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Dr. Michael Miller: Medication Assisted Treatment For Stimulant Addiction


Dr. Miller has determined that one category of meth user is a person who goes through life without adequate energy to complete tasks related to their activities of daily living. They found that self-treating their lack of energy with meth made it possible to get through the day. He identifies these patients using a line of questioning that proposes hypothetical situations that elicit a particular response.

The other major category of meth user is the person who has attention deficit disorder. He describes these patients as being angry and short-tempered, but often regretful and remorseful of their actions.

Dr. Miller describes these patients as being “dual diagnosed.” The addiction is one diagnosis, and the underlying mental health issue is the other diagnosis. He complains that many addiction specialists only attempt to treat the addiction without giving proper attention to the condition that drives the addiction.

Incredibly, Dr. Miller claims a very high success rate in treating patients for meth addiction. He states that within a short period of time, cravings subside. The meth addict simply no longer needs meth to get through the day. His methods of meth addiction treatment are unique and highly effective.

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