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Graciously, Dr. Paul Meier has joined our regular line-up as part of our round table discussions on Mental Health. Enjoy our shows with Paul, our team, and some surprise guests along the way! For more information about Dr. Paul Meier please visit his website at

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  • I am SO HAPPY I re-found you, Dr. Meier!! I have so missed hearing you on the New Life Clinic program, and excited to hear your wisdom and sense of humor on your podcasts here!!!

  • I also am so happy to have refound you. I was a student in KS under your dear brother Dr. Richard Meier (the first person to tell me I was a sinner and needed Jesus)!And I listened to Minirth Meier on the radio for years. I am struggly with anxiety and depression and believe I had it after my 5 children were born, but the doctor never helped me get on top of it. Consequently, I am struggling now and with 5 children 15 to 24, who need a godly mother. I was also thrown into a bunch of 5 point calvinists to a cultish degree and they certainly enjoy messing with a persons head and never got any of those ideas from you or Pastor Meier. Thank you for your clarity on the gospel and your desire to reach the whole person, even mental struggles. I saw that Richard went to be with the Lord in November. I am sure you miss him. He could always say things so clearly. Do you ever talk about ruminating thoughts and the lack of peace there? I would take any advice you could give in any of these areas. Through books, or anything. I am struggling and desire to be better soon.

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