willing to look at their behaviors and other internal elements that affect their decisions rather than resisting the change.
David helps people see how their decisions develop and what they need to do to make better decisions and improve relationships.
Only a small number of people are ready to do the kind of work that David does and he believes that people who are drawn to his type of approach will find him. He often gets referrals from people who have experienced his work.
David explains what Adept6, the name of his business means, and the six things that he focuses on. He explains how the results his clients get using his methods are longer-lasting than when traditional methods are used.
We talk about how, as a consultant, it’s necessary to pay attention to the whole human being in each of the team members, including how their emotional habits are affecting their decisions.
David’s intuitive abilities have allowed him to work in diverse organizations on a deep level.
What you put out there creates a vibration that draws in what you’re looking for. We talk about the advantages of getting yourself in the right place and waiting to see what shows up.
Don’t treat people as transactions.
When David meets new potential clients, he makes clear how his mind works so they can understand where they might go together and if that works for them.
Because he can intuit the potential outcome of a client’s actions, David has to gently present what he sees in a way that will allow the client to make a good decision.
Identify blind spots, remove complexity, and empower the client to be successful on their own.

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David Newkirk: Bringing Spirituality Into His Business Consulting Part 1

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