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Dr. George Simon launches new Character Matters segment on Mental Health News Radio

Co-hosted by Dr. George Simon and Kristin Sunanta Walker, a new regular show segment on the Mental Health News Radio podcast unpacks myths and misinformation about narcissistic personalities while empowering listeners to protect themselves from manipulative people.

Mental Health News Radio Network is pleased to announce bestselling author, psychotherapist, coach and forensic expert Dr. George Simon as a co-host on its popular Mental Health News Radio podcast.

Dr. Simon brings decades of clinical experience to the topic of character disturbance. He calls it “a phenomenon of our time”, which few mental health professionals are trained to treat. Along with popular misconceptions about narcissism and other personality disorders, this lack of understanding about character disturbed people is what Character Matters aims to counter. Character Matters sheds light on how to keep safe around individuals who lack shame and empathy and who use, abuse and control without remorse. It also explores effective treatment options for these individuals.

Dr. Simon introduces Character Matters

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