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Don’t Bully A Sheriff Officer–Alana N. Williams Is Now A Resource For Others

Don’t harass or bully a Sherrif Officer! They may become a resource to reduce bullying in the schools and in the workplace. Alana N. Williams is a Resource to help children and adults who are being bullied/harassed. Check out her information below:

I provide solutions to companies and organizations to ensure a safe working and learning environment for their employees/students. Helping entities overcome dangerous conflicts (workplace harassment, student bullying & sexting) in a safe, productive, and legal manner is what I do.

I IDENTIFY my clients’ needs by assessing their current policies, practices, and work culture.

I ADDRESS my clients’ needs by discovering the foundation of their conflicts, maximizing internal resources, identifying proactive management practices, and identifying practical prevention strategies.

I RESOLVE my clients’ needs by establishing “standardization” practices for addressing workplace harassment issues, repairing disengaged human resources/employee relationships, providing conflict specific consultation, to include, training managers to identify and apply proactive EEO practices and training employees on how to contribute to a safe and harassment-free environment.


* Workplace Harassment| Sexual Harassment| Discrimination Investigations
* Workplace Harassment Preventative Training (Employees/Management courses)
EARN: CE|CEU|PLU & other educational units.
* Bullying, Sexting, Sexual Violence Prevention (Educators and Student courses)

Also, as a licensed private investigator, I can offer:

* Criminal background on new boy/girlfriend, future step-parent/spouse, and rental tenants
* Interviewing, witness statements, and affidavits
* Diligent search (Adoption, asset/property, and wills/estates)
* Locate witnesses/persons of interest
* Reverse phone number and address finder
* Process serving

Contact Us!

(334) 721-3970

For more information and resources on workplace bullying and discrimination–check out Westmoreland Consulting LLC

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