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Don’t Let Aggressive, Shameless Narcissists Control Your Life


I hear form many individuals through my international telephone consultation and those who purchase my books that they are treated with severe abuse by aggressive shameless narcissists. Overt grandiose narcissists with loud voices and overpowering wills overrun your sense of self. If you are married to one of these individuals, you are married to one of these individuals, you are under constant stress and duress, living in the fight or flight mode, the sympathetic nervous system. Little by little the narcissist has extracted the strength and courage and sense of confidence you had in the beginning of your relationship.

Narcissistic personalities are shameless and without conscience. Without conscience the narcissist glides through life, aggressively seeking and achieving his goals for power and material largesse. Their spouses suffer horribly, playing the role of servant to their outrages and multiple cruelties. There is a unique time for you right now, a reckoning moment. The narcissist cannot defeat you ever again. You now know and value who you are. You feel your strength returning, you are psychologically, mentally and emotionally fit to end this non-relationship. 

As you move forward, take time each day for care of the self: sleep, rest, nourishing food, people whom you can trust. 

Love the little child inside of you who has taken this longest of journeys. Reassure this child that you will always remember that he or she is right there, ever present at your side. 

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